iphone 4 on table blacked out

Apple has reportedly resumed production of the discontinued iPhone 4, according to a new report. Citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, The Economic Times is reporting that Apple hopes to sell the handset in places like India, Indonesia, and Brazil.

The Mac-maker is hoping that the device will help it recoup market share in these countries and other developing markets, where few carriers offer subsidies on their smartphones and prices of consumer electronics tend to run much higher than the global average…

Here’s The Economic Times:

“Apple has broken with tradition and revived the production of iPhone 4 just for India, Indonesia and Brazil, said three senior executives with direct knowledge of the company’s plan.

The maker of iPads and MacBooks is betting the lower price point will help it wrest volumes from Samsung’s Grand and S4 Mini, and recoup market share that has slumped, largely because it didn’t have phones that were cheap enough.”

The site goes on to say that Foxconn has already begun producing these new iPhone 4 models, and points out that this is the first time in Apple’s history that it has resurrected a discontinued product. Production of the iPhone 4 ceased following the 5s launch last fall.

And to be honest, it’s probably a smart move. The entry-level iPhone 5s sells for nearly $900 in India, which is obviously pretty pricey in a country where carriers don’t subsidize handsets. The 8GB iPhone 4, however, sells for a much more manageable $360 at full retail.

Many were hoping Apple would price the iPhone 5c in the $300 range. Obviously it didn’t, so it’ll be interesting to see how this strategy works. Can it sell old hardware in developing markets and be successful, or will it need to make a brand new, low-end iPhone model?


  • the what now..?

  • Ara Rezaee

    Stop acting so cheap and lower the price of the 4S, it’s better for Apple’s image

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Better still scrap the iPhone 4 and 4S and lower the 5C so that Apple would then only have too iPhones…

      • leart

        4S is a great device and its fast almost the same like the 5………
        ….. And is the last iPhone with real great build quality, don’t believe this? Ask to someone thy works on a repair center 😉
        I own one by the way 😛

      • tocsin

        Haha no way the jump from 4s to 5 was bigger than 4 to 4s or 5 to 5s in terms of performance

      • leart

        i dont think so, ip4s and ip5 are almost the same specs, both are dual core and 8 megapixel camera instead of single core and 5 megapixel for ip4

      • tocsin

        Nah from 2x 0.8 ghz to 2x 1.3ghz custom apple architecture is a lot bigger than from 1×0.8 a9 to 2x 0.8 a9

    • SimonReidy

      ^^This. Anyone who has seen iOS7 running on an iPhone 4 can attest to how unbearably slow it is. iPhone 4S should be the entry level device.

    • Divesh Paryani

      Agreed, iphone 4 lags quite a lot on ios 7, people might be displeased.

  • felixtaf

    Speaking from my personal experience, iPhone 4 on iOS 7 is very slow and buggy. And selling it for premium price in emerging markets is a bad idea and pure exploitation!

    • Carlos Gomes

      iOS 7.1 improves things a lot, it will make the iPhone 4 pretty usable.

      • Steve

        Great to hear that!
        So does the frosted glass effect finally come back to the iPad 3 with 7.1?

      • Justin

        Does it? I seriously hope so!!!!!

    • Ted Forbes

      This move to resurrect iPhone 4 would force them to optimize iOS 7 (and higher) if they keep going at it. I am sure things would smooth out for iPhone 4 and perhaps this will the the trend from now on. Things are changing at Apple and changing fast.

      • Divesh Paryani

        Yup, iphone 4 ran the all the firmware till ios 6 very smooth, I think apple should reduce animations, to be able to provide more free ram to reduce lag

    • Divesh Paryani

      It’s fast as long as I’m not jailbreaking it, and what use is getting an apple product without a jb.

  • Kenny Yusuf

    Help please. This might not be the right place for my
    question, but I need help.
    I use iPhone 4S on 7.0.4…
    There’s a cydia tweak that causes random respring on my
    phone… How do I know this cydia tweak??? How do I get a
    log file for the phones operation perhaps it might help detect the problem? Or any way to get list if installed tweaks sorted
    by date??
    I have disabled all tweaks from settings and still gets the
    random respring… The respring is common when in app
    switcher I have noticed…

    • felixtaf

      Instead of disabling the tweaks, uninstall them one by one. Thats the solution to remove incompatible tweaks.

      • Kenny Yusuf

        Am begining to think its a RAM issue. After multi tasking and doing a lot of things the phone re springs.. But on one occasion it respring while in idle mode (screen off and locked mode)

      • Divesh Paryani

        For me it was cydget and clever pin causing it, try removing them.

