There’s been a lot of talk recently about Apple’s upcoming iPhone plans for China. The company is expected to unveil two new handsets next week, the 5S and the 5C, and rumor has it that it just inked a deal with the country’s largest carrier.

So as you can imagine, that makes this next iPhone 5S shell leak rather interesting. Because while we’ve already seen a number of photos and videos of the handset’s rear casing, this particular one has China Compulsory Certificate markings…

CCC marks, much like our FCC marks, are compulsory safety marks for products imported to and sold in China. They indicate a device has undergone testing to ensure that it’s safe to use, and won’t interfere with government and emergency systems.


But back to the image, which was posted by CtechCN.com (via 9to5Mac) this weekend. The CCC marks on the shell of this alleged iPhone 5S suggest that not only is the handset heading for China, but it may arrive much sooner than we anticipated.

You see, according to Wikipedia, it usually takes between 4 and 8 months to get certified by The China Quality Certification Centre. So if Apple has already gone through that process, then perhaps it’s nearing an approval to sell the 5S in the country.

And a sooner-than-later iPhone launch in China wouldn’t be surprising. Don’t forget, China Telecom has all but confirmed it’s going to be carrying the handset on day 1 this year, as Tim Cook and company begin to realize the importance of the market.

iPhone 5S (graphite, gold, Sonny Dickson 001)

That’s evidenced by a few things. For one, Cook himself has made a number of trips to the country in recent years, and frequently mentions it on earnings calls. But more recently, Apple sent out invites to a special Beijing event set for September 11.

What’s it going to introduce here that it felt wouldn’t fit in its September 10 event? Some think it has something to do with China Mobile, others say the iPhone 5C. I say I wouldn’t be surprised if it talked about both. Get ready China, Apple’s coming.

  • veda99

    wish iPhone 5C is only for China!

    • Andy

      Why does it matter? If you don’t like the iPhone 5C, just don’t get it. There are probably thousands of other products that you wish didn’t exist.

      • veda99

        looks like iPhone standards are getting down..see how jobs used to do it..iPhone was always just one at a time…

      • Ben Dollar

        I totally agree! I think that apple selling a cheap iPhone is just a sell out on there part! Never would have happened in Steve’s days

      • Glorin

        500euro isn’t cheap at all

      • Jerry

        We can all agree that none of this would of been going on if Steve Jobs was around but Tim is doing a good job at giving the people what they want. We loved/hated steve jobs because he held stuff back from us and by human nature you want what you can’t have and he mastered that business wise.

      • SkyFall

        Times change, and companies must keep up with the fashion. Three years ago no one would thing that a 7 inch tablet is a nice idea, yet three years later 7 inch tablets are outselling 9-10 inch tablets. Same is happening with smartphones. Four years ago phablets existed but they weren’t popular, yet with the introduction of Galaxy Note things changed, and now people want bigger smartphones. Well the same is happening with the price, people want cheap smartphones and it doesnt seem strange that Apple wants to participate in that new fashion. Almost two years have past since Steve Jobs died, and many things changed. Two years ago the iPhone was king of the hill. Nowdays smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/Note 2/3, HTC One, Sony Xperia z1 (maybe?) are slowly becoming more popular. This is coming from an iDevice user.

      • Glorin

        the cheaper 5C will have the same internals with the current 5..

      • Ben Dollar

        My point is that apple create things of beauty and design them with elegance. Every edge, curve meterial is carefully thought out. There one of the only phones to have barley any plastic. So know they year it to shreds and stick in a cheap plastic shell. Personally it’s insulting and not what an iPhone should be

      • Glorin

        This is not a cheepo by any mean.. the outside shell is unbelievably durable, shiny and top quality, it’s not aluminium is the only difference. Wait for the final product to test drive it first.

      • samdchuck

        You must have missed the iPhone 3G and 3GS then.

      • DVG

        Please check iphone 3G, you understant what is plastic

      • Ben Dollar

        Seriously you people, 3GS old know no one cares about that. They haven’t used plastic for a while

      • samdchuck

        Yeah, so old! They stopped selling it almost a whole year ago!

      • Yunsar

        Those standards or the iPhone 5C aren’t intended for you. It’s intended for those people who can’t afford a full priced iPhone, and they will be happy to buy an iPhone of any kind.

    • Boss

      Agreed Blackberry went out of business for releasing a load of cheap smartphones, peasants should just stick to their garbage Android phones

  • Mr. E

    Why can’t there be a leaked photo of decent quality?

    • iosPixel

      Id like to think its down to the size of the cameras taken into these places to smuggle out shots (think pin hole).

      More often though Im inclined to believe its a technique used to hinder any attempts at proving its authenticity.

      The irony? That same technique used to mask a fake usually allows it to be dismissed as one.

      • Mr. E

        Hadn’t thought about that. Good point

      • SkyFall

        Out of the subject, but:
        That Disqus Profile icon of yours is really good looking in my opinion, you should sent one to Sebastien (if you want) to put it as the icon for iDB. Good job, in making it.

      • iosPixel

        Thanks, Jeff has seen it but it probably got swamped in his emails. Needs to be tweaked with the thinner font but other than that I think it fits in nice with iOS7 and has been my webclip icon for months.

  • George Yfantopoulos

    Not 5S. I see single flash, not dual.

    • Thoughts

      Looks like the elongated hole for the dual flash to me

    • chumawumba

      Look closer it’s dual flash

  • chumawumba

    If that iPhone is slate, and there is a rumored champagne and graphite coming, not to mention white, there will be… 4 iPhone choices? Why do you have to make my life so hard Apple, now I will never be able to pick the right color

  • James Allen

    To be honest. I can careless what color they come out with. 80% of us use a Case

    • User

      I use a bumper.

  • Frank Ding

    Lol in the bottom left corner of the first picture it says Microsoft XD

  • 3aloo1

    is this a graphite iphone !