hot watch

If you’re still searching for proof that there’s a market for smartwatches, look no further than Kickstarter. We’ve seen a number of projects surface on the crowdsourced funding site—most of which went on to be successful—and today we have another one for you.

Meet the HOT Watch, by Dallas-based think tank PHTL. Now, don’t let the cheesy name fool you, this watch is packing a ton of features. It has all of the standard smartwatch stuff, like push notifications, as well as innovative stuff like ‘Hands on Talk’ technology…

First, let’s talk about the hardware. HOT Watch utilizes a SHARP 1.26-inch E-paper display, a Cortex M3 processor, and Bluetooth 4.0—all of which help it achieve 7-day standby (with call features disabled). It also has a 6-Axis accelerometer and a built-in gyroscope.

hot watch 2

And now for the features. Have you heard the expression ‘everything but the kitchen sink?’ It’s very applicable here. This thing has literally everything you could want in a smartwatch: pedometer, weather, stocks, calendar, GPS, speakerphone, and the list goes on.

There is one feature, though, that’s worth mentioning on its own: private calling. With HOT Watch’s patent-pending Hands on Talk technology, a user can make and receive private phone calls by simply raising their watch-hand to their ear and cupping their fingers.

Here, you really have to see it in action:

Again, the HOT Watch isn’t available yet. The developers have working prototypes and have taken to Kickstarter to raise money to begin production. If you’re interested, a pledge of just $129 or more gets you on the pre-order list. Full retail price will be $199.

The project has about 30 days left, and PHTL has already nearly doubled its goal of $150,000. So people obviously like the product. I would’ve probably picked a different name, and not tried to cram so many features in. But wow, that Hands on Talk tech is really cool.

It’ll be interesting to see what people think of this thing when it starts shipping in December.

What are your thoughts on the HOT Watch so far?

  • cpotter1122

    I like it alot but I know apple will blow every other one out of the water and will be very synchronized with the iPhone and so I would get the hot watch in an instant but I feel like I should hold off till we see what apple has to offer and then make the decision

    • cunotherside

      Also give you a BIG PRICE to synchronize with their already over pricing BANK ACCOUNT.

    • Mark

      True but the HOT people have the patent on it – so unless they do a deal with Apple.. Id be interested to see what apple could come up with?

  • Gurudas G

    Damn this watch has it all! Pretty impressive and I would get it


    Design looks old

    • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

      Looks a bit unfinished, but I believe they’re shipping machined versions of the same design.

  • cunotherside

    The thing with all this kickstater B.S. is that some of these designers have the money already to make or made the the thing.They just want to use kickstarter to get your money.Then they make promises they don’t keep for 1 excuse or another which is also B.S..You don’t see nothing for sometimes a year.They should just do the DAME THING and STOP BEGGING.This in one way or another GREED GREED GREED.

  • JL

    Very Cool Stuff.. I Would Buy It 🙂

  • Scott Shearon

    Awesome features that look pretty neat. I’m not crazy about the design of the watch itself. And the drawing a letter on your watch to unlock it or access certain areas could get old. But it looks promising. I’m just waiting for a watch with the ability to display color images. I know it would be a drain on the battery, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  • twited21

    It’s all very qvc shopping channel
    It kind of looks fake to me but that’s just my opinion

  • MarcPhilippeB

    this seriously looks really bad. I appreciate the guys hard work, but this watch will NEVER take off. the design is from yesterday, software looks like 20 years ago and it’s way too troublesome. I’d rather reach for my iPhone.

    There are way too many guys who want to live the dream of starting their own company but have no feel for good products and whats realisticly possible.

    • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

      Yeah, that’s true for many startups.. but these guys already have previous products in market. I guess we’ll see how it pans out! 🙂

  • Very impressive features, but personally still see no point in it when I can just get a sleek yet durable $30 case (like the Griffin Elan form) for my phone. Pulling my phone out of my pocket isn’t rocket science you know…

    Just like dumbed down tablets are a subpart of PCs, this SmartWatch is just a subpart of my SmartPhone. Until the SmartWatch does something useful that I don’t find in my SmartPhone OR it does everything my SmartPhone does and more, I can’t justify getting one…

  • Lagax

    Really? Still smartwatches with O-LED displays? Sony made one with color, apple had the iPod nano for years and they are still using black/white screens? Sorry, but that’s 20th Century! Really great watch, but nothing to say: ‘hey look at my cool new watch’. Apple will get this right.

  • Chindavon

    FUGLY Ui. E-ink? It is 2013 is it not?

  • BoardDWorld

    They Kreyos campaign on indiegogo looks more promising. It can be worn as a watch, a klip-on anywhere you like & around your neck. It also has tons of advancements over what’s currently available, gestures and voice control & bigger specs etc. Link will come if Admin allow it.

  • Gorgonphone

    i will not take seriously any smart watch that has a screen with less color and quality than the iphone5s retina screen…

  • Aaron

    I’m just glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the Pebble, I’d much rather have this watch.

  • junkmac18

    The HOT smart watch is the way to go. I’m so impressed with all the technology thats packed into it. Hands down, HOT watch is the best on the market!

  • FFF84

    iWatch and Samsung watch are comming soon.
    why should i buy this 10 months before
    I can just wait.

  • Martynet

    I really like one thing… Jamie 😉

    • Martynet

      I would buy it if Jamie comes with the watch 🙂

  • Aaron

    I’m excited about this watch and have been following their kickstarter. The owners of the company have been responding to the comments they are getting and have even made updates to the design based on feed back. Really cool company and now I’m even more excited to get one.

  • longagoinagalaxyfaraway

    Yeah, that logo was pretty stupid.. I think all the backers thought so as well.. because they’ve changed the logo; it looks much better. Way to listen to their backers.

  • Aaron

    The company has announced a patent ahead of apple and samsung for the their tech. Very impressed.