Apple A7 chip (Secure Enclave 001)

Last week, Qualcomm’s CMO Anand Chandrasekher made headlines for comments he made during an interview regarding Apple’s new A7 processor. He called the chip a ‘marketing gimmick,’ and said 64-bit holds no real benefit for users.

But pundits were quick to challenge Chandrasekher, pointing to apps and games with A7 support as proof that the 64-bit architecture holds value. And Qualcomm must agree, because it has issued a statement backtracking on the claims…

TechHive has the scoop:

“The comments made by Anand Chandrasekher, Qualcomm CMO, about 64-bit computing were inaccurate,” said a Qualcomm spokesperson in an email. “The mobile hardware and software ecosystem is already moving in the direction of 64-bit; and, the evolution to 64-bit brings desktop class capabilities and user experiences to mobile, as well as enabling mobile processors and software to run new classes of computing devices.”

Qualcomm did not provide further comment.”

And for reference, here’s Chandrasekher from last week:

“I know there’s a lot of noise because Apple did [64-bit] on their A7,” said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Qualcomm, in an interview. “I think they are doing a marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that.”

It’s not surprising that Qualcomm is pulling back here. Not only is this a PR move—removing the company’s name from a controversial subject—but the company also has a close relationship with Apple, as it makes iPhone and iPad modems.

A7 Chip

And despite Chandrasekher comments, Qualcomm itself is working on a 64-bit processor, which Android smartphones are expected to start utilizing in 2014. So this is definitely where the market is headed, it’s just that Apple got there early.


    Somebody paid intel… and guess who?

    • anonymous


  • Julio Cesar

    “I think they are doing a marketing gimmick. There’s zero benefit a consumer gets from that.”
    But Qualcomm plans to make 64-bit processors as well… Irony?

    • Plusmore Studio

      Thats why they admit they were wrong.. sigh.. why dont they do some research first before make any claim? haha

    • not a spark

      Obviously qualcomm try not to benefit there users then.

    • xSeriouSx

      Perhaps they’ll require 4GB of RAM in the devices that use them…thus taking full advantage of the 64-Bit architecture. Only time will tell if they’re just being business hypocrites…

      • To take advantage of 64-bit processor, you need 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb of Ram or even more. Off course more ram you have, better for the system to handle all the memory, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t use all the potential of 64-bit architecture.

        The 4GB limit it’s only on 32-bit processor, because the architecture can’t address more than 4GB of ram. So all the limit it’s on 32-bit cpus.

  • Arjay Dioquino Antonio

    Just wondering why were there no rumors/leaks about this 64-bit chip before the 5s release. Did no one really saw this coming?

    • Sean Cua

      iDB actually posted an article saying something about 64-bit architecture for the 5s back in July.

  • Asaf Moraz

    Apple is maybe the first one to go with 64bit cpu to the mobile market but do you know who is the first one to manufacture those cpu’s for Apple? if you guessed it right then it’s Samsung – Irony or not…

    • Kamal Ahmad

      Asaf, what does their previous history have to do with their current chips?

      • Asaf Moraz

        Previous? Samsung manfactures current A7 chip 😉

      • Rowan09

        And? Apple designs the chips not Samsung.

      • So are you saying that if I make a logo design and ask some print store to print my job. They own all the credits for the logo design?

      • Asaf Moraz

        Your example is not compatible. Apple is not making the “chip” or the skitch for the “chip”. Apple is asking from Samsung to make the whole process for them. You should of ask: if, for example i go into a Digital Store without a logo and ask them to make one for me, who owns the credit for this?

        I really don’t like Samsung and i am not a fan of them in any way, but they should get the respect for manufacturing the first 64bit mobile architecture and that’s why they made an announcement a day after Apple WWDC that they are going to manufacture 64 bit cpu’s for thei’re galaxy phones.

        Anyway, we should all remember that currently we have nothing to do with this technology, not in the iPhone 5S, maybe in the next iPhone or the next next iPhone lol

      • Apple bought Intrinsity, a company that worked with ARM, to design all the roadmap chips.

        They do everything on paper, cad, and even inside apple but for mass production they ask Samsung to do that. It’s just simple. Apple owns 100% of the credit. Just like the retina display and other technology. Where apple was the first one to make available to the people.

        All A-cpus from apple will be in the future manufactured by other company. They are only seeking for the quality standards that Samsung does, for massive production.

      • Asaf Moraz

        Apple was the first one, that’s right, but today a lot of Android manufactures are inventing a new technology or a better technology than Apple has to offer…

      • Everybody can innovate. There’s no doubt on that. But since 2007, talking on the smartphone industry only, apple is the one that have changed the game more often.

      • dialogueanalog

        So then, we all agree that Apple should take all of the credit for the 64 bit chip?

