Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch provides many benefits that otherwise aren’t possible on a stock device, although there are occasionally a few bugs that may be encountered along the way. One prominent issue that users have been facing with the iOS 7 jailbreak is the status bar turning black and not disappearing in stock apps like Calculator, Camera, Photos and Weather. This was an annoying nuisance that I was facing on my own iPhone up until this morning, when I discovered StatusBarFix2… 

The status bar bug is caused by Cydia moving the location of stock apps, and StatusBarFix2 resolves that issue. The jailbreak tweak is said to be “absolutely safe,” since it makes no permanent changes to the iOS filesystem — it is a Substrate-based extension — and can be uninstalled from Cydia with no side effects. In the event that your status bug refuses to fix itself, a few additional troubleshooting steps have been outlined by the tweak’s developer pNre.

The official package description reads as follows:

1. Open the app (e.g. Stocks).
2. Connect via SSH to your device.
3. Run (in the SSH shell): killall -9 Stocks (if the app is Stocks)
4. Stocks closes.
5. Reopen it.
6. Bug gone.

StatusBarFix2, touting an impressive 25,000 download count, supports all devices running up to iOS 7.1 beta 3. The tweak is not available on a default repository, so you will have to add to your Cydia sources by tapping Manage > Sources > Edit > Add. Afterwards, the package should appear as a free download. Source code is available on GitHub.

On a side note, for those wondering about the screenshot above, my coffee froze in my car overnight as temperatures dipped down to –20°C (–5°F) in southern Canada. Spring temperatures couldn’t get here any quicker.

Does this tweak fix your status bar?

Thanks Giannis for the tip!

  • Ben

    I messaged Jeff about this tweak yesterday on IRC.. Don’t think he got it. But he should make a video tutorial to tag along w/ the video

    • Jay N Patel

      whats the tweak do

      • Lordrootman

        It wash your stinky ass
        Can’t you read ?

  • Pukka12

    I think this should just be updated in a evasion update.

    • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

      it’s an issue caused by Cydia, not evasi0n

      • Chuck Finley

        Much issue.

        So Cydia.

        Very Jailbreak.

        Such programming.

      • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

        you are the greatest comedian i have ever seen, your parents must be so proud

      • Chuck Finley

        Much sarcasm.

        So wit.

        Very hilarious.

        Such hurt feelings.

  • Forrest Sims

    fixed my status bar issue

  • iPad 3

    Could any one help me…
    My cydia refresh bar while it is refreshing on iPad in landscape mode it’s half the screen not full screen means from the right edge to the left edge how could I fix it.

    • Jerry

      Happens also to me on both my iPads. Don’t know what’s the issue

    • Alberto Espinal

      Is a Cydia bug, Saudik has to fix it on his side, everyone’s IPad have this issue

  • Prasoon Singh

    I’ve had this tweak for a while now.

  • Brandon Miranda

    Hey you guys should do a review off the tweak Convergence. It is in beta. Check it out at today’s iPhone(.)com. The post talking about it will have a link to where you can officially get the beta. I without a doubt recommend you review this asap as it is an AMAZING tweak!

  • BUGG

    I just noticed that I have a problem with some tweaks and apps that I installed from cydia…I installed mywi, media export, callbar, 3G unrestrictor. All these apps and tweaks once appeared on my springboard and then all of a sudden it all disappear from my springboard. I don’t know what happen to it. I tried uninstalling n installing it back and it still doesn’t reappear. Does anyone have this same problem or Can anyone please help n tell me what happen and what I can to to fix this w/o restoring and rejailbreaking my iPhone? Since sbsetting is not yet updated to support iOS 7 I don’t have that option to hide or unhide and apps from springboard? Please help! Thanks..

    • Rickm_jr

      Unless those are the only ones you have I’m not sure why they wouldn’t work. I’ve had a similar issue that was always resolved after a few resprings. I disabled “libhide” as well.

      • BUGG

        My phones been jailbroken for about two weeks now and have not had this problem until today. I resprung my phone many times and have the same result. How do I disable libhide?

      • Damian W

        I just restored my phone and jail broke it again. It takes 15 min to do it. And the phone runs much smoother now.

      • Rickm_jr

        I have way too much music on my phone to be restoring every time I have a problem

      • Rickm_jr

        Any tweak that disables mobile substrate addons. I use iCleaner Pro

    • Damian W

      My tweaks sometimes disappearing too. Don’t know why though. I think once you restore your phone and rejailbreak with newest evasion, the problem will be gone

      • BUGG

        Its jailbroken with the latest version of evasi0n. The thing I want to avoid doing is to restore my phone and JB all over again. I wanted to see if anyone has a solution that can help me first b4 I go that route…

      • leart

        this jailbreak is very unstable it’s really impossible to enjoy it and the phone lifespan is getting shorter from all this shit is going through, my iphone is on ios 6 jb (very stable) and after that no more jailbreaking…

      • mav3rick

        Not the Jailbreak, this neonOS is completely messed up… iOS 6 is the last version of the true iOS.

