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Week eight of our newly popular Wallpapers of the Week section keeps things fresh. Last week, we featured a Mavericks redesign and another image, Dark Sky. In an overwhelming response, our readers left more then 45 comments on the post and openly shared their favorite wallpapers in the Disqus feed below the article. We really love how much interest there is in the weekly installment of new walls.

Thanks to iOS 7‘s transparent and layered approach to the UI, walls will affect the overall appearance, mood, and feel of your iOS devices in ways not possible in a Forstall hampered environment. Even more interesting is the broad range of colored iPhone 5C‘s hitting the market sometime after Apple’s September 10th event. We will all be scouring the internet to get a fully compliant color set of walls to match the shiny new devices. Inside we have a great solution for the baby blue iPhone C fans…


Feature graphic artist and self termed wallpaper creator, Max Kaslick always has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to wallpapers. If you find him on Twitter @Max_Kas, he is a constant wallpaper sharer, whether they are his originals or just a nice one he found. He recently posted a set of gradient wallpapers on Imgur and these are two of the highlights.

The astute readers will notice the iPad version is 2048×1536, which is tailored for the iPad retina. However, according to Max, using them on the iPad mini or 2 with iOS 7, the larger image will improve parallax effects. At iDB, we are in conversations to determine what exactly the new image sizes should be for improved effects on all devices and will slowly adjust our future images accordingly.

Blue Clean Max Kas  Pink Grunge Max Kas


iPhone 5, iPad

Pink grunge

iPhone 5, iPad


iPhone 5, iPad

Blue grunge

iPhone 5, iPad

Getting them on your device

Now that you have picked your favorites, get them on your device. From your iOS device, tap the link to the image and wait for the full resolution to load. Tap and hold the image, then Save Copy. Then, head to your Camera Roll or the wallpaper section in From there, you can set the image as your Home screen or Lock screen. From a desktop, right click the image and save it to the folder you sync with iTunes.

Getting featured

The fun part of Wallpapers of the Week is we feature our reader’s submissions. You could be a tweet or email away from being featured in front of millions of readers. To submit, you can link to the image and tweet it to me @jim_gresham. The other option is to embed the image in an email and send it my way Please, only submit original images! I have received some wallpaper submissions that I know are not originals. Keep everything honest and send me your work only.

Talk it up down here. What do you think about these wallpapers?

  • Guest

    I like the left one. The Blue gradient looks amazing 🙂

  • LĂŠ Andy

    Left one looks amazing 🙂 Love the blue gradient

    • Max Kas

      Thanks 🙂

    • Max Kas

      thanks 🙂

      • Taf Khan

        Nice work. Will have to check others.

  • David Gitman

    the blue is amazing like this site! Love this section I will love to have some for iphone 4

  • Taf Khan

    Gradients rock.. .

    For me the more colors the better.

    I created this one on my iPhone 5, very nice in my opinion, probably looks the best yet when set.

    • Sai

      Wow. How do you guys create wallpapers like that? I’m interested in creating one for my ipad 2

      • Taf Khan

        Find and save a really good base image, could be from a photo you have taken or from the web. Don’t look at the full picture, maybe just a small part you can zoom to and screen capture using the power button and home button. The rest is just editing the image with different apps on the iPhone, running filters, screen capturing again, re-filtering, switching between apps

  • Taf Khan

    Not sure how well this works but i couldn’t help giving the Maverick image the “Northern Lights” effect.

    • Taf Khan

      Or if you prefer…

    • Taf Khan

      Or this may be preferable..

      • TeddyBearStand

        Love this one

  • Adam Bowman

    I’m not only getting great wallpapers from these articles, but I’m also getting them from the kind people who post in these comments sections. Thanks everybody.

    • Taf Khan

      This weekly feature on wallpaper has me in creative mode…
      Here is one more. Stunning!

  • 3aloo1

    Blue Gradient specially for idownloadblog


  • akash

    wow it looks awesome.plz tell me how to be create wallpapers like that

  • Malan Raja

    wait, is it the same Max who made JellyLock?
    good one fella! we appreciate it! cheers.

  • Dady King

    Smart and sleek wallpaper