Apple patent (on-hold media sharing, drawing 003)

The experience of being on hold is ubiquitous. Sometimes the wait is accompanied by music, sometimes by ads, and other times just silence. Wouldn’t it be better to flip through photos from the recipient or listen to tunes you actually like? Apple thinks so.

That’s the idea behind a patent granted the iPhone maker Tuesday, replacing the standard on-hold message with content you’d like to share with people who call you at a busy time…

The 2011 filing describes sending a menu to the caller on hold, giving them options on what they’d like to do until you can come to the phone.

For instance, they could pick your latest vacation photos, or maybe a playlist of music, or even scan your calendar for a better time (don’t worry, your neighbor can’t skim through your latest tax returns while he’s on hold).

Apple patent (on-hold media sharing, drawing 001)

As is Apple’s fashion, there are personalized tweaks.

You can give family members access to items that otherwise you want to keep under wraps. It’s doubtful this sort of customized on-hold message will appear any time soon.

There are the security concerns about someone finding a way into your private documents. As well, since the sharing happens on your cellular dime, there could be a cost factor needing resolving.

Apple patent (on-hold media sharing, drawing 002)

However, does anyone want to sit on-hold for long, no matter how entertaining the wait?

The patent presupposes that I cannot put down my phone and call back when the line is free. Although I can imagine carriers would love to see their iPhone customers eating through their data allowance simply waiting.

  • Julian Gigola

    This is awesome! Apple = The Most Innovative Company

  • Dontwannaknow

    Great feature. Hope it comes in iOS 7.

  • Tyler

    pretty nifty

  • This is Visual On-Hold…

  • Curtis Morales

    if this is not in iOS 7 i will be super salty!!! i have the beta 3 and right now it is certainly living up to its potential so far!!!

  • Amad

    Good move apple but i guess your caller has to have a iphone too right?

    • Aaron de Silva

      Unless apple plans to actually take the call and play music through the call when it’s on “hold”

  • Aaron de Silva

    Why not let callers here a customized message when on hold?

    • Falk M.

      That’s something you’d set up with your carrier afaik.

  • rosssimpson

    This is fantastic! I love it 🙂

  • Kartik Dhawan

    Love <3 Apple <3

  • EnderBr0

    dang thats a cool featurehpoe that comes in ios 7 which i already have beta 3

  • Gorgonphone


  • Humble old school tip: press and hold the mute key to put the call on hold.