Earlier this year, a report from a Korean news site claimed that Apple was looking at the possibility of launching a 12.9-inch iPad in early 2014. We called the story ‘crazy,’ as among other things, it called for the monstrous tablet to be named the ‘iPad maxi.’

Surprisingly, though, late last month the Wall Street Journal corroborated the report, saying it had it on good authority that Apple was really working on such a device. And on the off chance that it ever makes it to market, here’s what it could look like…

The folks over at MacRumors have commissioned CiccareseDesign to create renderings of what a 13-inch iPad might look like compared to the current iPad and iPad mini models, as well as the rumored fifth-generation iPad, and a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Here’s the 12.9-inch iPad next to a mini and a 4th gen iPad:


And here it is next to a 13-inch MacBook Air:


Now, there’s a lot of math behind this thing, but MacRumors says that the renderings are based on a display with a resolution of 2712 x 2048. That’s why you see an extra row of icons on the Home screen, and why it seems like there’s so much empty space.

While the renderings look great, the obvious question here is why on earth would Apple build such a large tablet? Isn’t the current 9.7-inch model plenty big—or even too big for folks that opt for the smaller 7.9-inch mini? Honestly, I don’t have an answer.

But if I had to guess, I’d say such a device would be geared toward the pro crowd—photographers, videographers, producers, etc. Never underestimate the value of more screen real estate when you’re doing things like showing photos and editing raw footage.

So will we ever see a 13-inch iPad? I don’t know. But if we do, I doubt it will be anytime soon. I agree with some of the chatter I’ve come across on Twitter that iOS, as it is now, would feel rather odd on a 12.9-inch display—as would its thousands of apps.

What’s your take on all of this? Would you buy a 13-inch iPad?

  • illK†Δ

    Or buy a macbook

    • @sexyhamthing

      or a pc :3

      • Osama Muhammed


  • Steve Jobs

    i like it

    • Rehan Ahmed

      I wasn’t aware that dead people could comment 😉

      • Antzboogie

        If the iPad could everything a laptop could do Im all in!

    • Prithvi

      The real Steve Jobs would be like, ” THAT IS CRAP”.
      And I am actually inclined to believe him as the extra real estate would be fine with music and video editors but wouldn’t apply to the vast majority of consumers. Also it would just feel awkward. I know this from experience because I have a drawing tablet from Wacom and I bought the large tablet thinking it would be nice but it is just too big to handle and there is a thing as too much real estate space on a screen. Also the price would be too ridiculous for a tablet. Just buy a real Mac.

      • felixtaf

        This is not crap. Jus because we dont need it, doesnt mean its crap. Apple released 128 GB iPad 4. How many normal consumer will buy? These products are targeted towards special people like pro’s… Artists, Photographers etc will love this.
        BTW its not for me too…

      • Prithvi

        I never said it was crap but merely saying what Steve Jobs would say as a satire on the guy I replied to. I honestly think it is a great idea but think it should run OS X an not iOS That and support certain iPad apps that facilitate drawing through the use of a touchscreen. If that is the case then artists, editors, and music and video editors would love it. I would buy it if it ran OS X and was less than a 1000 bucks.

  • Ken B.

    How about, no.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    How Apple would advertise it, “The biggest thing to happen to iPad since the iPad, literally the biggest thing!”

    • Eric Dunn

      They cannot make it. Samsung already copied it and called it the Galaxy Maxi Tab. It looks exactly like the iPad and already has already filed a ghost lawsuit against Apple claiming that Apple stole 289 patents pertaining to the Maxi Tab design. By the way, the new Maxi Tab has Face Time.

  • Dylfo

    It looks cool but I bet it costs 800 dollars or something ridiculous like that.

    • CaffeinePizza

      More. Will only come in 32GB+ Starting at $1099

  • Jared Steffen

    heck maybe its the new iphablet iphone plus ipad to compete with samsung 😉

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I would love it! But make it like a surface. iOS 7 like software, but all of the features of a computer. I NEED that!

