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Being an avid gamer, this is one rumor I’ve been waiting for for years now. According to iLongue, a blog with somewhat mixed track record, Apple’s $99 set-top box is about to receive a proper support for wireless Bluetooth game controllers.

There’ll also be an Apple TV App Store of sorts that’ll offer downloadable full HD games.

The best part: these new features are said to arrive via a software update, indicating that existing third-generation Apple TVs might be able to run games and use controllers…

Here’s iLongue:

iLounge has heard from reliable industry sources that Apple TV will soon be getting proper game support in an update, likely to come in March or earlier.

We’ve heard that developers are currently working on Bluetooth controller options, and it’s expected that games could be downloaded directly to the Apple TV rather than relying on another iOS device as an intermediary.

Now, that would be awesome!

I love AirPlay and am using it on an everyday basis.

Too bad Apple’s streaming technology is inadequate for games – especially for fast-paced racing titles, first-person shooters and so forth – due to an annoying lag.

I have a new 802.11ac AirPort base station which offers three times faster Wi-Fi performance and my Apple TV is connected via Ethernet to a speedy Gigabit Ethernet switch, to no avail – there’s just no escaping the woeful lag and it really spoils the fun.

The only way of getting rid of the lag is by connecting an iOS device to a big screen telly using Apple’s pricey $49 Lightning Digital AV Adapter (and I hate unsightly wires).

Support for Bluetooth game controllers plus an Apple TV store for those games would solve my problems in one fell swoop. iLongue even heard from one developer that game support could be backward-compatible with the current-generation boxes.

I suspect that’s not the case – the current Apple TV hardware may not be powerful enough to run full HD games and Apple would most certainly love to upsell users to a new model – but if true that’ll be awesome news for gamers and the Apple ecosystem.


  • Jason Baroni

    Finally! It was about time on getting an App Store and Games. I love my Apple TV, but it becomes useless whitout an internet connection, because for me so far it is all on streaming content.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      The Apple TV isn’t designed for apps. I don’t think it even has enough storage space for apps. If there’s going to be an AppStore (which I doubt it) you can guarantee they won’t be real apps but rather portals to web hosted content…

      • Jason Baroni

        The iPod Classic also wasn’t designed for games, but you can play something instead of the whole music thing.
        A breakthorugh game made to play on a TV would change your idea on Apple TV’s design for games. That is why breakthorughs and geniality are shown up.

      • CreeDiddy

        Have you heard of msata or ssd? You only need at least 32gb-64gb on average with iCloud being the focal point. This isn’t going to compete with Xbox One or PS4. Most games you will be able to mirror from your device.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Except the Apple TV has nowhere near that amount of storage space. I don’t think it even has over 10 gigabytes…

      • CreeDiddy

        Right! But they can incorporate more storage if they wanted to. SSD or NAND Flash drives are so thin and would be an easy upgrade.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        True. Assuming this rumour is turns out to be true I think it’s probable we’ll see storage upgrades. Hopefully such upgrades won’t put the price up much though…

  • La Cucaracha

    Im getting one!!

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    There’s no way this is true. I’d love it to be true but Apple just treats the Apple TV like a hobby…

    • The hobby has become a viable business since that Steve Jobs quote so…

  • Virus

    Hopefully just in time for the iTV

  • Kevin W.

    The Apple TV has 8GB flash memory, mainly used for caching purposes. How should we install a 2GB game on that thing?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      My thoughts exactly unless it’ll be like NVIDIA Shield, Playstation Now, etc that streams games to a computer / console…

      • Kevin W.

        I actually tried the In-Home-Sharing by Steam today. Streaming a game from my Gaming-PC to my MacBook Air worked like a charm. So that may be an option but then it would be the same thing as AirPlay. No store needed. Which leads me to my conclusion: we need to buy Apple TV Gen4.

      • Adam Bowman

        Steam on Apple TV would be sweet.

  • Freddy Born

    Here we go again

  • Dan

    Unless they come out with a new Apple Tv, I don’t see this happening on current models.

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I can’t see them allowing atv2 simply because it can be jailbroken.

  • T_Will

    It will probably be an aTV 4 exclusive feature to get us with aTV 2’s and 3’s to upgrade.

  • DOOManiac

    To heck with games, I want XBMC, VLC, or Infuse apps in 1080p!

  • jay


  • nonchalont

    Makes sense as nitch in the market against Wii, ps3 and xbox. A $99 “console?” I would definitely believe this is a “new feature” for an ATv 4 ($99 16GB, $199 for 32GB and so forth.) If available for ATv 3 ….do I hear possible jailbreak?! 🙂 – there has definitely have to be exploits in that “software update.” Lol

  • CreeDiddy

    My wish list for this Apple TV:

    1. Cable integration with existing cable providers. Love a beautiful GUI over my DirecTv or Uverse.
    2. Must have 4k capability.
    3. Airplay 2.0. No lag
    4. IWatch integration with motion control with Airplay.
    5. Motion control insert accessories like Wii but will charge your iPhone or iPad. It will have a protective rubber cover to eliminate damage with wristband.
    6. Improved Apple Remote App
    7. Faster buffer times. Hopefully milliseconds!!!
    8. mSata of minimum 64gb to option of 128gb.
    9. Built in Apple Express. I want get rid of the one I have.
    10. App Store access