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Running through week seven with the Wallpapers of the Week section, I continue to enjoy putting together these posts for our readers. Looking at the submissions and cruising around looking for more content is, easily, one of the most fun aspects of writing for iDB.

We hope you are enjoying the posts as much as we do. It is a reader driven post series and today’s walls are no different. Inside you will find full device resolution versions of two walls, perfect for the translucent design of iOS 7. As you now know, we are in beta 6 and hoping to see a GM release around the rumored September 10 iPhone announcement. Take a look inside for the downloads…


The featured artist this week is Steve Portas who submitted his two versions below. The first is a redesign of the OS X Mavericks wallpaper, both for desktop and iOS devices. Secondly, his creation, Dark Sky, which is also a blue-green abstract image. The abstract images are cropping up more and more due to the anticipated opaque system layers in iOS 7.

To keep up with more of Steve’s work, visit his personal website, or check him on Twitter @satropuk. For a little sneak peak, Steve is working on a new Winterboard theme, Satcon, which he hopes to release shortly.

Mavericks-redesign  DarkSky-preview-Steve-Portas

Mavericks redesign

iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S, iPad retina, iPad 2/mini, Desktop (2560×1440)

Dark Sky

iPhone 5, iPhone 4/S, iPad retina, iPad 2/mini, Desktop (2560×1440)

Downloading the goods

To download individual wallpapers, tap on the desired device above. Once the full resolution image loads, tap and hold on the image. Then, save a copy, which is accessible in your Camera Roll via Settings.app or the Photo.app. On a desktop, load the full image and rick-click save to your photo sync folder with iTunes.


If you are looking to have your images considered for our weekly post, you are a tweet or email away from the process. To submit via twitter, tweet me an image link to @jim_gresham. Email is just as simple, by embedding the image in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com. Each week I receive submissions and you could be the next featured artist!

  • Mr. E

    I think these are one of the best wallpapers of the week

  • Benjamin Lopez

    I prefer the last week one with fruits but these one are nice too.

  • iPhone Gruru

    I am still using the ios 7 flower wallpaper

  • Jeff Ramirez

    Great post and I love this weeks wallpapers.

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    Freackin awesome, love these articles! Thanks guys!

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    iDB I love you guys <3

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Everyone does(:
      By far my favorite website!

      • David Gitman

        hell yeah! 😀

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I’m still loving this one..

  • Prasoon Singh

    The second is my favorite so far. It’s my lock screen wallpaper.

  • Matthew Cleveland

    That Maverick one is awesome. New wallpaper for me!

  • Malay Mody

    awesome wallpapers! love the Wallpapers of the Weeks series, thanks iDB

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    wtf guys?? where is post about Beta 6???

    • Frozen Bee .GFKS

      its out for hours and nothing on iDB about it

    • Prasoon Singh

      There are no changes in Beta 6. They just fixed a iTunes bug.

    • Dude, it was out 3 days ago and we talked about it then http://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/08/15/apple-seeds-ios-7-beta-6/

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        okey okey! my bad! didnt noticed. sorry 🙂 my phone poped-up about B6 today, so i thought it came out now

  • abdullah575

    this is the BEST !!

    • seyss

      the GAYEST

  • Steve Jobs

    What about wallpapers of the week for Mac too ?

  • leart za jmi

    I made this 🙂

    • Bob

      Well done, you put a black and white image over a background that you didn’t make.

      • leart za jmi

        i am a senior designer and i can do a lot of stuff but native apple wallpapers are simply the best, they dont need any change, and this is my tattoo. anyway nice talking uncle bob

      • Bob

        That tattoo is amazing, but try only using your own work.

      • leart za jmi

        apple know to make wallpapers and i admire their work

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        you are senior designer? which company if i may ask?

      • leart za jmi

        i dont live in US, i worked for DDB outside US of course. now with the crisis i am freelance 😀

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        well, no offense, but those wallpapers doesnt look like work of proffesional, so i was just wondering 😛
        i know you appreciate defalut wallps, but you put them together in like 1 minute in PS, and they look awful now. but like i said, no offense here, maybe you like them this way

        do you have some portfolio? 🙂

      • leart za jmi

        those are for fun, 5 minutes work, the working day is over at this time

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        ok 🙂

        did you draw that tattoo yourself?

      • leart za jmi

        this is a recent work, do you like it, it was 2-3 hours work for me

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        well i you draw it youre pretty good. that tattoo is great!

      • leart za jmi

        Did i make spelling mistakes, i dont want to look like UnthreadedJB haha

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        😀 right

      • leart za jmi

        i just made this for you 😀

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        lol uncle bob.

        thanks 🙂

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  • Question

    Me Gusta 😀

  • Taf Khan

    This is one I created earlier in the summer..

    • Taf Khan

      And this from the winter..

  • Gus Me

    Very nice backgrounds and I’m looking forward to the satcon theme.

  • Brandon Higgins

    This looks so good to the eye. It’s colors are not too bright or dull.

  • Philipp Steigler

    The Dark Sky Wallpaper is awesome!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I choose dark sky. I like pattern the of it, nothing too complex going on. But I did import it into iPhoto and change the hue from teal to a more full on blue. I love it.

    • Taf Khan

      Agree the sky is always a good background. This is one I often use.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        That’s pretty nice, sir.

      • Taf Khan

        Thank you. I enjoy creating them. Will keep sharing. It does indeed look very nice when set as wallpaper..

  • Guest

    I know I’m a little to say this, but the 2nd wallpaper is a Windows Vista wallpaper blurred.

  • Jonathan

    I know I’m a little to say this, but the 2nd wallpaper is a Windows Vista wallpaper blurred..