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Users on iOS 6, iOS 7, and Macs are having issues connecting FaceTime video calls on Thursday.

Many complaints have rung across Twitter and Apple Support communities. Even some of our devices here at iDownloadBlog are unable to connect for unknown reasons. 

Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue on its Support website, but a discussion on Apple support forum has several users complaining of connectivity issues – predominantly on iOS 6 devices.

Forum user DaymanJC writes:

Yesterday all 3 of my Apple devices stopped communicating via FaceTime. Some family members were still able to use theirs, but my iPhone 4, iPad 2, and wife’s iPhone 4 (different user ID/Account) gets a “connection failed” message everytime we try. Definitely noticing a trend over the past two days on Apple forums.

Apple services have issues connecting from time-to-time – and this seems to be the case. Interestingly, Sebastien and I were able to get through just fine on Thursday afternoon from our iPhone’s, but not on our iPad out in California. It could be server related, rather than software.

What are you experiencing?


  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    Had issues earlier this morning. Connecting then failed. .Connecting then failed on other end as well. Couldn’t talk to the girl I liked. lol

    • Martin


    • Jake Smith

      Sorry to hear 🙁

      iOS 6 or iOS 7?

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        ios 7.0.6
        iphone 5

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        connecting to gfs ipad

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    hmmm mine seeen to not be working

  • iPhoneTechGuy

    Just update to iOS 7.1 and you should be good to go!!

    • Chrystal Brand

      Doesn’t work when the update is too big for your phone. (ios6 and up)

  • Jerry

    my son is having this same issue it started last night while he was on facetime with his friend. Tried every trick in the book and nothing so I figured it was a apple problem. Temporary fix I had my son download tango lol.

  • Karen butler

    Iv got an iphone 5 on ios 6. Wont facetime wednesday night and all day on thursday? Strange yet my boyfriends iphone 5s and both our ipads face time fine from the same house? Its just my phone that has suddenly stopped being able to face time?
    Any help please, i dont really want to update to the ios7 as i dont like the look of it.

  • Tymat

    iPhone 5s with latest iOS7, iPad Air with latest iOS7, MacBook Pro with latest 10.9.2, MacBook Air with latest 10.9.2… all not working since yesterday (getting a connection failed) something is definitely going on.

  • Christian Mejía

    Mine wasn’t working last last night.

  • Gail Adegbite

    I have not been able to connect with Face time since this morning
    I have done a hard reset etc but nothing seems to work

  • d_r_o_i_d

    Broken for me too, tried on ios and osx.. seems like a server issue

  • Rico R

    mine is broken too i tried yesterday and nothing, very annoying, samsung might be in my future sorry to say

  • Ahsan zafar

    Yup i also have the connection failed error yesterday how to fix it

  • Marshall Blr

    yap, exactly. just the same issue here as well, tried from mac as well, and then go to phone, but it just crashed.

  • spicyfishbowl

    So glad to hear it wasn’t just us. In the past few weeks, we’ve been having this problem sporadically among our devices as well. When my partner calls via FaceTime (iPhone4), all my 3 devices ring (5, Mac Pro, iPad Air), then “connection failed.” It was the worst on Thursday and we ended up using Skype instead. Not to mention the irritating connecting noises among all the devices going off at the same time. Apple, please fix this!

    • judy gardner

      yes my ipad is ringing when i get a call on my iphone its not facetime related its just a call from anyone and my ipad rings. what to do

  • iamspartacus

    Got ios 7.1 and cant connect to any video or audio. Cant talk to my son 🙁

  • Russell Ward

    Had to go back to Skype to see my mother in Scotland when calling from California

  • Ellen

    We had the same problem with iPad 2 (still with iOS

    4). The problem started Wednesday evening. It’s been working without a problem before that. Facetime rings but when accepted, it says “facetime failed”.

  • keepmyshirt

    Connecting the failed whenever I try to call this iPhone 4S user with ios 6.x. My FaceTime (I’m using 7.0.6) to anyone using 7 works fine. 🙁

  • Katey Hazelton

    So so pissed off with FaceTime, I can’t connect with my family. It works fine on my iPad mini but keeps failing with iPad3. Hope Apple sort this issue out the soonest possible time.

    • Grrrr

      I can’t ring my friend who is on holiday. Dammit. What’s even more ridiculous is that apple won’t even acknowledge there is a problem. Their service status checker says FaceTime is fine….

      • Katey Hazelton

        Apple starting to go downhill since Steve Jobs gone, iPad mini is not as good as the previous generations of iPads it keeps crashing all the time and photo quality is nowhere as good as the 3rd generation of iPad, now FaceTime issues. What’s going to crash next????

  • Gloria Burns

    Won’t connect here either! Been several days now and I’m pretty sure it started after the last ios 7 update on i5s. Going to need an update from Apple, I think!

  • Christina Barile

    Apple had better fix this fast! I’m beginning to really hate them; so many problems. My 4 month old son and I need to be able to FaceTime with family across the continent.

  • Janea Ifill

    Have ios7 and its been couple days. Both video and audio facetime calks arent working. It rings on both ends, and the one receiving the call answers saying connecting. Very annoying to be honest.

  • cannot connect facetime via ipad iphone nor imac. 4/22/14. this is very frustrating.

  • Canadian_Bear_Cat

    Fully updated iPad 2 here. This past weekend I tried several times to call my brother on Facetime without managing to get through, finally on Monday it went through.
    However, later Monnday my father tried to call with Facetime but it did not get through to my iPad. I’m not getting missed calls, there is no record at my end of the call being made to me. Oddly, when I tried to call my father later Monday, the call went through.
    I was blaming this on the internet congestion caused by the Heartbleed bug when it happen the other weekend, but the congestion should be settling down now. Is this an Apple issue?

  • Oliver Leach

    My iphone connects to facetime and I can call fine. My Mac says ‘connecting’ but never does. Same account on both devices. Is a new problem, don’t know why. Any ideas?

  • Tara

    iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1 “connection lost” and on my MacBook also…

  • Charlotte Parke

    I got a new phone the other day switching from Sony Xperia to iPhone 4S but I already had an Apple ID so I set up everything including my FaceTime and I tried to FaceTime my brother it rang on both phones he answered and it said they were connecting we left it a while and they never connected and I tried to ring my friend and it did the same thing then too