A new set of photos hit the web this morning, showing a number of boxes with the label ‘iPhone 5C’ on the side. Our first instinct is, of course, that these boxes belong to one of the many iPhone clones circulating about Asia. But on the off chance that there’s more to it than that, we’ve posted them.

The images come courtesy of Nowhereelse.fr, who has posted accurate photos of leaked parts in the past, and their theory on them is actually quite interesting. The site suggests that it’s possible that these plastic boxes are the packaging for Apple’s rumored budget iPhone, expected to debut this fall…


So what would the ‘C’ stand for? How about Color? After all, the plastic shells we’ve been seeing over the past several weeks, that allegedly belong to Apple’s budget iPhone, have come in a variety of colors. And that actually brings up a good question, what would Apple call its lower-end handset?

The ‘iPhone lite’ has been tossed around a bit, as has the ‘iPhone mini.’ But if you ask me, those names carry a fairly negative connotation. So how do you pitch a less expensive handset alongside your flagship phone without making it sound like a lesser-buy? How about referring to it as the Color edition?

Budget iPhone (NowhereElse 001, blue)

If we pretend that’s their plan for a moment, things get kind of interesting. Imagine Apple selling its flagship handset—the 5S or whatever it is—in black only, or black and white only, with more features. And then it sells its less expensive phone in various colors, with less features. iPod touch-iPod nano.

Once you stop pretending, though, it’s real easy to be skeptical. This thing has Chinese clone written all over it. Apple’s never made a plastic iPhone box before, and it’s never added the letter ‘C’ to a handset model before. Then again, it’s never made a new handset and charged less than $500 before either.

But it certainly looks like it’s going to this year. We’ve been hearing consistent reports for 6 months that Apple is working on a plastic phone with a price tag around $300. It’s believed to be going into production this month ahead of a fall debut alongside the iPhone 5S and several other product refreshes.

  • M Last

    these packaging cheaper than paper box?
    I confused 🙁

    • BoardDWorld

      Exactly what was thinking, More so that they’re not environmentally friendly either which Apple isn’t keen on.

  • Alvn D. Gzmn

    I think the “C” stands for “consumer” or “customer”

    • Guest


      • ℤ̵̪͊α̵̢͆ḉ̴̢̒Ħ̸͕̒α̸̺̌ḉ̵̭̆к̶̫͠

        I think c = color

      • platinumemerold


      • anynomous

        China. lol

    • jobcoombz

      As in Tim cook

      • Aaron Wright

        or Cock, cause he’s gay.

      • Taf Khan

        HAHA… That comment made me laugh.

        Now we know what the “G” in the update handsets stands for.

    • Jimothy

      I think it stands for combustion! Whooooosssshhh! Just kidding. Honestly, I really hope that these phones never exist. Think about it. The second they do, your iPhone goes down in price more than if the released the 5S. As of now, the iPhone’s price makes it something of a luxury item. Not as many people have them because they are expensive. Now release a model everyone can afford. Everyone would automatically assume you have this low-end iPhone. The other iPhones on eBay and such would have to go down to be able to be sold (why buy a used iPhone for $350 when you can buy a new one for $300?)

      • Ernie Marin

        actually like the ipod 5 this iphone will be very downgraded in terms of hardware, as it stands right now it should be the 4″ of the iphone 5, but the same hardware of the 3gs, so I don’t think the prices will be affected that much, in fact Apple will probably use this iphone to sort of give a test drive to people who can’t afford a full iphone to see what they are missing and make them consider getting an iphone 5 or a 5s when it’s out.

    • Question


  • omrishtam

    C=Cheap ? 0.0 sounds wierd lol

    • Yunsar


  • Mike Westra

    I think it would be cheapass!

  • Guest

    Lol, iPhone 5 C for cheap 😀

  • Tanju Mrt

    So the C stands for Cheap ? 😀

  • hkgsulphate

    iPhone 5P, plastic

  • RarestName

    C = Clone

    • Aaron Wright

      I could see this since those Chinese like to sell knock offs.

