iPhone 5s stack

As expected, Apple unveiled two new smartphones today. The first was the plastic iPhone 5c, and the second the iPhone 5s. And if you’ve been paying attention to the rumor mill over the past several months, there shouldn’t have been any surprises.

The 5c comes in various bright colors, and is equipped with hardware comparable to that of the iPhone 5. And the 5s of course looks very similar to its predecessor, but it includes a faster processor, better camera and a built-in fingerprint sensor.

You have to admit that even though it sports the same design as last year, and new features were kept to a minimum, the iPhone 5s is still a very impressive handset–both from a design and performance standpoint. Here, take a look at this gallery…

iPhone 5s side by side gold in frontThe three iPhone 5s color options: Silver, Space Gray and Gold

Space gray iPhone 5s cameraThe redesigned camera system features several improvements, including a F2.2 aperture and a dual-LED flash

white iPhone 5s frontNike’s new app “Nike+ Move” uses the 5s’ M7 motion coprocessor to continuously track movement.

iPhone 5s cases


New custom, Apple-branded leather cases for the iPhone 5s

white iPhone 5s FacetimeThe iPhone 5s features a new FaceTime HD camera: 1.2MP photos, 720HD videos 

Gray iPhone 5s backHere’s a reverse shot of the iPhone 5s in the ‘Space Gray’ colorway

white iPhone 5s cameraAnd here’s a reverse shot of the iPhone 5s in Silver

Gold iPhone 5s top of the screenFront shot of the iPhone 5s in the new Gold color option

white gray gold iPhone 5s side by sideAnd here’s all the colors stacked together, with a focus on the iOS 7 Home screen

Gold iPhone 5s side by sideiOS 7 apps, from left: iTunes Music, Weather app, Game Center app

Gold iPhone 5s side and backSide shot showing the volume buttons on the Gold iPhone 5s

Gold iPhone 5s frontiOS 7: Safari’s new 3D tab view

Full gold iPhone 5s standingiOS 7 Lock screen

Touch ID scan fingerprintUsing the 5s’ new Touch ID fingerprint scanner to authorize an app download

Touch ID in actionThe screen you’ll see once you’ve successfully programmed your Touch ID

Touch ID Home buttonA close-up shot of the redesigned Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner

iPhone 5s (gold, three up, back, front, profile)A nice overview of how the iPhone 5s looks in the new Gold colorway

iPhone 5s (gold, back, teaser 001)And finally, another closeup of the 5s’ camera and new dual-LED flash

What do you think? Does Apple have another hit here?

  • Trenton

    What color will you be getting?

    • Jordan Carter

      none of them, not worth upgrading from a 5

      • therealjjohnson

        what would it take for you to upgrade?

      • rasengan720 .

        Making it extremely cheap off contract I guess 😛

      • James

        I don’t think that’s just on Apple though, is it? I would think the carriers would have some say about that, especially now that they’re trying to get everyone off unlimited data. It used to be that Apple just did whatever they wanted, but I think the carriers have a little more say than they used to. I don’t know though. I’m definitely all for lowering off contract pricing.

      • Sean Clark

        I feel ripped off that the pricing scheme still relies on 16-32-64gb options. When the 3GS came out in 2009 its lowest option was 16gb. It’s about time to update the options to 32-64-128gb and pass on some of the savings to the consumer.

      • Rowan09

        128GB would be $499 who would buy that with a 2 year contract?

      • James

        I think he means they should increase the storage and keep the current pricing model like they used to do about every year with all their products.

      • Rowan09

        A 32GB phone will never be a low end model at least nowhere soon. The Nexus come with 8 and 16GB so 16GB is the standard minimum right now.

      • James

        since when does Apple look to other companies as the standard?