    • Kurt

      Dual boot like the Samsung Ativ Q that boots in Windows 8 and Android with the S-pen and awesome screen, its a great device. This one could be too

  • Rick

    It would have to run iOS 7 and Mavericks. Probably get rid of the Mac Air. I’m not sure how they’d do it.

    • DevXav

      And windows over bootcamp…

  • Joseph

    These rumors are what’s making me hesitate to buy my first iPad (iPad 4th generation) in October. I plan on buying the 32GB refurbished, but should I wait for the iPad 5 which might have this larger screen and just get a 16GB for full price instead of waiting even longer for a refurb?

    I’m really not sure how I’d react to an iPad 5 being released with a larger screen and me being stuck with the smaller (granted, 10″ still isn’t that small) screen size. Any predictions on when Apple will announce the iPad 5? That announcement might be what makes me hesitate.

    • Rowan09

      It appears it might happen next month with the new iPhone releasing in probably November.

      • Joseph

        If it does happen then, I suppose what’s shown might be my deciding factor. Otherwise, I’ll probably go ahead and get an iPad 4. Thanks!

    • quitcherbichinn

      this is a RUMOR about a “possible maybe someday” kind of thing. this is NOT about the iPad 5. the iPad 5 will be the same size as the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4. by all means wait until November to buy this nonexistent rumormill pretend imaginary product.

      • Joseph

        Thanks for the info.

    • felixtaf

      I would say wait for iPad 5, if u like the iPad mini design. If u r ok with the present design, get the iPad 4 (Could save you a lot of money by october)…

      Btw 13″ is jus a rumor for now… No leaks or news abt this so far…

      16gb iPad 4 is 450$ and 32GB is 550$ New (eBay, if U r from US).

      • Joseph

        Thanks for the info about the 13″ screen. I’ve never really held an iPad Mini, but I’ve held an iPad 2. How is the iPad 2 or 3 in comparison to the iPad 4, in terms of holding it? How about the iPad Mini compared to holding a Nexus 7 2nd generation? I’ll probably jump for the iPad 4 regardless, and even if they release the iPad 5 with some ultra desirable feature (not fingerprint scanning, I can care less about that), some stores typically have a trade-in program where I can trade my iPad for money.

        A 16GB iPad 4 is $419 and $500 for the 32GB version. Apple replaces the shell, screen, battery, and most parts, especially ones that weren’t functional, so it might as well be brand new. If it isn’t good quality, then the 1 year of AppleCare is included for a reason. So I think I’ll stick with the refurbished ones.

      • felixtaf

        iPad 4 is typically the same iPad 3 with some internal upgrades and a lightning port. 3 &4 are same and heavier and thicker than iPad 2 (not much though). But you wont see the difference (Have experience).

        Nexus 7 (2) is a lil more comfortable for single hand use (I mean to hold) than iPad mini (never held both -but i have seen in reviews).

        One thing to notice that the tapered ends in iPad 2,3 & 4 may be (MAY BE) uncomfortable if u r holding it for long time without a case.

        As far refurbished Apple store products are concerned, they are better than a third party seller selling new products in ebay. So its a good choice (warranty).

        16 GB wont be enuf if u play games and watch videos in ur ipad. Games like NFS most wanted, Asphalt 7, FIFA 13, Dungeon Hunter 3 or 4, Infinity blade are big (nearly or more than a GB per game)..

      • Joseph

        Definitely. I have a lot of giant games synced to my account, so I’ll be going with the 32GB iPad 4. I’ve had a 32GB iPod Touch 4G, and I’ve almost never ran out of space.

  • felixtaf

    If this is true, it shud have a keyboard dock accessory…. Still not for me….

  • batongxue

    The screen looks much bigger than the Macbook Air.
    I guess the Air is 11-inch, not 13.

