TodoMovies 2-1 splash

I recently gave TodoMovies 2.0 the full review treatment and found it to be an amazing app for movie lovers. It is a perfect way to keep track of old movies, in theater movies, and upcoming movies while building your watch list for the road.

Adding to the excellence, the app recently posted a very hefty update, further building appeal. TodoMovies is now the first app to implement Motion Posters. “What is that,” you are certainly asking yourself, at least I did. Follow me past the fold for a video preview…

As you can see from the video, the Movie Poster is a quick intro to the static poster image. You can brag to your friends as you show off this feature on the following upcoming movies, Star Trek Into the Darkness, Iron Man, Iron Sky, Sinister, Dredd, Wolverine, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

I am really excited if this is where movie studios are heading. After all, when looking for movies or discovering movie related content, the first place I look is my iOS device. It is my opinion, all marketing firms should opt for the post modern action “poster.” Static images are a thing of the past, bring on the dynamic imagery. How cool would it be walking up to the theater and instead of seeing old school movie posters, you are greeted with huge monitors constantly cycling the Motion Poster?

In addition to the Motion Posters, TapHive added some new gesture features to make things more fluid. Finally, you get your standard bug fixes and minor tweaks. If you haven’t spent the money, $1.99 will score you a copy.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    So motion poster = mini trailer. Hmm.

  • Fede777

    Hi, I bought the app a couple months ago and started adding a lot of movies, about 700 watched and 120 To watch, the other day I realized that the app is using 1,1GB of local data, does any one else have this “problem”?

    • JeanMarc

      All apps grab a lot of memory when you use them. You might wanna use iCleaner pro from Cydia to clean your app caches. It really helps me

      • Fede777

        Do you have the app, how much is it using in your device?

      • JeanMarc

        It uses about 1.1gb. My Instagram takes about 700mb. But I clean my device with iCleaner from Cydia.

      • Fede777

        I actually talked by email wit one of the devs about this, and he said that as I mark To watch movies as Watched it would go down, but as time goes by I find new movies to watch so it’s the same.