      • Rowan09

        It’s not really about a standard because they are the ones that made the standard. It’s a money thing so if they get rid of the 16GB for whatever reason they will lose out on money. It’s a fact that most people buy the 16GB iPhone and the thing that takes up most of the space is media, with IOS 7 if I’m not mistaken that issue it fixed to an extent. You can now play your purchased music from the cloud and there so many options for storing photos now, including photo stream.

      • James

        Yup, 128 GB would be nice. Apps are getting bigger and bigger, and photos and videos add up.

      • CryptoCoin420

        I agree, it is such a rip….Memory gets cheaper and cheaper but they have had the same damn pricing options since the iPhone 4 as far as storage goes. 32 GB for $299 come on! They can upgrade everything else and keep the price the same, why can’t they do that with the storage option. No reason that a new iPhone with 64 GB should be $399 a month! Should be $299 at the most.

      • Kyle Adams

        Most multimedia has a cloud-based option now. If anything, on board storage will be getting less and less as time goes on. Music: Rdio, Spotify, iTunes Radio. Photos: Dropbox, Flickr, etc, you get the point. Why waste internal device space for bigger storage when they can improve things like battery, memory, processors, etc?

      • Bangali

        With the state of 3g/4g in the UK, I am not at all keen to stream my music, start-stopping every few seconds! I want it with me everywhere – even underground! Same goes for Dropbox/flikr etc..
        This is the only reason I will hold out for the 6, hopefully they update the storage by then!

      • James

        about another iteration or two. 🙂 The only thing that really excites me about the 5s is the new processor and camera sensor, but I’ve had the 5 for about a year now and it’s still pretty zippy. The fingerprint scanner is pretty cool, but I can manage without it. If we’re still doing the fingerprint thing in another year or two, then so be it, but who knows, they might have a retina scanner by that point. And what is up with the gold – I just don’t get it.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      Deciding between space gray and gold.

      • Jesus M

        Does the space gray has the metal ring on the home button as well? Can’t really tell..

      • MR

        Yes, but in silver color.

      • Quang

        its space gray color too

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Yep, all three colors have the ring.

      • James

        The gold just looks so tacky to me. I’m definitely a silver kind of a guy, or at least a white gold kind of guy.

      • Mohamed Hassabo

        Im used to the white color, I want to change, probably space gray.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I like the gold iPhone a lot more than I thought I would…

      • James

        But not enough to get one over the other two colors? I just think that was a mistake and a terrible design decision on Apple’s part. To me, it’s just tacky.

    • Stephen Michael Simon

      I am between the gold and the space grey. Just not ready to have that ugly black front plating to look at all the time. I have all white IDevices and love the white front face.

  • Bibek Ghimire

    Hm, no more home button square.

    • Quang

      its not too bad with the highest quality home button – sapphire crystal 🙂

      • Bibek Ghimire

        True, but it doesn’t have quite the same classic “iPhone” feel anymore.

      • James

        I’m all for getting rid of the home button altogether.

      • Tardroid

        no home button=no dfu

      • James

        Why? Couldn’t they just use one of the other buttons for that?

      • imra qyasif

        True, but the button square would ruin its new thumb scan functionality..

  • Thoughts

    If you only use your phone for making phone calls no point in upgrading, use it for photos or games etc it is a great improvement.

    • James

      If you only use your phone for making phone calls, there’s really no point in having a smartphone at all. All the games I’ve played work wonderfully on the 5. It’s really a matter of future games that are built with the new processor in mind, but I’m sure most developers will still develop games that perform well on the 5 for at least another year, at which point we can upgrade to the 6. Although, I’m thinking I might even wait until the one after that.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Thank you mr. Cook for discontinuing the black and slate. I guess mister cook listened to my email i sent him. Lol

    • Thoughts

      Yeah, my slate 5 has marks on the back around the logo from a LifeProof case, and also marks from the Armor Otterbox case, which are lined with felt and silicon.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yup i guess thats one of those reasons they discontinued it scuffs ands scratch prone. Ive been telling it here in iDB that apple should axe the black and slate lol. I guess someone from apple has been reading comments here. Lol

      • James

        I like the slate. I never put a case on mine and I never had an issue with the back getting scratched. I’ve dropped it a few times over the past year and the only places that it is scratched or dinged up is on the outer edges of the phone where it hit the ground too hard without a case.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Maybe if a lot consumers think like you maybeapple woudnt have discontinued the 5(black&slate) dealing with public relations is hard. I would find it very frustrating if i bought a 600$ opened it and has already scratches on it.

