iOS 6 vs iOS 7 icons (teaser)

Apple’s new look and feel in iOS 7 is certainly polarizing, that much is clear. While approximately half of those who took part in our informal iOS 7 makeover poll said they loved the new design, nearly a third think the new interface will take some time getting used to. While the vast majority seem to support the facelift, a lot of people have taken issue with the new iOS 7 icons.

Complaints range from the icons being too colourful and out of place to being completely different from each other to resembling a terrible Photoshop job by a 14-yer-old. We’ll let you be the judge: here’s a side-by-side comparison of iOS 6 vs iOS 7 icons…

Hat tip to @pawsupforu for passing along the handy graphics.

Here’s the full infographic.

iOS 6 vs iOS 7 icons

Having installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5, I must say that I’m in support of the redesign.

This includes the icons which I obviously don’t think are ugly, quite the contrary.

What I have noticed, however, is that the icons in iOS 7 use really vivid colors, almost as if Apple designed them for an AMOLED display.

Who knows, maybe the oversaturated nature of iOS 7 icons is in preparation for the next iPhone and iPad?

After all, the rumor mill has been saying for quite some time that future iDevices will adopt Sharp’s IGZO panels and those provide more vivid colors and deeper blacks

Anyway, which do you prefer, the iOS 6 icons or the revamped iOS 7 ones?

  • Ugly design i dont like it at all……

  • JohnDoey

    This is the first iOS upgrade I will not use after 6 years. iOS 7 is not why I bought an iPhone and iPad. The icons are the least of it, as awful as they are. Rather than defer to content, iOS 7 merges with your content. On many screens the content, chrome, and even the bar with time and signal strength are all on one big white page. Things that weren’t broken have been broken and things that were broken haven’t been fixed. Most content is white — the chrome has to be gray. That lesson was already learned on Mac OS, which had gray windows in 9.0, white windows in 10.0, and gray windows again by 10.4. And finally we have full-color photo-quality color managed screens and you’re going to use it to show 2 color gradients and white space and 1 color icon clip art? We have a screen you can touch and now you are removing the buttons, dials, sliders, and other affordances? Note the Mac still has buttons even though you can’t touch them!

    Easily the worst thing to come out of Apple since 1996. Just so disappointed.

    • RealTechTalk

      You have no valid arguments. You’re just pissed because you don’t have your skeumorphic green felt any more. Times have changed, gramps. Microsoft’s flat design is the future.

  • Bobby

    The only icon that seems ok is the music app. The others look…horrible. Like why the hell add gradient to places where there shouldn’t be one, and not add a gradient to where there should be one.

  • GD

    All the icons are good except “Calendar” & “Game Center”

  • heavypoly6

    Really don’t like the look of iOS 7, which gets me frustrated at the jailbreak developers because they don’t realize that many people don’t like the look of iOS 7. The whole look of it just looks like a bad Cydia theme. Maybe someone will make a <iOS 7 theme?

  • Shuvam

    i like every one except… the camera

  • R Bonwell parker

    Why are so many of the icons still skeumorphic?

  • Eddie C

    The new iOS 7 are TOTAL TRASH. Apple could not have done a better job downgrading the previously elegant 3-dimensional icons. Now, they are just plain ugly, boring and unattractive. Completely flat and dull is what they are now in addition to totally uninteresting!! The icons are so elementary-school looking, I honestly don’t even feel like clicking on them. They were obviously designed by a complete idiot. But the biggest idiot was Apple for approving them in the final product. Steve Jobs would’ve NEVER ACCEPTED this look. He was about aesthetics and elegance. These icons are about as far from elegance as you can get. Trash them and bring back ALL the iOS 6 icons. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!! Or at least give us the option of which icons WE want instead of shoving this crap down our throats. Also, give us the option to UNINSTALL a new OS if we think it sucks as in this B.S. “upgrade”. And give us the old Notepad with lines and FAMILIAR (hello!!) YELLOW paper with black ink you can read, NOT glaring white with yellow ink you can barely see. THIS IS THE WORST UPGRADE I HAVE EVER SEEN. TOTALLY SUCKS!! Apple just wanted white this and white that and everything is white and glaring and ugly. I hate it all!!!

  • Tarek

    OK team. Now that I have updated to iOS 7 for a while, I can honestly say the following:

    1. I love the new functionality, especially the notification center and the quick access to the toggles.
    2. I like the new lock screen a lot better than the old one. I even like the slight parallax effect. Looks great with my Yosemite wallpaper.
    3. Icons are a ehh for me. I feel they are too childish but I can live with them. So I have to hit a couple of apps incorrectly before I get the correct ones. Just a matter of training.
    4. Flatness is a big ugh for me. The grey on grey in the main apps such as the calendar, phone, iMessage specifically, is a step backwards in functionality. Having to decipher things because of lack of contrast and also no real indication what is active buttons and what is not, is not a cool thing. I am OK with the fact that the buttons moved, because the way the apps work is better now, It is the subtle hints the 3-D buttons gave that made navigating these apps a breeze. Without that it is a hunt and peck. Annoying for known apps, but a total mystery for new apps. What is to be pushed? No real indication. I wish Apple would give us a choice in skinning colors at least, if not skinning icon depths. The flatness really gives me the feel of a functionally complete beta but not UI wise.

    Oh, aside from the fact, that there are rendering bugs that I constantly run into.