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AT&T is at it again. Adding to its list of acquisitions, the company announced today that it will be purchasing regional carrier Long Lines Wireless. The telco has coverage throughout the midwest and owns some valuable spectrum licenses.

The news comes just a little over two weeks after AT&T announced it would be acquiring prepaid carrier Leap Wireless. And the company says the move is to help it improve its 3G and LTE network coverage in areas within Long Lines’ footprint…

From the letter LL is sending out to its subscribers posted by TeleGeography (via iClarified):

“Long Lines is committed to providing the best value and most reliable service in the industry and we are always looking at ways to improve the services we off. Today we announce that Long Lines has agreed to sell its wireless network assets and transfer its Long Lines Wireless subscribers to AT&T Mobility.

The transaction will give Long Lines Wireless subscribers access to high-quality wireless services access and access to AT&T’s award winning 4G LTE mobile network. We are excited about the opportunities for our subscribers to get better device choices and the latest 4G mobile technologies.”

Long Lines has been serving the Siouxland area since 1944. It offers both wireless and wired services, including high-speed Internet and TV. The carrier says that the buyout only involves its wireless assets, so it won’t affect its wired business.

AT&T expects the deal to close in late 2013 or early 2014. At which time, it will gain access to Long Lines’Β 700 MHz, PCS and AWS spectrum licenses, which will help it get LTE into a number of areas in Iowa, North/South Dakota and more.

  • Gus Me

    I’m sure there will be some upset Long Lines customers. This just continues to slow competition, and help them control those high prices.

    • George Alexander


  • Jacob S

    I feel sorry for Long Lines Customers. Hope they are ready to be ripped off! Oh btw, I am an AT&T Customer and being ripped off every month LMAO. Of course I know your next question; why am I with them if I feel ripped off right? Yeah, unfortunately they are the one and only dependable GSM network in USA. πŸ™

    • takenlife

      Not true, there are GSM MVNO’s mobile virtual network operators that leech off of other cellular companies such as at&t.

      Right now to stay cheap with smartphones is to stick to MVNO that provide cheaper data plans than at&t or verizon.

      I use redpocketmobile for my family. It is cheaper because it doesn’t stack fees upon fees and fees. It’s all prepaid. There are others as well, check mvno united states on wikipedia on google. you welcome.

      • Jacob S

        Thank you for the valuable information πŸ™‚ Have you ever heard of StraightTalk? They used to be an MVNO for AT&T and I was a StraightTalk customer for more than a year. I took a dip to T-Mobile SimpleTalk plan and found T-Mobile sucks in terms of coverage, but when I wanted to get back to ST, I realized that AT&T ripped off the contract with ST as their MVNO and ST no more accepting new customers on AT&T network. πŸ™

        Other MVNOS you are mentioning is regional and not available in all areas. Redpocket is available in my area, but I don’t see any cheap plan as their 2GB data with Unlimited everything else is $60 plus tax where it was $45 with StraightTalk. Having 3 Lines and paying $180+tax a month has no significant difference than paying $190+tax a month being a postpaid customer.

        Ever heard of AIOWireless? It is an AT&T promoted MVNO emerged right after AT&T ended ST contract, but as like others, they are limited to certain regions. Well its time for you to google πŸ˜›

      • takenlife

        Dam comment got messed up and didn’t post one sec.

        Yes I did use straight talk when I had the chance and also with at&t. I was not able to keep up 45$ as it cost too much to have communication per month. I think it should be much cheaper in the future. Looking forward to it and keeping optimistic. I have redpocket for the family with a 30(unlimited talk and text) 30 40(unlimited talk and text with unlimited international*) plan which is very very good compared to at&t which goes up to 134$ excluding future taxes and made up charges from corporate america.

        Here are some good mvnos ranked this year from howardforums somewhere in google. Though this list is NOT IN ORDER:

        RedPocket mobile
        Net10 (via amazon for sim)

        these are good mvnos based off of at&t’s network. Changes are to occur at anytime.

        I would not puppy up to AIOwireless or verizon’s prepaid brand, because I don’t trust them as a lot of people do not like at&t or verizon.

        P.S. I like prepaid brands because most of them don’t have activation fee (at&t’s ridiculous 35$-45$ fee)