      • mehrab

        The 64 bit is designed by apple just so you know they made it in their labs tested it and all and gives the prints to samsung cos they have a contract samsung helps make millions of these apple hired them cos of the cheap labour and they do a good job

      • Jeff Maxwell

        No Asaf. You really don’t understand how things work within a large company like Samsung. They’re divided into several divisions with firewalls separating them without any knowledge of what other divisions are doing. That’s by design to avoid conflict of interest issues when they’re built parts for other companies like Apple. It’s like a separate company within a company for legal and financial reasons.

        The Samsung chip manufacturing division does work for Apple and many other companies on the requirement that there’s no leakage into their consumer products division. Without such a guarantee, no company would be willing to allow them to produce chips. It does appear that Samsung was truly caught flat footed by Apple’s 64-bit architecture – hence why it’s going to take them a year to produce their own.

        Apple designed the chip. They own that design. Samsung can’t use it. They have to design their own. The design is far more important than the actual manufacturing process. The only unique thing Samsung brought to the table was the 28nm process. Smaller is certainly better but the 32nm process would work as well and several companies can do that.

        The design is he critical factor – not the manufacturing process. And Samsung is starting from scratch on that. Of course a compatible 64-bit Android operating system is a whole other story…

      • Asaf Moraz

        Thanks. After reading your comment i think you know better then me so i understand much more now. But still, i think it’s useless for now and it will probably be good only in the future…

      • mehrab

        Its not about what you think
        64 bit apps are easier to be ported over from mac to ios.
        Other then that the 64 bit apps have greater ram efficiency and have better performance and MICH HIGHER DETAILED graphics for gamers like infinity blade 3 (64bitgame) it was in memory for 7-8 minutes while mutitasking with other apps on the same iphone 5s infinity blade 2 (32 bit game) lasted 4:40 seconds. Thats a huge update more infinity blade 3 loads quicker then 2 has much better graphics and performance at the same time taking less battery life and having more ram efficiency
        Call that useless^

      • ex2bot

        Wrong. ARM’s 64 bit instruction set performs better, yielding real performance increases from the 64 bit chip. Read AnandTech.

      • ex2bot

        Completely wrong. Apple has chip designers. Read AnandTech.

      • 1033

        Apple needs to stop depending on Samsung for processor chips then, because if they do there is a large chance Samsung will take it and put that thing in the new Samsung phones. They might also just give Apple pretty bad chips and if Apple doesn’t check them (which they probably do) then Samsung has a lead.

    • Thoughts

      Manufacturer for Apples design

    • Taf Khan

      Yes but that is because Samsung is Apples Little B!TCH!

    • Ernie Marin

      And what phone has the most used Google made apps, iPhone, and no it’s not out of topic since who is Androids biggest manufacturer, Samsung.

    • Chindavon

      Weak. It’s like saying Calvin Klein may have designed the clothes, but the sweatshops in China deserve all the credit for physically making them.

  • Cameron Chao

    Case of speaking too soon.

    • Taf Khan

      This man is supposed to be an Expert?

      Man talking out of his A$$ more like.

      Experts should know better, base what they say on facts.. .

    • dialogueanalog

      It also seems a case of being misinformed. He clearly didn’t realise that QC where going to manufacture their own 64 bit chips for android phones. Which ever way you spin it, the guy is a plonka.

  • Thoughts

    The guy was obviously an Android Fanboy, lol

  • Antzboogie

    He a doofus.

  • Jason

    It’s a bit late now.. Some smart ass hater already took it as gospel and has been preaching about how my fellow iSheep and I have gotten our own wool pulled over our eyes again..

    How can such baseless and uncalled for Apple bashing go unpunished by law? Isn’t that slander? Sure we can bash on each other in the forums ” android is crap iOS sucks” etc but we don’t end up having our often misguided opinions published and perceived as fact.

  • Ghost

    All are gimmicks Smart Ass Phone luckily I use Nokia 3310 still the best n Super Loud Ringtones

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      Your comment makes me sad

      • Ghost

        Passing Tissue Paper to U

      • Jeff Maxwell

        Nokia? Are they still around?

      • dialogueanalog


      • Jeff Maxwell

        I meant that sarcastically. Nokia makes great feature phones and their Lumia line has been good. But based on the terms of the Microsoft buyout, they’re pretty much done in the smartphone market.

      • dialogueanalog

        oh i thought you meant the 3310! hahaha

        but yes i agree as well. however, would it be a good move by MS to change the nokia name? even though it is not doing THAT well it is hold a certain credibility. Judging on the success of the surface, it would better if MS stayed away from rebranding nokia just yet.

    • dialogueanalog

      Literally the best phone for all your basic needs. And bullet proof.

    • n0ahcruz3

      U get my upvote lol

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I blame this comment to Samsung very effective campaign of “We should hate Apple” (Instead of the “You should love Samsung).

    Their hate commercial and adds have made an army of haters of the sake of hate, how else can you justify that they put 4 cores in a phone and it is innovative and super fast. But if Apple beat them to the punch with a 64-bit processor everybody loses it mind.

