Best Buy iPhone trade in

The United States consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has launched another noteworthy iPhone trade-in promotion (all over again) which offers a minimum $200 credit in exchange for your iPhone 4S in working condition. Own an iPhone 4 instead? No problem, Best Buy will treat you to a $100 credit.

In both instances your Best Buy Gift Card credit is only good toward the purchase of an iPhone 5 with a two-year carrier agreement with Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Sprint. Now you can get rid off your iPhone 4/4S and get a brand spanking new entry-level 16GB iPhone 5 for zero bucks, normally a $199 value with a two-year contract…

The deal (via 9to5Mac) starts today and is available through Sunday, August 18.

According to the terms of the promotion, you can trade-in your existing iPhone 4/4S both online or at a participating store.

Water-damaged iPhones, devices with cracked screens, no-contract iPhone models and T-Mobile iPhones are not eligible for this promotion.

If you have a non-iPhone smartphone (hint: an Android device you’d like to get rid of), you can trade-in at a Best Buy store and use that gift card toward an iPhone 5 purchase.

And if your item has no trade-in value, “we can recycle it for free,” Best Buy notes.

If I were you, however, I’d think twice because committing your soul to a carrier for the next two years makes little sense with about three weeks left until Apple’s September 10 iPhone 5S/5C event.

  • Latrese

    Target has a better thing going to me,$50 off the 4S & 5 (making them $50 & $150). You don’t even have to trade your phone in. Some may not think it’s better but hey,I just like to keep my old phones…

  • pauleebe

    People should consider this deal with the fact in mind that the 4, 4S and 5 will be discontinued within a month.

    • Cho

      why would the 5 be discontinued? it just came out last year.

      • pauleebe

        5S will be introduced, and 5C will replace 5. Just 5S and 5C will be offered, in varying capacities to fill the $0, $99, $199, $299 and $399 price points.

  • JH

    I will recycle mine at eBay for better value! BB Kid’s don’t consider the storage space which is insanse.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Just sell your iphone at Ebay. The promos from best buy are sham. $100 credit for iphone 4 hahaha u can still sell your 4 at 200 or more it depends on condition of the phone, memory and wether its locked or unlocked. Unlocked phones fetch higher resale value.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    My sister has a broken lock button, think it will still work? Lol

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      They won’t notice if you drain the battery out of the phone before you trade it in.

      • Guest

        I work for Best Buy Mobile..

        We examine the phones for scratches, nicks, scuffs, all the visible water marks, functionality of the buttons (volume rockers, sleep/power key, volume switch, main button). Phones for trade-in have to be fully functional and the bare minimum qualify for poor condition or recycle in order to use the Trade-in promo.

  • Frito_Bandito

    Why would anyone do that? The iPhone 4S is better! They’ve already had to drop the price and make trade in deals to entice people to upgrade.