    • Alan

      Remove mobile substrate and install it again

    • you think u r thinking

      hi, u can do the following
      – go to manage in cydia then packages
      – in top rt corner ther is simple ‘change it to expert’
      – reinstall the gzip, and uikit
      – respring and test if not working as said before me remove one by one.
      -u ll find a compatible list of tweeks in this source ha*k your iphone
      – dont forgot to follow my tweet iphoniat

      • Hotrod

        In top rt corner ther is simple ‘change it to expert’ …wtf are u talking about?

      • Kenny Yusuf

        Hello. Thanks for all that yall. I have done all of that except remove my tweaks…
        I checked the crash reports folder on with ifile and I found a lot of files with the name ‘low memory …………’
        What could be eating up memory so high?
        Another thing, when it respring a my status time freezes at that time it resprung

    • Sam Khan

      Stop downloading pirated apps/tweaks and this will solve the issue

      • felixtaf

        Stop judging… That will solve your issue too…

      • Divesh Paryani

        Why don’t u just give me your credit card then?

      • Sam Khan

        Well why don’t you work hard and start being a real man

      • Hugh Jassol

        Your comment is irrelevant…

        Using your logic, …I guess if an app/tweak is coded with a memory leak, paying for it will solve it?

        To answer OP question …Instead of uninstalling tweaks, disable substrate addons with icleaner pro. It’s easier/faster.

  • Alan

    So I thought ios 7 was the iPhones las ios, this means the iphone 4 will live past ios 7 onto ios 8 ? It would suck to buy a phone and it become obsolete ios wise in a few months

    • Zod

      pretty sure iOS 7 is the last OS for the iPhone 4 I mean it most likely won’t be able to handle iOS 8

      • Alexander Novarro

        not if iOS 8 will be just an upgraded(faster and more reliable) iOS 7 as reports are telling us!

  • Zod

    speaking of the iPhone 4 does anyone know how to make the iPhone 4 on iOS 7 more usable? it lags a lot and it’s also extremely buggy

    • Wait for the 7.1 update. It has really improved the speed of the iPhone 4.

      • Zod

        do you have beta 5 on the iPhone 4? is it smoother?

      • It is noticeable smoother. I personally own the 5, but I’ve installed it on the 4 with great results.

    • you think u r thinking

      i have all iPhone 4 , 4s , 5s and believe it or no the best one is 4s.

  • Ted Forbes

    Yep, this will do. Not every body care about the latest technology. There are some people who just want the brand and they don’t care as long as it is good and new.

    I was wondering how long it would take for them to figure this out. Why put away good stuff or even throw them away if it can sell somewhere else.

    They didn’t have to stop the 3GS either . If it was offered at $99 – $199 new it would have sold very well.

  • Willie

    They should produce iPhone 4S instead. It’s much more newer and supports iOS 7 better than the 4.

  • Sam Khan

    Tim Cook is destroying Apple. They should simply cut the price for 5C and 4S or even 5. And i highly doubt, they’ll not make any new OS for iphone 4

  • Alain Vasquez

    A lil help. I had restore my phone for the 3rd time something goes wrong and it’s not letting me send pictures on iMessages I had this problem when I installed something on cydia and now I been carful and I haven’t installed that much.

  • leart

    This phone still is beauty, great quality build and who cares that is not apples flagship anymore, still is very usable for everyday stuff….

  • nyangejr

    even though its very expensive to our developing market, but its not fair to throw us back to the flinstones age in times like these, come on, the fingerprint sensor is implemented now, and you still want to produce for us phones with not even Siri capabilities, more over Airdrop, maybe no iOS 8 support, no parallax, still the old 3.5″ screen, no LTE, 5MP camera, £0 pin connector, etc etc etc…..

    • Yeah, because the phone won’t even turn on without all those features.

  • Gabriel

    It is a smart move from Apple. Here in Brazil the iPhones are extremely expensive. The iPhone 5s costs almost R$ 3000,00 (Around $ 2400,00).
    For those who want an iPhone, but don’t have enough money, the iPhone 4 is a good option.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Fragmentation is slowly growing and starting to produce a phone that doesnt have the new 4″ display will not help this.

  • topcricket

    Instead of getting back on to their old phones, they could have launched contract phones in India. A lot of potential here.

  • jack

    you ppl have no idea how poor and disgusting other countries can be. do a quick search for “india trash” and you’ll see. body decomposing on the streets being eaten by dogs, and much more.