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The somewhat reliable Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes yesterday changed course to say a second-generation Retina iPad mini upgrade is in fact launching this Fall, contrary to previous reports by Economic Daily News and NPD DisplaySearch, which called for a 2014 launch.

And in another sign of production ramp-up, DigiTimes reports that Apple’s touch panel suppler TPK is expecting its third-quarter performance to improve due to significant One Glass Solution (OGS) touch panel orders from Apple…

According to DigiTimes:

TPK expects shipments for the technology to increase throughout August and September as Apple gears up to launch its next-generation iPad, the sources said.

As Apple is one of TPK’s largest customers, TPK’s revenue in June dropped by 40 percent because the iPhone maker adjusted its reserves throughout the previous quarter, DigiTimes explains.

TPK is hoping to receive iPad mini lamination orders as well. It’s also interesting that the supplier has reportedly slashed pricing for its touch panels “in order to land more orders from Apple amid increasing competition in the touch panel industry”.

OGS monolithic touch technology offers significant cost savings compared to the traditional G/G-type touch panels while not changing the LCD panel process. It’s also more mature than the in-cell display process featured on the iPhone 5.

Apple’s current 9.7-inch iPad uses a G/G touch screen structure. DigiTimes in January said Apple was testing Retina panels for the next iPad mini based on OGS technology.

In addition to the Retina iPad mini upgrade, this Fall should bring out a fifth-generation iPad with iPad mini style design, skinnier side bezels and likely a CPU bump.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    So I am confused. If we combine the rumors and what we know so far, will the next iPad mini have retina display or not? And when will it be released? With the iPad 5? or after?

    • Allen Greathouse

      No it wont have retina, BUT it might have a display in a higher resolution then retina but apple would not make another screen resolution size because It would be too much for developers.

      • Kurt

        You said it will have a higher resolution but not the same as iPad 3/4 but Apple will not do that. So which do you believe?? I think it will be doubled, just like the iPad 3 and 4. So it will have a higher ppi which is needed.

      • Allen Greathouse

        Okay I will explain it to you

        The Ipad Retina has a display of: 2,048 by 1,536 at 264ppi

        The Ipad non retina a display of: 1024 × 768 at 132ppi

        The ipad mini has a display of: 1,024×768 at 163 ppi

        As you can see the ipad mini has the same amount of pixels as the non retina, but the mini has a higher screen density but that density is still not at the “retina” level.

        This would be the stats of a retina ipad mini:

        retina ipad mini: 264ppi(around 350ppi)

        This is also likely because they have done it before notice the ipad mini and non retina mini have the same amount of px but at a higher density.

        BAM I called it first just so you all know.

      • Yunsar

        Higher than retina will still be retina

    • LAtest checks indicate that a Retina iPad mini upgrade is on its way, with a 2,048-by-1,536 pixel screen (like iPad 3 and 4).

      • Mohammed Sahib


      • Allen Greathouse

        CHRISTIAN I SAID THAT A YEAR AGO! ———____———*

  • Gorgonphone

    oh great ..

  • Maxim∑