iPhone 5c side by side

While the iPhone 5s turned some heads today with its new 64-bit A7 processor, redesigned camera, and fingerprint-sensing Home button, the star of the show was clearly the iPhone 5c. After years of rumors and speculation, the more affordable plastic iPhone became a reality.

The device itself is essentially iPhone 5 hardware, repackaged in a polycarbonate plastic shell and priced at less than $100 (with contract). And with its chamfered edges and various bright colorways, it’s actually a pretty sharp-looking device. Here, check out our 5c gallery…

yellow pink green iPhone 5c side by sideiPhone 5c shown in red, yellow, and green. Color options not show: blue and white

blue white pink iPhone 5c side by sideNew iOS 7 features from left: true multitasking, redesigned Share sheet and Control Center

green blue pink iPhone 5c side by sideNew iOS 7 apps from left: Photos, Weather, Camera

blue yellow pink iPhone 5cShot of blue, yellow and red iPhone 5c models and Apple EarPods

yellow iPhone 5c yellow backgroundClose up shot of Volume/Mute buttons on the yellow iPhone 5c

Yellow iPhone 5cA nice overview of what the iPhone 5c looks like in the yellow colorway

green iPhone 5c green backgroundSide view of the green iPhone 5c

Green iPhone 5cAnd here’s a nice overview of what the iPhone 5c looks like in the green colorway 

green iPhone 5c front and backFront and back shot of the green iPhone 5c with matching wallpaper


pink iPhone 5c pink backgroundClose-up shot of the Volume/Mute buttons on the red iPhone 5c

red iPhone 5cOverview of what the iPhone 5c looks like in red

white iPhone 5c white backgroundClose-up shot of the Volume/Mute buttons on the white iPhone 5c

white iPhone 5cAnd what the white iPhone 5c looks like in various angles

white iPhone 5c flatSafari’s new 3D tab view in iOS 7

full white iPhone 5c standing sidewaysGood view of the iOS 7 Home screen with white background

blue iPhone 5c blue backgroundClose-up shot of the Volume/Mute buttons on the iPhone 5c

Blue iPhone 5cWhat the blue iPhone 5c looks like: front, side and back

Well, what do you think of the iPhone 5c thus far?

  • chumawumba

    iPhone 5crappyprice

    • Alex Rodriguez

      iPhone 5C Is apples way of repackaging the iPhone 5 with cheap crap case… And selling it for what the iPhone 5 should normally sell for.

      Instead of dropping the price on the iPhone 5 they took cheap parts and decided to sell it for what they should already be selling the iPhone 5.

      The iPhone 5S is great but I’m disappointed in that the “budget phone ” is not so budget at all. It’s a cheap case on a good phone for a high price!!

      • Right!

        “While the iPhone 5s turned some heads today with its new 64-bit A7 processor, redesigned camera, and fingerprint-sensing Home button, the star of the show was clearly the iPhone 5c.”

        It is not so clear to me. It would have been the star if it got any cheaper at all. It is cheaper because it’s old, it’s not cheaper because it’s less expensive. Anyway. All I got excited for was for the iPhone 5s sensor.

      • Sean Cua

        well apple didn’t introduce it as a budget phone. It was just speculations of people that apple was gonna introduce one.

      • Alex Rodriguez

        I don’t mind that its not a budget phone, I do mind apple using cheap build quality and renaming its old iPhone something else. I buy apple products because they are the best. The 5c is not apples best and its a sign that they will seek to cut corners to profit. Steve jobs would be shiiting his pants right now if he saw this.

      • Sean Cua

        They’re in the business to make money, why should hate it? And they still released the 5s and if you want the best then you should be getting the 5s. Also as engadget has said when you’ve hold the 5c it feels like ceramic so the build quality isn’t cheap. They’re not like other brands they still placed steel plating around the plastic casing of the 5c so they never really lowered the quality but they just wanted to cater to the people who want to have a plastic iPhone.

      • Bing Dela Cruz

        5c costs only for $99.00 5S is $199.00..

  • Charlie Val

    Just a repackaged iPhone 5. This is actually pretty ‘meh’

    It’s a shame they’re marketing as an entirely new device.

  • Mr. E

    Would have loved to see this phone in black

    • 40niners

      or red

      • Core

        product (red)

    • Oscar Nigma

      A completely black iPhone 5c would have sold me.

      • Alex Rodriguez

        +1 for the Black iPhone !!

    • richrich

      it would be looking too much like 3GS

  • Joonyaboy

    These look great

  • Cameron Chao

    Does anyone else think a white front would look better over the black?

    • Alex Rodriguez

      I agree completely !

  • Core

    affordable my ass its a iphone 5 in plastic that cost less for apple to make and they make more money

    • Oscar Nigma

      “Cheap my and affordable, my ass!”- Phil schiller sep 2013

  • Oscar Nigma

    White is not a color.