    • s0me

      Well Apple has something called “a cool factor”. Thats why the herd mentality goes crazy about everything they do.

      • Nothing beats the haters herd. They not only lose time hating something that they don’t own or want (..well most of them actually want really bad but they hide that fact) as well they remind me the old crazy people who wanted to kill Nicolaus Copernicus when he said that the earth was not the center of the universe.

        First came the pursuit and all the hate, second they start to believe, and the 3rd act, everybody says that its obvious.

        With apple we can see that with:

        – Multitouch (the keyboard army got crazy…oh my blackberry its the best) (“oh it doesnt have a keyboard, so it can’t be a good email machine…” Steve Ballmer )

        – AppStore ( we need an open system…oh my god, so many malware out there, if you want your android secure, download apps only from the MARKET and only from trusted developers (this is actually an real advice).

        – Retina Display (oh my good.. our eyes cant see the pixels.. what a gimmnick…totally apples bullshit…and now the PPI war it’s still relevant.. samsung and htc use that “weapon” to say that they are better)

        and the list goes on… and now it’s with the 64-bit but off course it won’t be the last one…

      • dialogueanalog

        there’s a whole list of things that people say android had before apple. fair enough to android. and in some cases they are right in saying things like notification centre and contorl centre are android based. However, no one ever gives credit to apple and says that the things you mentioned above were revolutionary. People say, oh retina? whats the point? i can see fine as it is. and then they use and cant get back to the old ppi density. credit where it is due people.

      • xSeriouSx

        Don’t be a hypocrite, you know well that’s not what happens in the Apple fanbase, including here on iDB. When competitors release a better competing product, brainwashed Apple fans seamlessly bash it calling it a copycat/bad product. When Apple releases an even better competing product, the same fans obviously don’t question any aspect of it; they blindly accept it as revolutionary.

        Want to see more non-Apple-biased individuals giving credit to Apple for the improvements, consider doing the same to competitors.

      • dialogueanalog

        i did give credit to the competition. i did say that, in my previous post, that android did come up with a lot of things that apple use today. however, a lot of the things that apple releases people seem to think it is worthless until they see the actual benefit of it. things like retina display was seen as a gimmick. actually, it made people aware that screens can be improved beyond what was available. both sides of the fans are at fault for poopooing everything the other does but a lot of the stuff that say samsung releases is awful. It doesnt seem to thought out and it is nearly useless. the hower to turn pages on the phone…who uses that? siri came out and people said it is just a gimmick…google voice comes out and samsung talk or whatever it is and it is seen as better than siri immediately?!

        better competing product to the iphone? i would say moto x is getting there. samsung? still has some way to go.

      • xSeriouSx

        What you said about people not recognizing the use of features, that’s exactly what you just did regarding Samsung features. I use a freed iPhone 4s but I can already see the benefit of most of the feature in Samsung’s touch wiz including the one you mentioned. I’d use that for the situations where I’m cooking and following a recipe OR working in the field with gloves on and following a manual.

        Keep up the blind hatred, just don’t tell others not to do the same…that’s just hypocritical.

      • dialogueanalog

        blind? not really. I didnt dismiss that feature because its samsung, i dismissed it because i can see no real benefit to the average consumer. If there was such a benefit, gesture phones would be released by other companies. note, gestures have been available now since galaxy 3. thats nearly 1 and a bit year. and yet no one still implements it into their phone.

        again, i dont think you understand, i am not saying all of androids features are awful. I am actually giving them credit for some of the stuff they did with their phone, but not all of the propriatary fetures from samsung are great. some are good, note 3 has a lot of good feaures for a phablet. but samsung is notorious for throwing in features which it trials rather than knows are needed.

        look at their curved phone. what is the use in that? please enlighten me.

      • dialogueanalog

        very easy to bash someone for doing something good. Very hard to actually come up with something tangible and get it praised. Samsung seem to throw everything and the kitchen sink into their phones to seem like theyre innovating. apple actually thinks twice about these things and asks the question of ‘ is it REALLY necessary’.

    • Taf Khan

      I what like to see a Samsuck advert… Ahem, or maybe even a YouTube video..

  • Taf Khan

    Some people who agreed to Qualcomm claim last week on here must now feel stupid for agreeing with what was said..

    64bit is the future and Qualcomm will be no doubt playing catch up as we speak..

    • Vijay Panjwani

      I didn’t understood why people disliked your comment!

      • Taf Khan

        Because they are the Stupid People???? 😛

  • Lawry

    Anand Chandrasekher is one stupid Indian just like stupid Indian Politicians

    • Taf Khan

      To be fair stupid he may be but stupid comes in all different shapes sizes and colours… Just look @ Samsung mobiles as an Example. 😛

    • n0ahcruz3

      U get my DOWNVOTE

      • Lawry

        And u got mine 🙂