    • felixtaf

      11 and 13 inch air models are there…

  • Meatloaf

    This will compete with Wacom Cintiq. lol

  • LJ/Xandir

    I can see it, but they need to add a stand to it, and some USB, and HDMI ports…Then just let it run Mac OS X alongside iOS.Then build it with 4GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5, and then get rid of the 13″ MacBook Air, and the 15″ Non-Retina MacBook Pro, replace that 15″ with a 15″ MacBook Air, and keep the 11″ MacBook Air.

    Here’s How It’d look…
    7.9″ iPad Mini- Smallest, most affordable iPad!

    9.7″ iPad- The iPad that started it all!

    11″ MacBook Air for Schools, etc… The cheap mobile alternative!

    13″ iPad- The portability, and style of an iPad, with the power of a Mac!

    13.3″ MacBook Pro(RETINA)-The best 13″ Laptop ever… With ALL functionality of a Desktop

    15.4″ MacBook Pro(RETINA)- The best performance, and build in the category of any laptop!

    Well I think that’ll give people choice!

  • twited21

    When this lands you can all form an orderly que behind me
    This would be perfect for the working professional

  • Definitely not gonna even consider it if it’s just the iPad 4 after a rolling pin has been applied on it. Just like I never considered the iPhone 5.

    It’s gotta be running Mac OS X and be equipped with ports. If anything, they should just copy the beautiful design (http://bit ly/19iit29) into a slimmer form factor.

    • Kurt

      Copy the Ativ Q by Samsung which dual boots in windows 8 and Android. Apple can and will do this one day

      • That will be awesome! Dual boot Mac OSX and iOS…but then you’ll have root access to iOS when you boot into OSX, which Apple is currently too shy to grant.

  • Jay Kay

    12.9″ iPad will be a big fail

  • Carlos

    MaxiPad? lol yeah right.

    • Guest

      Lol, now there’s an app to turn your iPad into a diaper…

  • Carlos Leonard Gates

    do you remember the us pattent about a macbook with the keyboard transform? well is this one

    sorry for my english i speaks spanish

  • dialogueanalog

    ipad pro

  • Nadia Ekou


  • Ghost

    They should make iMac Surface instead a giant ipad which is useless but as an illuminati company always has a win win profits ^_^

  • Thomas Flores

    I would get it only if I could run Final Cut Pro full version and not some watered down version and it came with enough storage to acually work with. If not ill stick with my mini and just upgrade to retina when it comes out and run with a Mac book pro

  • Juan Miguel Sepulveda

    Same shit but bigger. What an iPad can do that my iPhone can’t? Why don’t Apple release a tablet with OS X already? Would be better.

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      That is true. iPad with OS X would kill the other tablets. Apple still needs to add true multitasking to iPad though.

  • Evan_Beezy

    11.9in would make more sense

  • asdlb4

    The iPad Maxi? C’mon… That’s like naming your kid Richard Trickle.

  • Albert

    a 12 inch iPad running iOS 7? no

    • John714


  • Felipe Lopez


  • John714

    i would buy!

  • Matt

    If I was apple, I would start the price at $500-1000 with 124GB of storage. Also, instead of iOS it runs OS X.

  • Dave Palermo

    Since Apple doesn’t have a touch screen laptop like Windows 8 based laptops, this would seem like a good idea.
    I would definitely buy a big ass ipad.
    But the whole Adobe flash video thing still turns me off.
    I understand Apple is turning away from using software in favor of apps, but Apple really needs to work with outside vendors to make their software work with their products.
    Just my 2 cents…..

  • David Robbins

    If this was released the prices for it probably start at £499 for the 16gb model, £579 for the 32gb, £659 for the 64gb and £739 for the 128gb.

  • David Robbins

    They should make the 12″ screen widescreen and move the lighting port to the side. Make it landscape orientated. Put the speakers at the sides not the bottom where the port is.