A pair of photos have surfaced this morning, allegedly showing the plastic shell of Apple’s rumored budget iPhone. The Cupertino company has long been said to be working on a lower-cost handset to help it make inroads into emerging markets like China and India.

The two images come from Nowhereelse.fr, who has shared accurate photos of leaked Apple components in the past. And while the site acknowledges that it’s possible the part could simply belong to a Chinese clone, it does match up with several previous reports…

Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 001)concept by Martin Hajek

In fact, a number of the shell’s features are consistent with past claims surrounding the low-end iPhone, including its round rear microphone hole and its rounded edges. It’s also an odd green color, which matches up with reports that it’ll come in an array of new colors.

Back in January, iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz cited ‘reliable sources’ in a detailed report of the handset. He claimed that it would be “substantially made from plastic,” with metal accents, and look like a cross between the iPhone 5, the fifth-gen iPod touch, and the iPod classic.

“Apple’s budget housing looks closest to the iPod classic in shape, though not in materials. Unlike the plastic iPhone 3G/3GS, which featured soft curves on all sides, the budget iPhone’s curves start and end at flat surfaces, so each side and the back are flat. This seems like a trivial change, until you realize that it allows Apple to use flat rather than curve-matched parts: the right side has a flat, centered SIM card tray just like the iPhone 5’s, while all of the buttons and ports are on flat rather than curved surfaces. A flat-backed iPhone won’t rock on a flat surface when it vibrates, either.”

Horwitz has accurately predicted details of Apple products ahead of their announcements in the past, and a number of credible news outlets, including Reuters and Bloomberg, have since corroborated the report with their own independent sources. So it does hold some weight.

As far as the device’s price tag, we keep hearing that it’s going to fall somewhere in the $300 price range, and it won’t be as low-cost as other low-end smartphones. Two weeks ago, Pegatron’s CEO T.H. Tung reiterated that fact, saying he wouldn’t describe the device as ‘cheap.’

When will we see the handset? According to supply chain chatter, the phone is said to be going into mass production next month, ahead of a fall launch. The consensus seems to be that if there is a budget iPhone, it’ll land in September alongside the 5S and other device refreshes.

What do you make of all of this?

Update: as noted by MacRumors, two more images of alleged budget iPhone shells have surfaced. This time, there’s red and yellow shells in addition to green.



  • Boss

    if it costs more than $350 than it ain’t budget

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Compared to the $500 iPhone it is

      • Gorgonphone

        Um thats not enough of a price difference

      • It is, in the greedy Apple world, hence why you barely see any price difference when their devices go on sale….

      • the iphone isn’t $500, it’s a lot more

      • Daniel

        In my country, iPhone is $990. And the budget one is gonna be like $490.

      • Dominik Odobašić

        Something being budget depends on those who are buying, not what’s more expensive!

      • Mohammed Sahib

        You mean $650 un-subsidized?

      • genXhippie

        It is not being compared to the iPhone 5, even if it was that price does make it a “real” budget phone imo.

  • Linton Findlay

    Why does budget get colour? Id rather them save colour for a premium phones

    • steve00000

      i was thinking the same especially the red for girls as i know many girls that’d buy that over the normal white/black just as it’s red…

    • Boss

      personally I think colored iPhone looks childish I don’t know why a business man would turn up to a serious meeting with a toy looking iphone

      • Ricky

        Business man will buy the white or black they still can choose but the coloured is for people who wants colours

      • Boss

        They never made colored iPod classic only the cheaper ones for kids / teenagers

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        and? Apple dont do things for businessmen…thats BlackBerry’s thing

      • Alejandro M. Marez

        They did make a colorized iPod classic you silly Sally. It was red and black, sold it as a U2 edition iPod. Look it up jéfe

      • I don’t think a businessman would ever buy a budget iPhone.. I wouldn’t

    • Gorgonphone

      Apple does not have good leadership now so theor decisions are all over the place

  • Andyxyoona

    Apple might be pushing out Variant iPhone Versions. But, that doesn’t mean its budget. Like feature-wise. Might have different screen size, different Camera Specs, Different Stuff. But, that still doesn’t mean it gonna be budget

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Clearly a fake.

