Best Buy is set to bring back its iPad trade-in program today, according to a new report. The retailer debuted the program earlier this month as part of a two-day promotion, which allowed iPad owners to trade-in their devices for late generation models.

The deal is very much the same this time around, with Best Buy offering iPad 2 and 3 owners gift cards for their tablets, starting at $200, to be used towards the purchase of a fourth gen. We’ve posted the leaked internal employee memo after the fold…

Here’s the memo posted by 9to5Mac:

ipad trade in memo

The site notes that the move is a part of the retailer’s campaign to close out the fiscal quarter strong—it’s also been offering $50 gift cards with iPad purchases this month. The promo will run through August 3, and all non-damaged iPad 2 and 3 models apply.

As usual, it’s worth noting here that Apple is widely expected to be on the verge of launching a new version of its iPad. The tablet, which is said to feature an all-new, thinner design, will likely debut sometime in the next few months alongside the iPhone 5S.

  • Same old trade-in ripoff program; you’ll make significantly more by selling it on kijiji

  • Louis Cameron

    This is a joke. They should just come out and promote it the way that it’s run. $200 for an iPad 2, no matter what capacity, if you have the original accessories and / or box or not. $220 for an iPad 3, same situation.

    I went in with an iPad 2, 32GB complete with original accessories and box and they were going to give me $200. The woman next to me had an iPad 2, 16GB, no box, charger, or anything… she got $200 too. Crazy! I said “no thank you” went home, listed it on CL and sold it for $275 within two days.

    • Gorgonphone

      soo true.. i keep all my idevices like new in box will all accessories and i expect at least 3/4s of what i payed when i sell.

  • Muhammad

    My get $200 but the cheapest 4th Gen is $499 and is probably on 6.1.3 which is not jail breakable
    I’ll keep my jail broken iPad 2

  • Gorgonphone

    lol raw deal… i always sell my old ipads fro $350 just before the new one comes out then ji add $150 and get the latest and greatest once the jailbreak is ready…lol