      • leart

        yeah i am not a fan of ios 7 to, but apple but had to make a change after all these years of the same (stable and great) ios

      • mav3rick

        You cannot call it “the most advanced mobile OS”, sit on multibillions and come out with something like this: blinding white screens, neon colors and fisher price icons. And on top of these critical OS crashes as in the beginning of smart phones development. iOS got its recognition for smoothest pleasant eye candy experience. Only jailbreakers had occasional crashes but willing to take the risk for being in control of their devices.

        Mostly it was not about change but they lost / get rid of the original iOS creators and needed to distance from their work.

      • mav3rick

        Before re-Jailbreak you can try reinstall Cydia Substrate. It might work.

    • Nando

      All you need to do is reinstall Cydia Substrate and that will fix the problem ….

    • suttonmontreal

      Just do a reboot and you should be OK after, or reinstall one of the missing tweaks and after respring they will show up again

  • Andrew Rosario

    You have -20 weather? My city is warming up to -12 Celsius, and yeah, spring can’t come any faster…

  • Damian W

    Our great Canada and lovely -30 in the refreshing morning

  • Alexander Reimann

    You should spend your winters in Southern California, we got 80F here 🙂

    • Jonathan

      Can I have some of your weather? It’s 12 F here. -_- IN NE USA!!!!! (no, not the tip, no higher than Lake Erie. Enough stalker info. e_e)

    • The only time we get above 80ºF weather here is June to August or so. You might get a few days in May or September. The rest of the year is pretty much just bitter cold.

  • ClaudieX X

    Status Bar FIXED!

  • Adrian

    I’ve had this installed for over 1 month… I’m very surprised it took you guys this long to find it… That’s rare lol

    • olgagela

      I’m surprised too! I’m using it very long time!

  • Chris

    Like others I’ve had this tweak for a while now, and like others I did send a message to Jeff on Twitter about it 2+ weeks ago

    • Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@rsgnl) and you can make suggestions to me that I will try to fulfill (that applies to all our iDB readers). Jeff is a huge figure in the jailbreaking community, I imagine it’s hard for him to follow through with absolutely everything.

  • Tre Scaggs

    Where do I sign up LOL XD!!!

  • Alex Marwaha

    Anyone having issues with the back your iPhone repo? Every time I try to add it loads forever and it just never adds.

  • Latinpride011

    Is mobile substrate been updated yet?

    • Jonathan Liu

      You’ve been hiding under a rock for a long time.

      • Latinpride011

        I have.. Been reading so many bugs since the ios7 jailbreak came up and a lot of tweaks aren’t working well so I just stood away

  • BleeNdii HaKiqi

    can you help me with my iphone 5 keeps in restarting and not turn on power button not work how to turn on please help me
    sorry for my english

  • Abdl

    Cant believe you’re just writing about this

  • J™

    there is a bug with the status bar?

    • Palani

      Trust me i dont know the issue to? whats wrong is it with that?

  • abdullah575

    i’ve fixed mine before 2 weeks!!!

    • Palani

      What was the issue?

  • Kadhir Anand

    Can you explain how to fix the Notification Center?

    • mahe

      go to: /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard
      and delete/rename SectionInfo.plist

      I can’t remember anymore if I needed to set notification afterwards or not, but since I did it I never had a problem with the nc again

  • mahe

    I’ve edited the info.plist of the apps.
    just added


    and everything was fine 🙂

    Edit: wth, where does this come from? =>

  • Skoven

    Does anyone know how to fix NC not showing weather and “tomorrow” events? It hasn’t working since I jail broke.

    • Aimon

      samething here… i hope we get a solution to this.. its bugging

      • Skoven

        from mahe’s post from above:

        go to: /var/mobile/Library/BulletinBoard
        and delete/rename SectionInfo.plist

        I can’t remember anymore if I needed to set notification afterwards or not, but since I did it I never had a problem with the nc again

        It worked, and NC setting remained 🙂

      • Aimon

        bro awesome worked well. just renamed only

    • olgagela

      Read mahe’s post (2 posts above you)

      • Skoven

        Thank you! it worked 🙂

    • JS3

      without going into the file system and changing things i found there is ZERO ways to fix this. the only thing i could do is restore and re jailbreak…. fun stuff huh? its a shame it hasn’t been fixed….

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Any fix for brightness issue?

  • JS3

    how this has gone unfixed for this long is amazing to me…. the resetting of the notification thing is also another big problem that really really surprises me that it hasn’t been fixed….

  • TwinSon

    Unrelated but hopefully someone has an answer. Has anyone using the Aura iOS 7 theme been able to fix the issue with the wifi signal bar switching between the stock and themed symbol? It’ll go the theme version in apps and revert back to stock on the spring board.

  • M L

    Anyone else getting a ‘cannot find repo’??

  • Erhan Efe

    Do you think this tweak also fix the white-statusbar issue on Foursquare app? Whenever i launch the foursquare application, statusbar bar gets white and there is no way i can see my signal nots, clock, and battery icon etc. Is it only me or do you have kind of same problem?

  • Dawid Liwski

    “The status bar bug is caused by Cydia moving the location of stock apps” – so why don’t you move apps to default location to fix this issue?

  • Parth Desai

    Am facing a Battery Drain Problem after installing this tweak!!

  • Rohit J

    Worked for me !