Live Battery Indicator 01

Live Battery Indicator, a jailbreak tweak that merges the battery bar and the battery percentage into one, is now available for free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. I must say that I was quite surprised at the reception that this tweak, a very simple one, received in our preview. A lot of you guys seemed to be keenly interested in its release.

Live Battery Indicator performs pretty much exactly like it did in my preview build of the tweak. Just like the preview version, there are no options or settings to configure, and once it’s installed it starts working immediately.

There is one unsuspected surprise that you’ll find when installing the official version of Live Battery Indicator, though. Can you guess what it is?

Live Battery Indicator WinterBoard Theme
The bonus WinterBoard theme

The surprise is a bonus WinterBoard theme that has been bundled in with the tweak. The theme ditches the circular model of the default version of Live Battery Indicator, in favor of a more tradition battery. The battery percentage is still encapsulated within the battery, maintaining the tweak’s trademark look.

Live Battery Indicator Theme instructions

The preference panel, while not including any actual settings or options to manipulate, features instructions for creating your own themes. If you’re looking for a different take on the iPhone’s battery, or you’re rocking a jailbroken iPod touch, then I recommend that you give Live Battery Indicator a try.

  • 😐 Wish the tweak put the battery on the right of the orientation lock icon. Also, its a tad big for the status bar.

    • Eugene Lim

      Yep, I second that. Have written him an email on this too.

      • steve00000

        ditto, he replied next version

  • Nelson

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t indicate when your phone is charging, nevertheless, still gonna use it. I like the look and the fact that the circle dims as the battery gets lower.

  • I would love to see a little lightening bold when connected to charge!

    • jakeopp

      A lightning bolt would make this perfect!

      • Fraz Someone

        Get Bolt from cydia.

      • Are they compatible with eachother ?

      • Fraz Someone

        Nope 🙁
        Does anyone know something that is compatibe with this tweak?

      • Yes I’m familiar 😉 I spoke with the creator of this tweak last night, and he is already working on a charge indicator

  • Find some way for Bolt and this tweak to work together…

    • That would be really nice. Nonetheless I’m gonna use bolt.

      • Damian W

        Agreed Bolt is just perfect

  • Guest

    That’s a nice one

  • Finally.

  • Mine

    Bolt works as good and doesn’t need winterboard.

    • jakeopp

      This does not require winterboard

    • this does not require winterboard, that part is just candy :p

  • Looks nice with the “jellybean” lockscreen

  • Pakayu

    Did anyone else notice that this tweak doesnt work with stock apps like weather, clock and safari? But when i close those app this tweak appears again?

    • Guest

      Yes, author replied it is because I am on iOS 5.

      • Pakayu

        Oh now i know. Im on ios5 too. Cant he modify it for ios5?

  • Guest

    Already wrote an e-mail to Philip Wong regarding the Live Battery not showing up while in an app. Anybody else faced same problem?

    • Pakayu

      Yes same problem as mine.

      • Guest

        Yes, author replied it is because I am on iOS 5

  • I Love little non-destructive tweaks like these.

  • My battery percentage before the tweak was 67%; then when i downloaded it, it said it was 71%.. I can’t live knowing its giving me the wrong percentage, so i uninstalled it 🙁

    • Actually default iOS is calculating your battery wrong (non linear) to make you think your battery is better than it is.
      Just look at the diff with sbsettings (linear).
      Live battery is probably a linear calculation witch is correct.

      • sambuzzlight

        then why does linear shows more?

  • Hey

    • Why would you write a comment that just says “hey”?

      • A better question is Why would you reply your self???

      • a betterer question is why would you reply to yourself replying to yourself?

  • @dongiuj

    Iphone already has a live battery indicator.

  • Blip dude

    Ayecon theme?? LOL I guess thats just asking for too much. Still looks good and awesome nevertheless. Still waiting on Velox and maybe Abstergo (gotta check those reviews first).

  • Aber1Kanobee

    WIsh it was positioned at the right-most position on the status bar…is there a reason its not?

  • Why does it not keep the battery to the far right of the screen? If I turn the vibrate on off it moves over, but the location icon throws the battery indicator back to the left. It is then between the two, may be insignificant to some, it annoys me. Is there a fix for that?

  • Guest

    wait i didnt know it requires winterboard…. 🙁

    • weztimonial

      Just a bonus theme

  • weztimonial

    Would be great if we’re able to know if its charging. Perhaps having the circle move, or have it work with bolt.


  • James

    I really don’t like how it keeps moving around in the status bar. sometimes its on the far right. other times it’s on the right, but not the far right–some of the other status bar icons from intellScreenX on are the far right. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • blu

      I have the same problem. use ArrangeStatusBar to arrange icons on my status bar, and this keeps moving to the far left.

  • Harley M

    Everyones just about summed it up. Icon should be located to the far right, have some space between it and the bottom of the status bar, and the ability to see that its charging. Other than that its a great tweak, i love it 🙂

  • Matt Ashcraft

    I love this little tweak.

    Anyone know what the other theme tweaks are called to make the WiFi and Signal indicators like this? I’ve searched for ages.

  • Devam

    OMG this is free!! I was ready to pay for this tweak! Thanks i will donate if there is a Paypal account of developer!

  • 2.3-2 works great on iOS 5.1.1. Thank you Philip

  • Doen

  • im still baffled as to WHY in the world someone would still be on ios 5.x that is crazy lol. love this tweak tho! just cant wait for atom and velox. then the phone will be complete.!!

  • Perfect.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Absolutely love this lil tweak. One of my new favs!

  • I tried this out for a little while but I just found it harder to read my battery percentage.

  • Would prefer it to be totally on the right side no matter what icon is on the status bar. Wish that it would show a charging icon & a full charge icon like iOS default batt icon.

  • pass

  • Ever since I installed this tweak I can’t get my phone to charge on my computer anyone experiencing the same issue?

    • Fraz Someone

      Maybe it is charging but you can’t see it as it doesn’t have an indicator for charging. Try locking the screen and seeing there if the Big green charging icon appears.

  • Fraz Someone

    Really Important Question:
    I have installed this tweak but for the last 6 hours I’ve noticed that my battery Stand By time and Usage time are exactly equal. I have all applications exited. I’ve tried restarting the phone as well but to no avail. Anyone else facing the same issue?

  • Has anyone else noticed that this tweak breaks any Activator actions that use the status bar (hold, double tap, etc)? Good tweak but can’t use it for this reason.

    • no my status bar actions work fine with it… i tap and hold to compose a new message messages+ tap middle to bring up auxo toggles. double tape to lock screen.

  • snakezs

    hm i use it and it is always on 100% and dosent move…. what can i do?

  • I want to use the second theme without winterboard and I want compatibility with bolt !

  • johnm

    since this doesn’t work bolt (and i love bolt), why not have the icon turn green while charging? or….make it compatible. i also hate how it’s no longer the right most icon. it seems to move around quite a bit.

  • Pero

    What is THe Name of THe theme ? In cydia is a picture in this tweak

  • minnielau

    but u wont be able to see the percentage while charging

  • Shuvra Podder

    Can’t use it on ios 7.