      • James

        Well I would be more than frustrated if my phone scratched too easily or came with scratches already on it, but that didn’t happen to me.

  • Apanizo2

    There is no stainless steel ring around the back camera.

    • Jesus M

      I just noticed that, and I don’t like it like that lol

  • D.

    For those in Australia:
    5c is $869 for 32gig
    5s is $999 for 32gig

    • Jarryd Richards

      But thankfully for us in Australia, we get iPhones for $0 on a two year contract.

      • D.

        We’re lucky in that sense.

      • Jarryd Richards

        But we’re also unlucky because an unlocked iPhone 5s costs $800 if you convert it from USD to AUD but Apple charges $1,000 in Australia. An extra $200 just because we are in Australia.

      • 3aloo1


  • Question

    That ring around the homebutton looks so sexy

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      It’s true what you say but I miss the little square it the middle. Looks to plain now.

  • Allen Greathouse

    So is there no dark grey?

  • Cameron Chao

    Im really digging the new leather cases, any color looks amazing on any iPhone 5s

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    It’s been a great few years with the white iPhone. This time around, I’m going for space gray/black (or gun metal as I like to call it). Boy that looks awesome. The aluminum is supposed to be a higher grade as well, correct? From what I’ve seen of the up close shots, it looks REALLY nice.

  • Fevostone

    Would like to see more or the black and gray

  • yayiee

    i want this but i don’t have a lot money to buy it 🙁

    • 3aloo1

      Try to make some business or something that you gain money

  • Kevin

    hey guys, i would love to take the grey 5s but i m not sure about the scuffgate issue apple had with the black iphone 5. What do you guys think is the best color in this case? And do you thinkt the new grey 5s will be better than the old black ihone 5?

  • Umry Omar

    I have an iPhone 4 for 3 years from now; and it’s time to upgrade it to an iPhone 5s

    • Steve Jobs

      me too dude and its definitely time to upgrade!

  • iPhone5Orl

    iPhone 5Same, first time since the original iPhone that i won’t upgrade. thank you tim, you suck. #TrueStory

    • 3aloo1

      You suck

      • iPhone5Orl

        why because I don’t want the same size iPhone, I’m really close to drop my iPhone for few dollars and get the HTC One. It’s hard to go 4.2 or 4.5 inches, Same old Shitty size when everybody got a bigger size, #TrueStore

      • omrishtam

        what if i told you 4 inch is fine and also looks great…if you keep bitching about it so go buy HTC one or something

      • iPhone5Orl

        It;s not ok for many people, we was waiting for a bigger iPhone. you are fine with it, good for you, but this is why Samsung is eating the apple.

        I’m not bitching on the specs they are great but size is a deal breaker for me and to many people that have the iPhone 5.

        Z10 go the perfect size for me. but I don’t like their ecosystem (they don’t have any).

        I don’t like android at all but man apple keep pushing with this kind on SNAFU they will lose a lot customers in the iPhone area. #TrueStory

        I missed Steve Job, He really got balls.

      • Tardroid

        he got balls that you wanna suck?! GTFO

  • Steve Jobs

    the space grey colorway is sooooo fu..ing sexy daaaaaaamn! CANT WAIT TO BUY!!!

  • richrich

    I don’t care for the champagne color, although I do see a lot of ladies wanting it.

  • Wissam Nasser

    would I upgrade from 5 to 5s if I only had to pay €200 ?? because I sold my 5 for €540