While it is not the most groundbreaking jailbreak tweak on Cydia, CamBlur7 is a new package that works in unison with TransparentCameraBar to add a translucent blur effect to the top and bottom bar of the Camera app UI on iOS 7. The tweak has a number of options that are configurable through the Settings app for adjusting the blur level and hiding the blur in filter or video mode… 

“Full-screen preview” and “camera bottom bar opacity” must be enabled in TransparentCameraBar in order for CamBlur7 to function correctly. Afterwards, your Camera app should have a glossier user interface with a blurred effect akin to your Home screen showing through Control Center or Notification Center. It’s a simple tweak, quite frankly, but one that does make the Camera app look more similar to the rest of iOS 7.

CamBlur7 is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models, including 64-bit devices like the iPhone 5s and iPad Air, and is available now on Cydia in the BigBoss repository. The extension seems to perform well, without hogging too much system memory. You’ll notice that TransparentCameraBar is automatically installed on the side, so no separate download is required.

If you give this tweak a spin, let us know how it works for you in the comments.

  • Jonathan

    Odd, it doesn’t fully work for me. Only video mode blurs the top and button, all the others still are a black solid. :/

    • PoomSmart

      Seems you didn’t enable “Full-screen Preview” option in TransparentCameraBar settings.

      • John Willis

        Thanks for the comment! Hah, I read that in the CamBlur7 settings but it did not click with me that it was an entirely different settings page.

      • Jonathan

        Thank you! That was it. =)

  • MHCsk

    This is how the stock camera app should look like.

  • n4nom4n


  • Noah Mospan

    Apple needs to take some notes from these and other developers as well as listen to the community to hear what they want. This tweak for example greatly increases the visual appeal of the camera app. Like most other tweaks, this is a simple idea, it greatly enhances this part of the UI and is easily thought of and implemented by apple if they used their head.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    I know wrong place, and I’m very late but I still want to show mine: operator logo says my name in Arabic 🙂 didn’t even know they had that.

    • InfinitePlusOne


      • Kamal Ahmad

        Your name is Abdullah I think

    • Clement Yeo

      Disney font

  • Framboogle

    I got this last week and it is amazing!

  • David Davidson

    Weird, I enabled “Full Screen Preview” and “Camera Bottom Bar Opacity” in TransparentCameraBar, and got the switches in CamBlur7 on to hide it in effects and video. But it still is blurry in all modes.

    • PoomSmart

      You should read the description for each option to understand what exacty does with the option.
      Hide in videos = Hide when recording video
      Hide in effects view = Hide when the effect views list is active

      • David Davidson

        Yes, I want to hide the blur effect when recording video or using the effect view. So I turn all the switches on. But it’s still blurry in video and effect.

  • Jacob Winkler

    Does anyone else get the status bar in behind the camera? How do I remove it?

    • Gabriel

      I got it too…. That’s a good question

  • Sgt. Faggot


    Plan on covering Convergance any time soon? Or will you just continue slowly churning out small articles about simple tweaks that came out ages ago?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      iDownloadblog very rarely covers jailbreak tweaks in beta unless they are stable enough for the majority of people to use otherwise the comments section will likely just get flooded with “This doesn’t work” or “My phone keeps crashing into safe mode” etc…

      • Sgt. Faggot

        That’s good to know, and much more helpful than being called a jackhole. I’ll still wait for coverage on stable tweaks that came out a while ago, though.

      • Scott Curry

        Ask a sarcastic question, expect a sarcastic answer.

        If you wanted a helpful answer, then how about asking politely something like ‘Hey guys. I was wondering if you were going to report on Convergence?’ or something along those lines.

        Your question made you came across as a douche, and I don’t think I was too far off-base with my response considering you’re the only one to down vote it.

        Thank you and good day.

      • Sgt. Faggot

        I have a long history of douche-baggery, yes. Anyways, okay, I’m sorry, owners and staff of iDownloadblog. I was just fuckin’ around.

        And I apologize to you, too.

  • Oscar Mendieta

    it works! thanks!

    • amazingrugs

      You’re very welcome!

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    iDownloadblog should seriously consider doing an article on this or are they cautious of it since the tweak is not in a default repo…

  • Sgt. Faggot


  • Scott Curry

    My first suggestion would be to make sure Cydia Substrate is fully updated. I think I also read that uninstalling and reinstalling has helped.

  • Darwish


    • Jonathan

      I’m pretty sure there is a setting that allows transparency. Make sure that’s off.

  • Lance Baker

    Has anyone noticed that this completely ruins pictures when you take them with this tweak installed? The part thats blurred will be included in the photo (not blurred, of course). Not sure if I can accurately explain what I mean… I took a photo of this new wall-hanging I got and I had it completely centered in the frame. Then I view the photo in the camera roll and it’s not centered. It appears that the bottom bar (where you swipe between different camera functions) was included in the photo. Kind of annoying…

  • Dosen’t Matter

    Is there any legit installous alternativ other than appcake or vshare/appvv?