    • how is it clear? do you work for Apple?

      • dan

        cz the red one has ios 6

      • John Sklikas

        Did you even read the sub-note? “concept by Martin Hajek”! The top is the leaked photo, the red is a concept.

      • the red one is not only a concept, but a concept that has been posted in at least 50 iDB articles

      • Saif Khalaileh

        that’s because the red one has been leaked before the wwdc … you idiot

      • no it hadn’t, it’s not a leak.. it’s a concept

      • Kurt

        Some people can’t read well. Or…? What the what?

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        No. Neither do you.

      • I don’t recall saying I did, if you click my profile you’d see I own my own business, just saying, nothing regarding Apple rumours is “clear”.

        You “clearly” don’t know what you’re talking about

      • Kurt

        Trying to start a fight/argument is being a troll…and I didn’t even have to look that up. Looks like I “clearly” do know what I’m talking about.

        Btw, I agree it’s not from Apple. Where’s the FCC and other writing underneath the word “iPhone”…What do you think?

      • a troll is writing/saying something in the hope that it results in a rise out of the person on the receiving end.

        An argumentative person isn’t a troll, arguing isn’t trolling, how can you confuse the two? Trolling would be me making a derogatory comment toward Android users in the hope that it gets responses from them.

        I don’t think it’s real because it’s far too narrow, not because of the lack of copyright/serial number content.

        A lot of early shell prototypes lack the serial information on the case

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        you are definitely troll….dumb one….because you dont even now what troll is 😀

      • Kurt

        Trying to start an argument is absolutely a troll. How can you not see that? Trying to fight and argue with someone is, “writing/saying something in the hope that it results in a rise out of the person on the receiving end.”

        wow you are dense for telling me that trying to start a fight is not being a troll. just wow

      • Bottom line, the person I responded to was wrong, and now you’ve started a debate about trolling, which doesn’t relate to the original comment at all.

        You called me a troll, I’m not, unless you’re trolling (probably are).

      • Kurt

        Haha +1 for the clever response to a troll.

      • I suggest you go search what a troll is, correcting someone != trolling someone

    • Taf Khan

      Agree… No double flash on the back. Colour is also very bad choice.

      • Kurt

        Very ugly green (for a phone) It looks as if it’s glow in the dark. And if it is, well some kids will like it. If you can get the right color (hue, value, chroma wise) then a color can be awesome. The HTC One in red is insanely beautiful. Here we can buy housing for the iphones and some of the colors are really nice. Other’s don’t nail the color right. But I suspect Apple will get it right. Look how they delayed the white iphone 4 in so to nail the correct white!

        I don’t think its from Apple. Look underneath the “iPhone” there is no typical writing you get from Apple.

    • Kurt

      Could very well be from a 3rd party manufacturer as their is no writing underneath the “iPhone”. Am I right, or am I right?

  • jocastro


  • ɑղժɾҽա

    I’mg guessing it’s going to be real because all the other leaks have been true.

  • jocastro

    It’s fake because clearly all iPhone just don’t say iPhone on the back.. There always more on the bottom.

    • it’s a pre-production prototype shell…

      • jocastro

        Seriously, if it were a prototype, why would the person holding it wear shorts lol… It makes no sense lol,

      • do you seriously need to ask that? why are things like this even leaked?

  • Mohammed Sahib

    This vibrant green reminds me of something. Oh yes..iOS 7. The colour matches the phone, messages, and facetime icons.

    • Bobby


  • Looks very small in the handpalm… maybe three icon rows instead of four (like the app structure of mapping)? Don’t know but if the color looks like this i really hope it is a fake!