  • Blaine Sieck

    its the iPhone 5….C = color, or cheaper, or consumer

  • Cee Ess

    I’m with the C = Color. Sounds like the most likely – I’ll still be buying the regular 5S though, leave the plastic phones to Samsung!

    • Scott

      While I agree, and I will probably stick with the premium line of iPhones, it might not be so bad for families where they have more than one. It could save them some money while still getting what they are looking for. I might even go that route depending on the differences between the lower model and the more more expensive model. While I wanted the iPad mini for the smaller form factor since it fits in my cargo pockets of my pants and shorts I also will probably stick with it as well since it is cheaper than the full size and easier on the wallet. My mini does what I need it to do and really the only thing it is missing is the retina screen and the RAM to handle it.

      With that said, I am surprised that apple doesn’t just keep going with selling the older models at a lower cost than coming up with a whole new model to sell cheaper.

  • Mr.Ocean

    This extremely rounded packaging doesn’t make sense. Apple was always about smaller, and more efficient packaging – notice how the iPhones packaging size decreased compared to the 2G (classic) model.

    • Ernie Marin

      Smaller and efficient means more work and investment, this is supposed to be cheap and fast development, and don’t be surprised if they ship with the old earpods.

  • batongxue

    Now the Chinese are blamed for everything?
    Show some respect!

  • Leonardo Diaz

    There is no info on the bottom or product details……

  • Marnix Robyns

    dietphone :p

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    What happened to Quadrupling down on security ?

    • Tristan

      Nothing. Timmy said he’ll double down but not quadruple down.

      • Guest

        You don’t say..

  • Biken Dangol

    C for cheap.
    If it exceeds more than $300+. It won’t make much of impact.Even 300 is pricey compare to cheap android,which is basically like shit but who the hell cares in anyhow it’s a smart phone.
    It should be $275 to $250. It product will be bombshell in India and brazil.

    • Misti curia

      Ever heard of the nexus 4?

      • Biken Dangol

        Nah! Seriously,I haven’t. I know their is Nexus but Nexus 1or 4. I really don’t have idea nor i follow those news.

      • Misti curia

        Well its an ultra cheap android phone $300 unlocked but still one of the best androids due to Google almost making no profit on sales

      • Biken Dangol

        Oh ! Feasible thing to do is to buy stuff in amazon/ebay. Recently I brought 4s which is locked at 275$ and can easily be unlock. That’s cheap,isn’t it ? Everything works like a charm.I can really unlock it. People should use that kind of Thing. Anyhow, iPhone 5c will be a big hit!

  • seyss

    if you know anything about apple you know they won’t call it cheap. it’ll probably be “more affordable” or “more accessible”

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I’m calling bullshit on this

  • Winor

    iPhone 5 Colors

  • Ted Forbes

    iPhone 5C! I don’t know about that.

  • Andrew Roth

    S – Software
    C – Cheap

    • Aaron Wright

      S = Speed.

      • Misti curia

        S= Siri

      • Andrew Roth

        Some say that S on 3GS = Speed and on 4S = Siri. But in both cases, no changes to the hardware, just software. There’s no official meaning.

      • Niclas

        You sir, are an idiot.
        The hardware changed in both cases.

      • Andrew Roth

        Really? It seems to me like it wasn’t until the four it got a major hardware remake! Oh wait… it was. Well maybe it was the 4S not the 5 that got a bigger screen and new design… no, wait, it was the 5. So it seems to me like you’re the one who has no clue what you’re talking about!

      • Niclas

        You really have no idea huh?
        Same design doesn’t mean same hardware.
        3gs: http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/N88ap
        4s: http://theiphonewiki.com/wiki/N94ap

        There’s even more to it than that, eg. the glass on the 4s etc.

        Please don’t answer this, I dont wanna waste more time.

