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The list of iPhone-compatible smartwatches seems to grow longer by the week. And it’s not just Kickstarters anymore—Apple, Google, Samsung and LG are just a few of the tech giants rumored to be building wearable devices. Heck, even Foxconn is getting into the space.

But as the old saying goes, “the more the merrier,” so we thought we’d add another one to the list this afternoon. It’s called the Kreyos, and its creators say that it’s the only smartwatch on the market right now that features both voice and gesture controls. Here, take a look…

kreyo 2

For starters, the Kreyos is really much more than just a smartwatch. It’s a fitness tracker, it’s a Bluetooth speakerphone, and thanks to its SDK, it will be a lot more. The device itself can be removed from the watchband, and worn on a lanyard, clipped to clothing and other things.

Here, it’d be easier just to show you what it can do:

As you can see in the video, the Kreyos isn’t in production yet. The team is currently trying to raise money via Indiegogo to get the ball rolling. And with over 40 days left, it’s already doubled its $100,000 goal. You can get on the pre-order list by pledging $110 or more.

The watch seems to tick all of the appropriate feature boxes. It’s water-proof, and using voice control you can activate Siri, answer phone calls, and compose text messages/emails. And with   its custom gesture actions, you can control your smartphone with a quick flick of the wrist.

But while Kreyos sounds good on paper, only time will tell if that will translate into a hit product. The developers are hoping to start shipping the smartwatch in November of this year, and it’s quite possible that the wearable computer space will be much more crowded by then.

What do you think of the Kreyos?


    That’s nice but if and when Apple comes out with one it will render all others obsolete. Sales wise that is.

    • Hyr3m

      Obsolete sales-wise ? Dafuq is that supposed to mean ? Are you implying that being a bigger company affects the level of innovation positively ? History speaks for itself in demonstrating that the exact opposite is actually more often true…

      If (and when) Apples makes one, what they release will be somewhat shmancy, very overpriced and already obsolete.

      • Bob

        Apple pretty much paved the way for all smartphones & tablets. They will do the same with smartwatches, no doubt. The only question is when.

      • Hyr3m

        “pretty much” as in “not at all” ? They’re just a new range of toys in the sea of “corporate” productivity tools… Smartphones already existed before the iPhone… and so did “tablets” before the iPad (and they were much better than iPads have ever been). What Apple did is called “marketing” and it has nothing to do with “innovation”… it’s also known as manipulation and neuro-linguistic programming.
        But actually I agree with you; Technically, by doing this bs-marketing, they did facilitate the work of every other tech company selling toys/tools to people who don’t need them…


        Im implying that apple does it best and no matter what smart watch is currently on the market, apple will win in sales. That’s what I mean. Don’t think so? Message me with your response when they come out with one, PLEASE!

      • Hyr3m

        Then you have no idea what “obsolete” means… Which is reassuring considering the statement you made 😛

        Thank you for clarifying though ^^


        I do know what obsolete means and It was my choice of word simply for coloring my first statement. I’m surprised you are that thick though to not see that. Maybe you’re not, I don’t know but you were willing to post on here which leads that direction. And honestly I find it amusing that you found such a lengthy meaning in my first post. No, I didn’t mean anything of the sort that you thought I did. Again leading to the thickness!

        You’re like one of those people who is smart at reading things but over analyze the simple things which leaves you looking sloppy and scatterbrained. Besides, did my first post really piss you off that much? That’s really all I read in that first response of yours. Damn if you can’t control your emotion over a comment about a POTENTIAL smart watch. And thanks for letting me know about your automatic Swiss watch. Would you like to know about all the expensive stuff I own?

        Anyway, you shouldn’t come at people with your comments the way you do. It looks juvenile and discredits anything educated that you may really have to say.

        Oh and I just read your reply to Bob. You really think someone made a tablet better than Apple ever did?!? That statement alone sums up everything I’m trying to describe about you. I encourage you to re-read your comment. Because HISTORY will show you that NO ONE has done it better than Apple and that is not an opinion. Sales data shows that it is a fact. And sales wise it renders all others O B S O L E T E.

        By the way, here’s a little info about neuro-linguistic programming;

        “Reviews of empirical research find that NLPs core tenets are poorly supported.[16] The balance of scientific evidence reveals NLP to be a largely discredited pseudoscience. Scientific reviews show it contains numerous factual errors,[14][17] and fails to produce the results asserted by proponents.[16][18] According to clinical psychologist Grant Devilly (2005),[19] NLP has had a consequent decline in prevalence since the 1970s.

      • Hyr3m

        Swiss watches aren’t all expensive… I way saying that because they look good (or at least better than this kreyos)… Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great idea and I’m fairly certain whatever apple will make won’t have half the functionality of this one… It’s just plain ugly though… -> I’d rather wear a real (good looking) watch. Also, It’s not a “POTENTIAL” smart watch : if you had read the post you’d know they already have twice the money they need, it’s a real thing that will come out in the near future.