    • Lordthree

      Look at the woman’s knuckle and finger nail. This is the same screen size as iPhone 5

      • Maybe you’re about that.

        Furthermore i miss the text beneath iPhone (backside)… Or is it because it’s pre a production shell?

      • nah this is definitely narrower than the 5

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        its probably just a guy with long nails

  • Chris Chaffin

    Looks good

  • Taf Khan

    Even the color looks cheap..

  • Kenny Woodard

    Idc how ” budget ” it is.. It should still have great features that keep it ahead of the pack. Why not spend another 150$ on something that looks like it was made in 2013 and not that look-alike of a taller iphone 3G.. If you’re gonna go cheap Apple, at least give people a reason to want it. Who wants to show off their crap iphone? ” Hey man look at my new phone! It doesn’t have dual flash or any new features or even a decent casing, but at least it was a little cheaper! “

  • Kenny Woodard

    Does it even have the lightning port? Looks more like the 30-pin.

    • jocastro

      Yeah good point lol..

  • Rockwell mellow

    Doesn’t it only cost apple $250 or something to produce I phones? So instead of just making a cheaper one they could just reduce there profit margines alot

  • treasuretime

    apple wont use plastics

  • dhexx

    probobly just an iphone 5s

  • 3aloo1

    It will be better to make the case have little more quality because its looking like a toy

    • Gorgonphone

      Yeah they are aiming this at android users who are accustomes to cheap looking and feeling phone hardware

  • Kurt

    Glow in the dark? Well kiddies will like it.

  • inf3rn0

    IMHO, I really don’t understand the concept of a budget phone. Even if they make it ridiculously cheap, there’s always that phone that cost 0$ with contract (iPhone 4 at the moment). What I imagine is that Apple bumps of the storage specs of the iPhone. Instead of a default 16, we get options of 32, 64, and 128. The budget phone would be for users who would like 16. Just my 0.02$

  • Daniel

    No one defined what really is “budget iPhone”. What is that “budget” on the phone? Less costy? Or cheap-made?

    Dude, a “budget Mercedes” is not Mercedes. Its just “a car”.

  • hush

    definitely FAKE ! Those cheep colors are the evidence those are fake.

  • Grande PHD

    Those iPhone Light on the last apdate seems to be part of fruit ninja universe.

  • Steve Jobs

    i dont like plastic smartphones!!!!

  • Jeffery Simms

    Me personally, it’s not a bad move on Apple’s part if they do go the low cost route, cause for one that line could be geared towards pre-teens and teens who want an iPhone but their parents aren’t willing to spending that much for one and the bright colors make them separate from the other lines, kinda like saying the black and whites are for the grown ups and it also set the stage for the teens to eventually want to step up and get the more expensive ones when they have outgrown these.

  • chris125

    I always liked the look of the 3GS. Too bad they won’t make the high end iPhone with a similar design

  • Wierdninja

    Steve Jobs was more important to Apple than anyone ever realized if the photo leaks of the iPhone are real…iOS7 is bad, in my opinion. This would be just as bad. I would never get a phone that looked like that…never. Childish looking and ugly. The people who can actually afford these phones and the plans that come with them would probably not buy this hot mess. These phones look like the cheap phones that parents get their children. Apple products sell because they look high end, cool, and expensive. That’s the draw of their products. This ain’t it. Apple almost failed without Steve Jobs once before, lets hope this isn’t happening again.

  • Rehan Ahmed

    That looks darn too cheap by the looks…

  • JomanJi

    aw man, I was hoping for the iMac 2000 look 🙁

  • Rob Shoesmith

    Would totally wreck the soul of the company if they released budget phones. It’s a balancing act in terms of profit versus company values. I think a budget iPhone would harm the brand.

  • Chaucers Left Testicle

    The term ‘budget’ coupled with the suggested price gives us a firm indication of just how far up their own arses Apple have got. Sad, really.