Apple ID (reset password, teaser)

With high profile hacking incidents making headlines now on what seems like a weekly basis, people are starting to think more about their online security. And one of the first questions they tend to ask is: how safe is my password at [insert name] website?

Password-management company Dashlane just released a report that may help answer this question for many users. The firm has conducted a comprehensive study of the top 100 e-commerce websites, based on 24 criteria, and here’s what they found out… was the only site to receive a perfect score of 100, which again is based on criteria like whether the site accepts weak passwords. Microsoft and academic supplier Chegg tied for second at 65, along with Newegg, and Target came in third at 60.

Here’s the top 10 and bottom 10 (via ArsTechnica):


And here’s an excerpt from the press release on Apple:

“Some retailers may argue that such requirements impede user convenience, but companies such as Apple, arguably the most famous brand on the list, have shown that it is possible to be both secure and successful. In every category we tested, Apple implemented the four simple policies and procedures we recommend above. The policies resulted in the company being awarded the only perfect score in the study.”

Apple has been taken several steps in recent years to boost up the security of its site, including the addition of two-step verification. First introduced last spring, the process ensures that a person would not be able to use your password to login to your account.

  • Lordrootman

    Still watch out there’s a lot of bad guys out there
    Your info is more important than credit card

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Please elaborate on that? Passwords on their own are meaningless. You can’t see full card details even when logged in. The only information present is what you tell them. Although I find it ironic that Apple got the top score considering their dev portal got hacked last year…

      • “Although I find it ironic that Apple got the top score considering their dev portal got hacked last year.”

        It’s not improbable that they got the /top/ score if everyone else simply performed poorer. But when considering that they had a breach, one is well entitled to be surprised that they were awarded the /full/ score.

  • felixtaf

    Although its nice to hear, nowadays you cant even trust yourself….

  • Matt

    It’s all cool and stuff until you can’t purchase anything from iTunes unless you answer your security questions which you have forgotten the answer to so then you have to take another 100 steps to reset the questions

    • the-master

      its very easy to reset otherwise its ur mistake not thier mistake