OS X Mavericks (logo, full size)

Apple has seeded the 4th developer preview of OS X Mavericks, and it’s available for download right now. The download, which comes in at about 1.27GB for users of OS X Mavericks DP 3, can be found via the Mac App Store app. For those of you not yet running OS X Mavericks, the download would normally be available through the Mac Dev Center, but it’s been down as a part of a well publicized security breach.

OS XMavericks DP 4 Download

As you can see, I’m still in the midst of downloading the update, but I’ll be sure to report back with new screenshots and updates upon its completion.

Here is the new setup screen:

OS X Mavericks DP4 Setup

New iMessage sign-in:

OS X Mavericks iMessage Sign in

  • Modest

    I believe Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8) aired on July 26, 2012, so I’m wondering… When is Mavericks (10.9) gonna air?

    • headd29

      It doesn’t necessarily have to come out exactly 365 days after the previous version. Nothing from Apple ever has. And speaking about mac os x, it could as well come out next year. Before mac os x lion 10.7 it used to be like that.

      • Modest

        I know, this is why I’m writing “I’m wondering…”.

      • Anthony Antunez

        Apple says this fall and after testing the beta myself, i’d say its pretty much almost complete. One or two more betas should do and then its up to developers to update their apps. I wouldn’t be surprised if its released during the usual Apple fall event.

    • franco4785

      “OS X Mavericks
      The next big release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. Coming this fall.”

      “Google: When does fall start?
      A: Sunday, September 22.”

      Around or after then my friend! Haha

      • JT

        “Most advanced”

  • AlphaPoppy

    Now I’m just waiting for Beta 4 of iOS 7.

    • Maxim∑

      because of that “security researcher” exposing peoples data Apple probably delayed it. It was supposed to come out today at 1pm EST.

      • AlphaPoppy

        Yeah I know. Hopefully it’ll come out later this week.

  • David Gitman

    OMG meaning ios 7 beta in the next hour?!

    • Tanju Mrt

      LOL. What does OS X have to do with iOS ? Why would they be getting updates at the same time ?

      • David Gitman

        well, i did noticed when they seeding ios they seeding os almost at the same time ..

  • Guest

    LOL. What does OS X have to do with iOS ? Why would they be getting updates at the same time.

  • seyss


    • Nuno

      “As you can see, I’m still in the midst of downloading the update, but I’ll be sure to report back with new screenshots and updates upon its completion.”

      • seyss

        that was hours ago. his ETA was 11 minutes 😉

      • Nuno

        When they see the changes they post them 🙂

  • im really hoping that osx mavericks comes out soon. i really like the new stuff.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    So..does this mean that iOS 7 beta 4 will be out soon then?

    • Filip Juncu

      It doesn’t have nothing to do with iOS beta 4.

  • headd29

    Please tell me there’s finally ibooks.

    • Jamie Tilden

      There isn’t 🙁

      • Cesar D

        To everybody:

        iBooks will be in the app store for everyone when apple wants.

        iBooks is a market so, why restrict a market just for one Operating System?

      • Jamie Tilden

        I think you’re partially right. It will come standard with OS X Mavericks and, thus, it’s not unreasonable to assume it’ll be featured in a beta preview. When Mavericks releases, though, it’ll likely be released as a public app in the Mac App Store.

      • Cesar D

        Yes it is, there were no beta for iPhone iBooks.
        It is just a single appstore app, like pages.

        And the app could be so shiny and simple and there will not be so many bugs like an “operating system”, why test an app? If we’re not testing in beta 4 with all the other apps means tha we will not test in the future.

      • headd29

        Ibooks was introduced with the ipad 1 in early 2010, running ios 3.2. No one knew about the ipad or this ios version until the final version was released. That’s why there wasn’t a beta for it.
        When ios 4 came out and they announced ibooks on it, it wasn’t available until the end because the iphone is a closed platform, kinda like newsstand on ios 5 not being available until the final version.
        For this reason, and because now ibooks is pretty developed elsewhere, it’s possible that apple makes a beta version of the ibooks app that you can download from the dev center (like the developer preview version of xcode) and then make the final version available on the mac app store.

      • Dick

        …And mac os x mavericks DP5 has ibooks. YEAH!

  • Joel Bean

    Won’t finish initial startup. Never makes it to desktop.

  • Rohit Gupta

    The astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) 2013 begins on
    Sunday, September 22and ends on
    Friday, December 20