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Yesterday we linked you to the slide presentation from the evad3rs’ appearance at the HITB 2013 security conference in Amsterdam. Today, we’re bringing you video from their Q&A session.

In the video, which comes in at less than half an hour — and can probably be watched faster than it would take you to read their entire slide presentation — the evad3rs talk about exploits (obviously), iOS 6.1.3, Apple, downgrading, and more.

Note: this video may or may not be viewable on mobile device. We apologize for any potential inconveniences.

Was there any particular subject that they discussed that you found interesting?

  • M Last

    they really need the good camera & improve English :)LOL

    • Says the person with questionable English

  • Weird. On my iPad in Safari the player is telling me that the content is not currently online however the flash version (played in Puffin web browser) works fine…

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Better camera/mic would’ve perfect i have to guess almost every syllable

  • Rio

    jailbreaking is going down… sry guys im a big fan of all of you but i think that nobody will wait for a 1 year or 2 when the iOS 7 is out or the iPhone 6. i have waited about 140 days for my iPhone 5 and i have to be careful with the tweeks now or my iPhone could not be jailbroken again couse there is no downgrading tool :/. Apple is releasing newer phones and softwares every year and the hackers cant keep up with them. you will have to find a new way of jailbreaking guys or after some time the jailbreak will come to a dead-end…

    • DomPerignon1

      Agree 100%. That is why my next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy. After 5 years jailbreaking my iPhone, I am tired of this cat and mouse race that the jailbreaking community is losing by leaps and bounds.

  • Arjan Vlek

    Black screen. Chrome on Windows 8 PC.