Looking for a quick and easy way to add tint to the stock iOS chrome, but don’t feel like bothering with WinterBoard? If so, then an upcoming tweak from @winocm may be of interest to you.

The tweak is called Accentify, and it allows you to select from eight different and highly vibrant tints to accentuate iOS. The tint applies to multiple areas, and its vibrant colors allow for a very distinct, almost candy-like look. Take a look inside for more information.

Status bar tint, too

One thing that isn’t showcased on the GIF animation above, is Accentify’s ability to tint the status bar along with the rest of the chrome elements. See the image above for an example of what I mean.

Accentify Color Scheme
Select from eight different tints

Accentify works with many of the stock iOS apps such as Mail, Settings, Safari, Videos, and more. Although it’s still in development, I can assure you that this will be a beautiful tweak once it’s completed. The colors pop so much for a vivid remix of the stock iOS Chrome, and I love it.

Accentify Mail
This is how Mail looks with Accentify

Accentify Safari iCal
Safari and Calendar with Accentify enabled

Accentify will likely be available next week for about $0.99. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Graphite and Scarlet Red look great! I’m usually not open to change the overall GUI color but I may give this a try. 🙂 Not sure it’s worth a dollar but I’d go for it.
    On the same note, I’m hoping he can fix the mix of stock and tweaked color on the Calendar app, that looks wrong to me.

    • yeah i think so too, i’m not a huge fan of themes (anymore, since i quit Strife, WP7 Theme for Dreamboard) but this looks really good but let’s me think a little of accent colors on Windows Phone 😉

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        What I don’t like about coloring or tinting bars in iOS is that there’s always a new spot that goes overlooked and then you end up having a mix of one bar with stock color and another bar with the theme color. I’ll be able to make a decision towards this after seeing it in action in several reviews.

      • Jeff

        Safari is that way due to the presence of Private browsing.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I was referring to the calendar app, actually.

      • Yeah. It looks bad.

      • Yeah that looks bad. They should fix that.

  • Wicked!

  • Sweet! Looking forward to it.

  • AndroidSucks!

    The normal color is fine

    • Kurt


  • As long as it’s $.99. 🙂

    • assuming Apple allows it in the app store!

      • Why would Apple allow this into the App Store? This is a jailbreak tweak

      • oh i saw “no winterboard required” thought it was no jb nvm..

  • lol “respring” more like crash springboard.

  • This got me thinking about personalized iOS colors like Windows Phone does right now. You pick a color you like to have across all of iOS to

  • Bob


  • will definitely pick this up. get so tired of the same colors

  • Jaye

    Finally something that doesn’t require ShitBoard.

  • Klikkit

    Is there a beta repo or something for this yet?

  • Cool though not usefull

  • Jason

    Does the tweak work with Cydia app? I don’t like the blue status bar when downloading a tweak, but the rest of the chrome elements are black.

  • maderfader

    Does this tweak affects battery performance,especially 4s??

  • Hoping you make a light pink version.