YouTube 2.3 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Google’s YouTube app for the iPhone and iPad has been lacking in many requests and could definitely use a little help from the user interface design standpoint.

For instance, why do I have to tap the magnifier icon in order to search whereas there should be a tappable search bar instead, which is more or less the norm in iOS app design these days?

A new update, now available in the App Store, leaves those questions unanswered.

On the other hand, the release improves upon other lacking areas. For starters, it’s finally gained the stock iOS 7 keyboard (what took so long?), immediately bringing YouTube more up to date with iOS 7 aesthetics. Search capabilities have been improved upon and there are also other improvements concerning captions and subtitles…

Check out the newly implemented iOS 7 keyboard support, pictured on iPad top of post. The sidebar background has been blurred, too, and the status bar now follows iOS 7 conventions.

And right below is what it looks like on my iPhone 5s. Speaking of which, iOS 7.1 will bring a slightly tweaked keyboard design.

YouTube 2.3 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Oh, and you can now find videos, playlists and channels together in search results.

In addition to the modern soft keyboard look, this YouTube edition comes with formatting, positioning and user settings for video captions and subtitles.

YouTube version 2.3 is now available free in the App Store.

  • Al

    Anyone confirmed if the new update works with ProTube Extension?

    • marcus1324

      I was about to ask the same thing…

      • Al

        Yeah, normally every time YouTube updates.. it will break ProTube.

        I wasn’t going to try and make sure. But I do dig that Google “finally” updated the keyboard.

      • Wood1030

        Shame on me for not coming here first before updating 🙁
        PT Ex. is now dead for me too. I’ll have to delete it, I suppose, just to have a working YouTube again…uff
        Hopefully there’s a prompt update for PT. Ex.

      • MaK™

        Delete the youtube app before connecting your phone to your computer. Connect you phone to your computer and drag the old youtube app from applications back to your phone. Try not to sync or backup your device before doing so. Cheers!

      • Wood1030

        Thanks for tip, I’ll give it a go.

      • Jones

        I’m not sure, but isn’t it possible to download the older version .ipa file (since it’s free) and then install it using iTunes or something? Just a suggestion that you can try out 😉

      • Wood1030

        I still have the “older” version on my Mac (haven’t updated apps in iTunes yet), so I can really just do as MaK suggested and reinstall (from Mac) the older version and reinstall ProTube Ex.
        But yes, I think you’re method would work too.
        Thx for suggestion 🙂

    • joshhami

      it does break it my phone auto updated and now my youtube doesn’t work.

      • Al

        Thanks for the update… Had a feeling about it.

        I turned off automatic updates because of it.

      • joshhami

        I Have turned it off now for future updates but a little late for this one. i like auto update tho i need a way to choose not to auto update just youtube.

      • Al

        I had it turned on as well, but I get those notifications from Safari on Mavericks, and some website alerted it. As soon as I found it out… I immediately turned it off.

        I enjoy ProTube Extensions, and it always breaks when YouTube is updated. Then its counting the days when the tweak is updated.

        But hopefully, Apple will implement away to update certain apps. I know Android has that ability.

      • Anthony Antunez

        Sounds like a good idea for a tweak, auto update for individual apps.

      • Chliii

        Same on iPhone 5s on 7.0.4. App loads but as soon as you try to watch a video it crashes

  • Barry

    Finally, it was about time, if I may say so myself.

    • Al

      I was thinking the same thing… next up Hangouts.

  • chumawumba

    Bout fukn time

  • Norbi Whitney

    And beautiful transparency on the menu.

  • David Cole

    Is there a way with the youtube app and apple tv, to have the TV Queue function that’s available in a Youtube connected device? Having to wait for each airplayed video to finish, then click on a 2nd gets a bit old pretty quick

  • Christian Mejía

    Does YouTubed work withr this version?

    • Andy

      Yes, YouTubed works. I just tested it.

      • Christian Mejía

        Yay! 😀

  • Shawn

    Hangouts next please.

  • Prasoon Singh

    If only there was an option for a dark theme. Sigh…

  • Xin Chan

    Worth noting, it crashed when you have 3G unrestrictor enabled and play a video.

    • Juan Pineda

      Try enabling isDirect flag and it will work!

      • Guest

        Edit: NO such option for YouTube Settings in 3GUstr.

      • Xin Chan

        No such option in 3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6).

      • Juan Pineda

        Sorry I have also mxtube installed from AppStore and enabling isDirect flag in that app fixed the YouTube crashes for some reason !! And now YouTube works in my iPhone 5s 7.0.4 jailbroken

      • Xin Chan

        No that’s not working. This does not make sense too.

    • hankdu

      thanks I was wondering why it keeps on crashing

  • Gibboni Hector

    plz!! for the love of the universe plzz tell me the videos can go full screen!!!!

  • Matt

    Looks pretty nice if I say so myself. Though I am still pissed about the stupid google+ thing -.-

  • Sandy Cook

    lol at the ‘questions’ (coulda sworn ‘s’ was added to indicate plural, not singular). Oh noes, it doesn’t look like some other apps. :_( Still have to tap either way…

  • TripleXero

    I’m still curious as to how/why YouTube notified me of an upload months ago when it hasn’t since or before then and you can’t enable or disable it

  • Yarak Hasan

    Update works whith YouTubed (Tweak) fine!

  • Rickm_jr

    Why not download MxTube

  • Xee

    What about a proper back button?

  • Sumon G

    Does the pro-tube extension tweak work with the update?

  • Out5poken

    So the status bar scroll up works now or not? and whats YouTubed, is it like ProTube?

  • Saulo Chonay

    I didn’t have ProTube and it crashed!!
    …i just installes the old one…i dont really care about the keyboard as long as it works.
    …i couldnt find the solution.