This video compares the speed of every iPhone when performing common tasks such as powering off, booting up, and accessing websites via Mobile Safari. If you thought the iPhone 5S was going to be the fastest at everything, then you’re up for a surprise.

Of course, this is not a life changing revelation, but it’s still interesting to see how all these iPhones perform next to each other.

  • chumawumba

    Nice to see all the phones compared at once!

    • Manny Carranza

      I agree

    • daniel

      Its funny to see how almost nothing has changed since the first iPhone

      • Dany Quirion

        Said a shamesuck fan?

      • I think the word you’re looking for is “consistency”

      • Dark Moyan

        LoL nice joke.

      • Jamal

        That’s right…… Apple still Rules, Android keeps trying and Losing and Android users keep pretending they have a better product…… Nothing has changed.

  • andreribs

    give me an iphone

    • Jamal

      Not me, I need a waterproof phone just incase I need to scuba dive before work or something. That dumb old iphone isn’t even waterproof!!!!! How lame!!!!

  • TeddyBearStand

    That slide to unlock thing he did was magical.

    • chumawumba

      Yeah because all Apple products are “magical”

      • TeddyBearStand


    • Nate McKelvie

      That was a pretty cool little trick

  • Tobo

    iPhone 4Steve

    • Peter Cao

      I belive it’s iPhone 4steve 😛

      • omrishtam

        k :/

      • Evan_Beezy


  • Taf Khan

    The test I would like to see is the IPhone 5s vs The Note 3 (Octa core variant)

    2 cores vs 8 cores on the latest devices from Apple & Samsung should be interesting.

    • mehrab

      Iphone will win
      The note 2 lost against the iphone 5 last year and it had significant lower bechmarks and now the 5s has more benchmark scores then the note 3

      • Kurt

        640p compared to 1080p (note 3) is a huge difference. Iphone lost in most of the real world comparison tests against the Note 2. You always lie and say iPhone won. I saw countless videos proven you wrong. CNET will always say iPhone wins, so stop watching their videos if you want truth. But I doubt you care about facts and such.

      • mehrab

        I hate cnet and gsmarena so yeah i never watch from them i watch ameteurs and some pros and iphone comes on top on games and web pages and some apps and overally more smoother and responsive and dont get slower eventually after 3-9 months but this time the iphone is leading benchmarks which means it”ll be faster then the note 3 at everything last year the 5 was almost half the note 2 on benchmarks but this time apple really specced it up alot, other then that im a source i have a 5s already selling my htc one and 64 gb iphone 5 for the note 3 and the ipad 5/mini 2

      • mehrab

        Btw idc what res which device is i can watch 1080 p vids on my 5s just as i can on my note 2 no differences tbh. All i care about is i dont want to see pixels at all the note 2 showed some pixels so yeah had only 264 and the 5 had 326 this time the note 3 has around 386? Which really makes no difference at all. Other then that The competition is doing nothing but adding more cores, making phones bigger, and over saturating phone screen colors. Apple brings new things to the market and yet you’re unimpressed. Look around at other companies, the most innovative thing they’re putting out is waving at your phone to flip through photos, and making notes with a built in stylus. And btw sub pixels wise the note 3 has lower sub pixels then the 5s.

      • Jamal

        What an Idiot. Not only are you wrong, you are a sarcastic fool.

    • Evan_Beezy

      The 5s dual core handily beat every top end quad and octacore out there

    • Kurt

      Octa core is slower than the snapdragon, plus not all 8 cores are used at once. Only 4 depending on the task needed. Rumors have it that in the future with a software upgrade then all 8 cores will be used at once.

      With the iphone not even HD and the Note 3 not only being HD but Full HD at 1080p I think Apple will win. 640p compared to 1080p plays a huge role. So if you like smaller phones. iphone is awesome for power, great camera etc.

      • felixtaf

        Thats because, Samsung’s octa-core is not a true octa-core processor. The first real octa-core processor was announced by Media Tek, sometime in July.

      • Taf Khan

        I still get the feeling if you could pick up a note 3 and stick a A7 inside it, then it would improve the note 3’s performance over the octa core.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      if it is a test like this it would be cool, I am not very sure about benchmarks for samsung since that article that shows that samsung phone make tricks for benchmarks tests to do well on test and becomes slow when you want to use the phone

  • Qasim Bashir

    give me all the white ones

  • omrishtam

    i own an iphone 3gs and in about 1 month my order of iphone 5s will come and after seeing this…..i wont sleep at night 🙁

  • JAE_Tech

    EverythingApplePro 😉

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    iphone 4 is running ios 7 and i still powered off really fast

  • Sam Khan

    In this video Jeff sounded like everythingapplepro

  • zachf914

    At least leave EverythingApplePro credit

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    This test would have almost been perfect. You do have to realize that the 5s is running the first version of iOS that has been made compatible for it (iOS7). iPhone 2G is running something like 3.1.3, which is the last one. Therefore, the bootup (specifically that) would be much slower on iPhone 2G compared to iPhone 5s.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      yeah, it is like a new version for a new phone and an optimized version for the old phone

  • mav3rick

    The test is informative nice as it shows that iPhones from all generation can give a smooth pleasant experience as well build devices good integrated with their software.

    Still, this test has a big flaw which makes it just enjoyable to watch but not giving any real good tech info: each device should run the latest iOS major ver. from when devices were launched. For ex. 4S – iOS 5.1.1, 5 – iOS 6.1.4, 5s – iOS 7.0.2, etc. Even that the latest major iOS ver. is compatible with older devices, it’s in the same time more resource demanding with all device specific optimizations. Also not counting the marketing component as each new device should be “the fastest to date”.

  • Joe Benning

    I’m pretty happy with the 5s. It’s pretty fast. The ‘s’ models seem to be the powerhouses so I’m sticking with those as far as the upgrades go.

    • dan

      every iphone is fast according to his generation

    • Evan_Beezy

      What? So the 5 is not a powerhouse compared the 4S

  • s0me

    Yeah 64 bit… whatever it is all marketing I mean it is all Apple ! Nothing new here…

    • Evan_Beezy

      64 bit actually made a huge difference, but I guess you don’t like facts.

      • s0me

        What facts? I’ve seen video comparisons between the 5(c) and the 5s and in most “speed tests” the iphone 5(c) is equal or a fraction of a second faster wich doesnt matter. Apple presented it to be like 2 times faster if I remember.

  • omrishtam

    hey can you do a comparasion between the cameras? please? 😀

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    It’s gonna be a few months before the iPhone 5S 64bit architecture is fully utilize. Samething happen jumping from iPad 2 to Retina iPad 3.

    It’s more behind the screens benchmark number crunching. Average real world use the iPhone 5 (5c) and iPhone 5s are almost neck and neck.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Whats up with that slow shut down. Lol buh buh buh but it has 64 bit A7 processor?

  • Nice vid.