        I’m not an angry person… My use of “dafuq” signifies my astonishment and lack of understanding, not any level of emotional distress. I obviously took you literally when I wasn’t meant to… The fact that I developed this literal meaning to clarify my question(/understanding of your statement) does not mean in any way that I’m sloppy and scatterbrained but much rather the opposite.

        Anyway, you shouldn’t use words with meanings that have absolutely nothing to do with your point and which just don’t fit metaphorically either. It makes you sound ignorant and creates potential misunderstandings which seem to unsettle you more than the other party.

        Oh, you don’t like unwarranted paternalism? Sorry… just trying to get down to your level…

        I hope you realize HISTORY is subjective and, more often than not, written by the winners; hence it is riddled with more lies than facts and reeks of manipulation – it is to be quoted and “used” only by those who have actual knowledge of the subject at hand and the emotional distance necessary to bring objectivity to the table.

        Any touch-screen flippable(/detachable)-screen laptop pre- or post- iPad is, by definition, better than the iPad. Sales are sales, they are not even close to being a product’s indicator of quality or superiority (or even innovation…). They can however indicate the quality of the marketing, the scale of the lobbying power and size of the corporation. Also : Computer > Toy

        Your sentence, with capital “OBSOLETE” or not, still doesn’t make any sort of sense…

        I suggest you do some actual research on NLP before trying to look like a fool. No, copy-pasting wiki is not considered “actual research”. Wikipedia is riddled with propaganda and factual errors. I’m not surprised that powerful organizations would try to blatantly discredit a technique they use in almost everything they do… Manipulating people into thinking they are not being manipulated : brilliantly evil !


        I read a lot of posts you’ve made to other people and there is definitely a pattern. If you look at all your posts you are always at arms with others. I’m not sure what it is but it’s the same way you came at my post.

        I do think you have something going on, something you just don’t see. That’s the reason for my “paternalism” as you see it. And it’s definitely warranted.

        The “potential smart watch” was actually referring to Apple’s smart watch not the Kreyos, just so you know.

        Anyway, I can see that you are going to try to keep coming at me with your “educated” opinions and I think that’s you really want to do is sound higher than others honestly. I find it amusing at best. I see right through it.

        No matter, I don’t really want to go on with this. Just gonna say have a good day and that be that.

      • Hyr3m

        I believe stupidity and/or ignorance is (are) one (two) of humanity’s worst plagues so I try to do my part and fight the battles I can.

        So yeah… you’re right; I do tend to answer more to people that say stuff that doesn’t make sense… and I keep going when they keep pretending they were right in the first place… Even if they throw in personal attacks or attempt to change the subject… This here conversation being a perfect example.

        I too can go read your other comments and “decide” what kind of person you are… There: You seem to have a good heart but you’re often using it against your own moral values because you lack some of the knowledge you’d need to use it to its full potential instead of blindly following what some other people think/decide and impose on the rest of us through various more or less subtle means…

        Have a good one !

  • Burge

    And guess what motion you do to get porn on Safari

  • dpacemaker

    Did anyone notice that the still shots of people doing activities have the watch photoshopped in? Pretty funny, and really bad acting by the rest of the people.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like it

  • Parker Crain

    Was thinking about the pebble but since it’s taking so long for pre-orders, i might as well wait for something that’s cheaper (with the pre-order) and more functional

  • Sigurd Boe

    Its nice that there is an influx with these watches, and I sorely need one. But none yet has a truly great UX, and none yet will be massively adopted by developers.
    I want the future now, not in 2-3 years…. Maybe Apples product will get us there.

  • Amad

    Watch looks good and waterproof too.

    • Hyr3m

      Awesome product but fugly as hell…

  • Bobdole

    In my opinion, it doesn’t look good at all… and for me it’s a deal breaker… i don’t want to have some toy look alike on my wrist, i’m not ten anymore…

  • Dmaez

    Getting tired of hearing about all the kick starter stuff I kind of wish they would just report on products that actually are either on the market or going to be by an actual company. I get excited and then realize it’s a stupid kick starter project. While I know it’s good to show everything it can get a little old after a while

    • Pitchy

      I backed and purchased about 8 or 9 things on Kickstarter and have received all but one which I just got my survey this week… so that means it ships soon. I have been super happy with everything I have backed and received. Only waiting for my Nanolight and Ia m sure that will be awesome as well.

      One of my favorite musicians, is also an artist and one of the founders of 44Flood (Mention3 of Saltillo and Sunday Munich) and the book I backed was far more than I expected. It was HUGE! Very well put together, The art was amazing. It came with a CD and was well worth the price. I was proud to have backed something so awesome like that.

      Kickstarter brings great ideas to life. It’s hard for some people with wonderful ideas to get the funding and backing they need in the old fashion way, so Kickstarter is doing something amazing. I check it periodically looking for new projects to back.

  • Gorgonphone

    No thanks