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Round five on the Wallpapers of the Week section and we are loving the submissions from our fan base. The response is excellent and we are happy to keep fulfilling the readers’ requests for more. Thanks to you, we will be keeping the section as long as we keep finding amazing wallpapers.

With the upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C, including the potential for a retina iPad mini, there may be big changes with the resolutions of our line up. Until then we will be providing two wallpapers for at least one device. Many of you ask, why not include all resolutions each week. The answer, many artists only create wallpapers for one device. However, whenever we happen to run across an excellent wallpaper with full resolutions, we are happy to include them.

This is one of those weeks. Thanks to @Frenchitouch, the line up includes a beautiful array of pastel colors with the unofficial Steve Job’s tribute logo. And for the full device thirsty readers, Frenchitouch provides all colors for iPhone 5, 4/S, iPad retina and desktop resolutions…


It is not often one finds a complete suite like the AppleStick collection we are presenting today. These simple and attractive pastel wallpapers are designed in blue, gray, green, purple, red, and yellow for iPhone, iPad and desktop. Because of the variety and device options, we are looking at 24 total wallpapers. To make things easy, a ZIP file is also posted. However, if you truly embrace the post-pc era, you will need to download each individual wallpaper on your device by tapping the desired color.

To see more goodies from @Frenchitouch, visit the Deviant Art gallery or bookmark the upcoming homepage.

AppleStick PreviewiPhone 5 (ZIP)

blue, gray, green, purple, red, yellow

iPhone 4/S (ZIP)

blue, gray, green, purple, red, yellow

iPad retina or mini (ZIP)

blue, gray, green, purple, red, yellow

Desktop (ZIP)

Includes blue, gray, green, purple, red, yellow (2563 x 1441)

Getting featured

Of course, the Wallpapers of the Week section would not be possible without talented digital artists. If you have a collection of excellent wallpapers or just one, please send it our way. That can include originally created digital images or excellent photographs. Please, send them to me via twitter @jim_gresham, or follow to keep up with the latest exchanges. If you prefer, embed your pictures in an email and send them to

Are you enjoying the wallpaper section? Any tips or leads?

  • Looks good. But I do not like this ones, On an iDevice I prefer to have something more unified : I hate to have a logo in the middle of the screen. And on the desktop, idk, it does not fit right withwhat a destop chould look like.
    BTW, I will prepare a set of wallpapers, I’m a graphic artist.

    • Rami Tabaa

      Can you share them with us when you finish them?

      • Yep, that’s what I planned to do.

      • Rami Tabaa

        Aha okay then thanks 😀

    • Jonathan

      Great! Excited to see them. 🙂

    • Agreed. Only on the lockscreens. I always have a unified wallpaper on my iPad but on my Nexus 4, I can have any wallpaper I want and still look nice.

  • Osama Muhammed

    its ugly, the shadow shadow is so 90’s and ugly.. not apple’s taste

  • Tobias9413

    Great wallpapers. Always enjoy them every week. You guys should think about adding cool panoramic wallpapers too though for ios7 everyone in a while. I’m tired of only having skylines. You guys can probably find some awesome panoramic wallpapers.

    • JimGresham

      Thanks for the suggestion. Until Apple releases the specifications on iOS panoramic images, we will not be featuring them. I assume, once iOS 7 is officially released with the next iPhone, we will have the information we need.

      Also, iOS 7 is still in dev beta. There is currently no need for us to publish images only a fraction of our readers can utilize.

      I’m certain we will post some, just after it is publicly useful.

  • abdullah575

    how to add them !???

  • Saria Hajjar

    this is so inspiring… i am proud to put this as my wallpaper

  • Evan Brown

    I hope this series expands with iOS 7. Panoramics and Live Wallpapers!

  • Adil Hussain

    Maybe we could just have the backgrounds without the Steve Jobs Apple logo? I kinda like that blue one

  • Andrew Roth

    Me and Tigger (on the i5 WP request thread) are working to make a set of wallpapers for every sports team in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. One of each style, for each device, for each team. Hopefully we’ll be featured once we’re done…

    • takenlife


      • Andrew Roth

        There will be one of each team for each style for each device.

    • Marnix Robyns

      nice maybe set a pattern and make it look like very small threads so it’s like a flag (verry verry small patern)

      • Andrew Roth

        A good idea, but as I already have more than 25% of them done I’ll have to wait on that one.

      • takenlife

        the laker one hopefully will be the best with HD picture in behind it! hopefully in different laker themes like white and yellow logo or purple and yellow logo or blue and white throw back!

  • MavenMike

    it’s definitely not up to Apple’s standard of wallpapers. “Not properly finished with the shadows effect.”

  • Wallpapers.. tsss you can have tons of em just look at Zedge . net and there is even an app for that, absolutly FREE

  • I already had that steve jobs head in the apple when he died this is so old.