  • Idonotcare

    ACTUALLY IDIOTS! C could stand for creative, charismatic, charming, cool even. All things you are not. Next you will all shout Apple Fan or Isheep or something original like that. I mean if your going to be stupid why not put some effort in to it at last. Plus for all of you who are Android fans, your just as guilty at being blurting sheep. Now for the article, If and I mean IF these photos are genuine then so what? so what if there was to be a cheap Iphone, all you Apple haters have always moaned and b**ched about how Apple over charge for their stuff such as the Iphone then when(if) they make one as it seems there are about to you then moan and b**ch about it! Come on be consistent at least for f**ks sake.
    Personally I do not see it myself but then as i state, who gives a flying f**king s**t about the f**king, s**ting, b**tard, bl**dy, ar**ng, w**king name!!!

    • Stefano

      You need a therapist.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Exactly. The only consistency in the above message is the ridiculous amount of stars used throughout the entire message.
        Although he was trying to make a somewhat good point, the lack of lexic and vocabulary made me disapprove it. 🙂

    • Aaron Wright

      or Cock.

    • SkyFall

      Have you ever considered going to therapy sessions? I bet Apple would never say if the above (photos and rumors are true) that the iPhone 5c is creative, charismatic, charming, cool cause the “premium” iPhone is all that.

    • anynomous

      u mad bro? get a life

  • Karl Sullivan

    Everything about this “cheap” iPhone seems wrong. Not only those latest images of the packaging but the handset backs themselves and adding the “C” to the title is very suspect. The phone backs look cheap! Would apple release something that was this bad plus if you put a “C” After iPhone some will say that it’s the IPhone “Cr*p”. So a cr*p iPhone in cheap plastic. Does it sound like Apple? Really?

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Well, not exactly, as that is just a wild guess and an assumption that only apply to YOUR perception only.
      For what it’s worth, following the same logic, the ‘S’ could also stand for ‘Sh*t’.
      In any case, truly I don’t care the C or the S or even the packaging rather its content.
      In the end, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, period.

      • Karl Sullivan

        Agree in essence with what you say but can anyone look at the supposed back of the new iPhone and say quality. Hopefully these wont be real but love the speculation before a new handset release.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        Keep in mind previous versions of the iPhone like the 3Gs were made of hard plastic too, and back then they were still top-notch.
        Just give it time, I don’t see the point in investing time on rumors, time will tell and once again it will confirm that from a hardware perspective, Apple will still introduce a product made the right way for anyone interested. 🙂

  • T S P K Sainath

    Guess c = colour

  • Elxlr

    “C” stands for, “C”hinese got you again! Don’t believe!

  • n0ahcruz3

    Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave. Lol RIP

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iPhone 5$ and iPhone 5¢

    • Misti curia


  • batongxue


    = =

    = =!


  • belumira

    iPhone Cheap

  • iPhone 5 China?

  • rosssimpson

    The iPhone Cheap

  • noemanciax

    i bet this iphone 5c doesnt have retina display

  • ConduciveMammal

    You can’t really say its perhaps fake simply because Apple has never added a C on the name before, because before the iPhone 3GS, Apple had never added an S to the name. Without insider knowledge, there’s no telling what their new naming conventions will be. Especially since the massive confusion behind the naming of The New iPad aka the iPad 3

  • Victor Hugo Benin

    If this shit is real apple is destroying their brand names again…. a shit storm that started with iphone 4s, the fifth iphone….

  • SkyFall

    It might mean Consumer/Customer and Color and probably Competitive maybe ( Cause it will be probably aimed at ppl who can’t afford iPhone or want to have an iPhone but not the “Premium” one) but I don’t think that the C will mean Cheap cause it doesn’t sound good. but if a budget iPhone launches I think it will be called iPhone Lite.

  • @dongiuj

    “Chinese clone written all over it”?
    And what will you say if it really is Apple’s new budget iphone? “Oh, what a master piece”?

  • SkyFall

    It might not be an Apple product though cause everyone knows that Apple is making premium hardware and even if they want to make a cheaper device like let’s say the 16GB iPod Touch they sacrifice features over quality. Also how can plastic boxes be cheaper that Paper boxes. It might be a Chinese Clone of the iPhone 5 but we don’t know.