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Google’s I/O keynote is still ongoing, and the company just unveiled a major new service: Hangouts. Originally rumored to be called ‘Babel,’ Hangouts is a cross-platform messaging system that will take the place of Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, Google+ Hangout video chat, and pretty much everything else.

It’s basically a messaging app, in the same vein as WhatsApp or Kik, offering synchronized chat across virtually all of your devices. Google has mixed in a lot of its own personal flavor though, building in the ability for users to go back through their chat history, delete messages, and even grab files from past conversations…

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Continuing with the differences, the Hangout app presents users with a list of recent text conversations, rather than a contact list. Each conversation gets its own name, and is stored in the cloud, allowing users to message others even if they’re not connected. This also allows for seamless syncing between multiple devices.

TechCrunch has more on the service:

“Presence, or knowing when friends are available to chat, is a big focus. You can see when friends are on Hangouts, if they’re currently typing, and if they’ve seen your messages [also known as read receipts]. Using Google+ Circles, you can select specific friends or a whole group to start a chat with.

Hangouts takes care to deliver your messages to whichever web interface or mobile app your friends are using. If you’re offline, Hangouts will store your messages until you return. Unlike Google Talk, it won’t send you an email every time you get a message while offline.”

And all of this focus on ‘presence’ pays off, as Hangouts is constantly aware of what platform you’re using to chat. This way, you won’t have to worry about receiving duplicate notifications on different platforms. The idea here is that you can start and stop conversations smoothly regardless of if you’re on desktop, Android or iOS.

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It seems like Google has thought of everything with Hangouts, except for text messaging. Unlike iMessage, or Facebook Messenger (for Android), it can’t turn messages into SMS for folks that don’t have the app. So if you’re wanting to talk to a friend over Hangouts, you’ll have to send them a text informing them to download it.

At any rate, we’ll obviously know a lot more about Hangouts once it becomes available. The app is expected to land on iOS, Android and desktops later today, so stay tuned.

Update: the app is now available in the App Store.

  • Chrome 1 x 0 Safari
    Hangouts 1 x 0 iMessage/Whatsapp.

    • iMessage and whatsapp would be still better than the hangout

    • Chrome has good tab management when it comes to raw speed and smoothness and features the ios 6 safari is the way to go

  • Facebook/whatsaap is already enough !!

  • When??

  • No

    • Ian

      Grumpy Cat? xD

    • kevin butler

      Why not? This is available anywhere. Once SMS support is added, it’s pointless to have the other messenger apps.

      • Experience i have tried this out i”ll use it to talk to my android people only imessage will always be my first immessage justnfeels more reliable integrated ,cleaner simpler, and faster

  • It just showed up in App Store!

  • Guest

    When will it be available in all stores??(specifically in Israel store?)

  • chjode

    I assume this will require a G+ account, so it’s effectively the same as the FB messenger app. The advantage iMessage has is the seamless integration with SMS/MMS messages on iOS. While it’d be great to have that sort of integration with other platforms, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

    • If you sign in to any Google product, then you’ve created a log in for hangouts. There’s no requirement for anyone to create a G+ profile. The problem with iMessage is it’s limited only to Apple devices and texting can add up. Plus you can’t video chat with anyone outside of Apple unless you go into yet another app. This eliminates all the hassle and puts everything (and potentially everyone) into one app.

      • Yeah hassle? Okay sure apple devices are super snappier then android so yeah no hassle for me and imessage just feels natural and faster and video call? You can video call (facetime) within the message app so yeah and facetime is the best when it comes to video quality and clarity unlike skype and othera

  • Pod

    When will it be available in Israeli store?

    • When palestine stops being bombed 😉 sorry just wanted to say stop the occupation… Im soo gonna get dislikes for this comment but hey only stating the facts

      • Guest

        BTW I’m Arabian,and live in Israel 🙂

  • Gorgonphone


  • Markus Hudobnik

    iMessage and then this.

  • when it supports texting, im in. Also, it doesnt appear to work with Google Apps for Business, at least not for me at the moment

    • Eldaria

      Yes it does, your admin needs to enable it though.

      • it does work now. Admin had nothing to do with it. Google hadnt turned it on.

      • Eldaria

        I had to enable it in my Admin panel.

  • Slawa

    Just downloaded it for ipad, im from Germany .. You have to verify your phone number, this makes me Hope it will work like iMessage and whatsapp, and Carry the Messages in Same Way

  • No Jabber syncing as of yet, but other than that, pretty solid.

  • iosPixel

    Search Hangouts to download now!

  • Requirement to have a google+ account is a fail; not gonna waist time telling all my friends to join another data mining club.

    Viber+WhatsApp+BBM is good enough competition in this market space.

    • From what I understand, you don’t have to have a Google+ account per se, meaning you don’t have to create a G+ profile. Seeing as many people already log in to use at least one of Google’s products (including Google Maps), they’re already connected. Besides, why would I want to use the three apps you just mentioned when I can use just one?!

      • Who says you should use all three of them? They are all going to be competing with one another, as I mentioned.

        Just 1 of them offer the exact same as Google plans to do with Hangout, so it’s a matter of preference; want to see ads based on your text messages or not….you decide.

  • Any crash on launch on iphone 5 jailbroken?

    • I get crash on iPhone 4 jailboken

    • qosmio

      If you have “FullScroll” it will crash just remove that tweak and it will work fine

      Kind regards Qosmio

      • greg

        FullScroll just updated with a fix. Works now.

  • If Google was really smart, they’d follow Apple’s approach and combine this with Android’s OS messaging app. As I understand, Android users automatically have to create a Google account to fully use their device. With many others logging in to use just one of Google’s products, most people would be connected automatically! That could virtually wipe out the need to text or be concerned with who of my friends are on iMessage! At least that’s what I’m hoping…

    • Al

      They have Google Voice and that’s the vital piece of having SMS integration. I use Google Voice and it’s like their best kept secret… Not sure why it hasn’t expanded on it, it’s still lacking MMS. And the carriers are really keeping a stronghold on not enabling MMS on Google Voice.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Apple should update their iMessage, Apple Maps, iPod App FAST. If Google starts going into hardware for real, they’re gonna be unstoppable.

  • I just downloaded it. You need a google account to log in and your google circle friends are automaticaly added in the contact list but the thing is I couldn’t find how to add people from my iphone contacts. I think I have to manually add them.

  • Malay Mody

    Would people rather imessage, which is already integrated into the stock messages app and iOS, or would they rather have a separate app to worry about? hmmmmmm tough choice

  • You only get to chat with your G+ contacts. If you try to add a random number it ask for an invitation. When it asked for my number i tought it would be like whatsapp. Oh and when you send a picture the recipient gets a link to your g+ photo album instead of the actual picture. Total failure

  • iMessage is probably one of my favorite features on the iPhone. I couldn’t see any new messenger replacing it. Trying to get all of your friends to either completely switch over or use both? I’ll pass.

  • David Villamizar

    Gotta do some research.

  • Eldaria

    Baaah!!!, Installed on my iPad but not on my iPhone 3GS. Requires Front Camera. Crap Bulshit, why do I need a camera to chat?!

  • The good: Google messaging finally on the iPad!
    The bad: Hangouts won’t install on my wife’s iPhone 3GS. It’s “incompatible” as it doesn’t have a front facing camera. I just want to use messaging…