  • Jordan Carter

    at $549 it is anything but a budget phone

  • n0ahcruz3

    Iphone 5 users must be upset over this. It was discontinued and replaced by this POS plastic worst of all the price is unjustifiable. And this was suppose to be the budget iphone. Smdh.

    • CASEACE79

      Only bloggers said it would be a budget iPhone. The reason they made it in plastic is that the iphone 5 in it’s current form cost too much to release in the pricing model they created. They decided to shave costs in the materials used and not performance. It was the right call.

      • Alex Rodriguez

        No it wasn’t the right call. It’s a marketing ploy to make you think it was the right call.

        If someone repackaged your toothpaste in a paper bag saying its cheaper by 10cents would you still be happy?!

        They can produce a $300-400 model however, they know they can sell it for $500(not as many sales, but good sales indeed)

    • O. Bakerman

      When has Apple ever released a “budget” product?
      No one inside Apple ever called this a budget phone.

      • n0ahcruz3

        The ipad mini, the ipod touch 5th gen -rear camera.

      • O. Bakerman

        The Mac Pro, the …
        Stop drinking, dude.

      • n0ahcruz3

        You were asking me if apple ever released a budget product? Ipad mini and ipod touch 5th(without a camera) doesnt count?

      • O. Bakerman

        I honestly don’t know what to say about that. Maybe I am just too poor.

        So I guess I should be happy ’cause Apple actually began targeting poor chaps like me…


      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah their “budget” products. Which is underwhelming. Lack or retina old processor. And no rear camera. Lol thats their definifion of “affordable”

  • Guest

    Very upset they killed my iphone 5 for this

    • Tom Brady

      Those kicks are fake and ugly too

      • Eric S. Faulkner

        Thank you

      • Tom Brady

        No problem. I’m always here to give advice and unbiased opinions

      • Eric S. Faulkner

        Lol truth is I never meet to post the pic. A noob mistake.

      • Tom Brady

        Lol yea sure

  • n0ahcruz3

    Apple should just give up their hopes at the emerging markets.. Clearly they have a distortion field going on. At 549 this will not be cheap enough.

  • alex korbeck

    What’s the sense in making it in different colors or in plastic. 98 percent of owners cover up the phone in a case anyway. Never understand why you cover up something Apple has spent million on designing. I guess I should drive around with a cover on my stylish Porsche at all times.

    • Gus Me

      You can always buy one of their new beautiful Swiss cheese covers to show off the 5c! How those made it to production, I will never undersatand! Apple always has an excuse of why they charge what they charge (iPad mini?!).

  • ian amante

    It’s pink.

  • But Apple never said it was an affordable or budget phone. So please stop being disappointed because it’s more expensive than we thought it was going to be.

    • Sean Cua

      BUMP. I keep commenting this. If people had watched the keynote they’d know that there was no mention of any budget iphone.

    • richrich

      I don’t think anybody’s disappointed because they wanted a “budget phone” and they didn’t get it. I think everyone is disappointed because Apple repackaged iPhone 5 in a much cheaper plastic and they want the same amount of money for it.

  • Mr.Ocean

    What I think about it? Unlocked its freakin Expensive! 550$ / 600€ — For that price they could have made a colored Aluminium iPhone 5 alongside the 5s.

  • Kyle Adams

    definitely getting the 5s in space gray, but that white 5c sure is nice looking. if only it wasn’t a plastic version of the 5.

  • Qasim Bashir

    can anyone answer this please? i installed iOS 7 GM on my iPhone, What will happen when its publicly released ? will i have to update normally to that or restore in itunes? or will i run in any trouble????????????????

  • richrich

    I speculate 5c will be Apple’s first big fiasco.

    • iThinkergoiMac

      Apple’s had too many HUGE fiascos for this to be the first. How much do you know about Apple’s history?

      • richrich

        I knew somebody would say that. I know Apple has had many fiascos in the past, small and big ones. What I meant, given the time and under these circumstances, this may be the first serious one. Financial- and image-wise. The stacks are high. Besides, the stocks are down, so I just might be right.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Financially speaking, this could hurt Apple, but it won’t bring it to the brink of destruction (which Apple has done in the past). Image-wise, Apple probably won’t be viewed as anything but a top-tier device producer that made a blunder. This one thing isn’t enough to just bring Apple to its knees and fall off the face of the earth. Since Apple’s been there, only something big enough to bring them past there can be called their biggest fiasco, and this in no way can be called their first big fiasco. They’ve had too many fiascos in the past.

        I agree this could turn into one.

      • richrich

        we’re just going to have to wait and see. I’m very interested to see how it all turns out.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        I as well.

  • mtfr

    The iPhone 5c Reminds me with Nokia Lumia… I bet Apple waited till nokia got sold for Microsoft then they reveled the 5c

  • richrich

    I don’t mind how 5c looks… I do mind how the 5c cases look.
    And this.

  • karissa mcknight

    hey dumb people this phone will be good.

  • Emily

    I agree.. I like the colours though