Now that Apple’s iOS 7 is out of the bag, everyone seems to have an opinion on whether it hits the mark. If there was one word we would use to describe Apple’s latest version of its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch software it would probably be ‘polarizing‘ and with good reason. After all, iOS 7 is undoubtedly the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone was introduced all those years ago.

But one thing does appear to be getting lost in all the hysteria surrounding iOS 7. One thing that people do seem to be forgetting not just when forging their opinions on Apple’s new direction, but when condemning existing App Store apps with poor reviews due to compatibility.

Calm down dear, it’s only a beta…

See, whilst Apple’s iOS 7 is still very much in its infancy, everyone seems to be using it. Released via the Apple developer portal, it should be restricted to those with developer accounts. Alas though, it seems the company’s usual method of only allowing registered devices to install its betas wasn’t in force soon after the files hit the web, meaning anyone could install iOS 7 beta 1 on their devices.

And they did. In droves.

Which is fine. We’re not going to sit here and call out our readers for being curious. We get it, we’re curious too. But if you’re going to install a beta of any operating system, you need to be aware of a few things. When it’s the first beta release of a major shift in design and the way the OS functions, then that goes double.

For starters, there’s those icons.

Yes, there’s been much talk about the choice of icons in iOS 7. Love them or hate them – and it seems most hate them – nobody knows how long they’ll be around. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them change completely come the final beta, or indeed the second. It’s kinda the point of a beta, really, allowing testing and developer feedback. Don’t write iOS 7 off just yet, especially if your main reason is a disliking for an icon or two.

Next up, we have app compatibility. Yes, some of your apps are probably crashing. Yes, some of those that do run will be misbehaving. You know why that is though, right? Got it in one.

See, things have changed under the hood in iOS, but the apps that are running on top of it haven’t. You know the whole reason for the betas being made available to developers? Yup, it’s so they can test their apps and then fix anything that got borked in the upgrade. It’s not your fault the apps don’t work like you expect, but it’s damn sure not the developers’. If you’re leaving bad reviews on the App Store due to apps crashing on iOS 7 then, unfortunately, you’re not doing anyone a favor.

Oh, and a word on battery life whilst we’re at it. It’s not great. By now though you must have figured out that there’s a theme to this post, so hopefully you’ve figured out why your battery life’s not quite as good as it was with iOS 6. We’ll give you a clue. BETA!

But fear not, intrepid iOS installer, for there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you realize you’ve been a tad hasty and want to go back to the safer waters of iOS 6, then you can always downgrade and call it a day. If not though, and you decide you’d rather stick it out in the hopes that Apple sorts those God-awful icons out, then there’ll be a beta 2 soon enough. And then a beta 3, followed by a 4th. Each will have fixes, and we suspect add a few new bugs along the way, too.

But there’s one thing we do know. If you’re expecting the final shipping version of iOS 7 to be as buggy as the first beta, and for apps to crash like they do now, or for the aesthetics to be just the same, then you’re wrong.

Just keep that in mind when you’re telling everyone how rubbish it is.

  • GCC

    So lame that others hate ios 7 just bec of the few icons. Functionality is more important. If you hate ios 7 then just go with android. Then those people might get to realize…

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    intrepid iOS installer <– haha nice!
    I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 4 and It was very slow, I know that is a BETA but I really hope to be faster when the time comes!
    Greetings to all intrepid iOS installers!

  • Hi

    iOS 7 is a fail, even in the eye of Apple’s shareholders. Their stock has been in the red ever since they unveiled iOS 7.

  • Antsa

    Can you help me and tell how do I report to Apple if I find bugs in iOS 7.

    • Chris Willard

      If you’re a developer, you should already know how. If you’re not, you don’t. You’re not supposed to be using it anyway.

      • Antsa

        That was helpful.

  • Farbod

    can i stille upgrade to ios 7 without a UDID or is it finished?

  • milksop held

    I hope apple allows side loading of apps…

    • Chris Willard

      This will never happen. You can abandon your hope now.

  • Sn0wFl4kz

    I just installed the Beta on my iPod touch right now.. Apple, there is a lot to do until the final version!
    Bugs and Bugs and Bugs and bad performance 🙁
    But it’s okay because it’s the First Beta! 🙂

    • Chris Willard

      All beta’s have bad performance, because all the performance optimizations are disabled, and all the logging and debugging information is turned on.
      And there’s almost no bugs within Apple’s software itself actually. Apps are buggy as hell, but that’s not Apple’s responsibility (I won’t say Apple’s software has NO bugs, but it’s largely very good and stable.)

  • Lee Sek Hon

    good post.

  • Charles

    Thanks for writing this. I was always wondering why some of my apps keep closing. This is my first time as a developer. 🙂

  • chris125

    Has apple ever changed the looks after it was revealed? I am just curious as to if this would be the first time the look has changed after they announced the new OS. I like it though can’t wait!

  • Tim Cook

    iOS 7 will have no bigger change

    • Oh hi Mr. Tim Cook. Welcome to iDB (NOT) :p

  • Oh god i feel so left out becoz I’m still on iOS 6 🙁 I wasn’t able to figure out how to get this iOS 7 BETA without dev acc so.. 🙁

  • JY

    Nice way of blaming everything on Beta. Is this what you said too about iMaps in iOS6 Beta?

    • himynameisBLiNK

      you obviously do not understand how betas work

  • Chris Gilmore

    So… Can I get iOS7 on my iPhone 5 running 6.1.4? I’d like to just see how it looks long enough to show my android friends.

  • Wissam Nasser

    My iPhone 5 get’s really hot on IOS7 beta 1 when playing games 🙂 not to complain i understand the fact that it’s a beta 🙂 should i turn my phone of immediately when it get’s hot or is it dangerous ?

  • Jason Duong

    Another thing, this is the first time Apple has introduced ‘full’ multitasking, so this could be a reason why so many people are having issues with battery life. We’ll just have to wait and a we if they can work out the kinks with it.

  • Brian

    i have it, and other than some little bugs, I really like it. I can’t, and neither can anyone else, complain about a couple little bugs. Like the article said, it’s only a beta, and the first beta at that. No one should be complaining about anything having to do with iOS 7 at this point…

  • mav3rick

    Doh! That’s why it’s called beta. Because it is a beta. Looking more like an alpha.
    All just rejoice and relax the author is asking you. Coming with an unfinished product on WWDC which takes place once a year is just normal. Let’s see what articles will come out after same white screens all over OS and same blinding fluorescent look will be marked as RTM.

  • lou kokhong

    Just tell to the developer add the function can change the color for the bar or something is cool

  • Ronnie Lashbrook

    As I am looking through the console, I see that it checks for weather updates frequently. It will turn the location services on, update the weather and then turn it off (this happens several times a minute.) So this maybe one of the big battery drainers.

  • CaffeinePizza

    The only thing you could look at in beta and knew it was horrible and utter crap was Windows 8.

  • Pako Jauregui

    ios 7 is just a good mixture of windows 8 with their flat icons and a bunch of tweaks borrowed from android nothing more I agree with Pod2g it sucks!!!

  • Casey H.

    Thanks man I couldn’t have asked for a better answer.

  • Frank

    But when nobody write about the worse ios 7 design in first beta, then Apple maybe will nothing change?