Interested in some detailed analysis of the evad3rs’ mobile exploit strategies? If so, then look no further than the slide presentations from the 2013 HITB Security Conference in Amsterdam.

The presentation, entitled Swiping Through Modern Security Features, features low level details on the exploit strategies used by Pod2g, Planetbeing, Musclenerd and Pimskeks. Take a look inside for the full download link.

If you’re just a casual jailbreaker, then perhaps this type of detailed information won’t be of interest to you. On the other hand, if you’re an aspiring hacker, then you certainly don’t want to miss this. You can download the full PDF featuring all of the slides used in the presentation by clicking this link.

  • Zorvage

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Joe Bobbins


  • I know you say this isn’t exactly for the “casual jailbreaker” but I think that everyone should read just so people can see exactly how much work goes into creating a jailbreak and stop complaining when there isn’t one for iOS 7 (or whatever the next iteration of iOS is going to be called) on the day of its release…

  • fantastic read

  • maverick

    What could be the reason for such detailed jailbreak exploits implementation

    – Help Crapple to patch their “most secure” mobile OS? Or their engineers

    could already found all these after Evasi0n being released.

    – Help / attract more people in finding exploits?

    – Does Evad3rs really want to be able to offer next jailbreaks for next iOS
    versions? Or they only want widely and acclaimed recognition. Because even
    those little literate in programming can at least go intuitive into the amount
    of study and work behind this current Evasi0n jailbreak, or even the past ones.

  • very interesting 🙂