Clear The Air

Clear The Air is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the transparency of the Spotlight search in iOS. Options can be configured to adjust the transparency on a sliding scale, maintain the status bar’s opacity, and a general kill switch to quickly enable or disable the effect.

If you’re looking for a tweak that allows you to enjoy your background wallpaper while performing Spotlight searches, then this is the tweak for you.

Clear The Air Settings

Clear The Air is available free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you decide to try it, share your experience in the comments below.

  • bloodshed

    yeah it might be laggy sometimes, but still very useful.
    and for the tweak, i really don’t know what to say, why even bother with the spotlight background transparency!!..i know someone out there would say ‘this is exactly what i wanted’..themers maybe, it’s difficult to satisfy their fancy, isn’t it!
    thanx anyway iDB.

  • Funny. This is exactly what I’ve needed. I love the tweak parallax. I can’t see myself without it. The feeling you get when a friend notices that your wallpaper moves on an iPhone is lovely. But a funny bug I got:

    Installed parallax.
    Installed springtomize 2
    Turned on always show BG in lock screen
    Whenever I go to spotlight a fusion of my old and current wall paper is there. Weird? Bit really. Turns out parallax sets ontop of your wall paper with its own as far as I could tell. And then made parallaxs wallpaper transparent while keeping the original behind it.

    However this happened it was a turn off for me. Much like dashboard x on iPhone gets all buggy while exiting an app in landscape. 🙁

    This tweak actually fixed that by killing any transparency! Now it looks great with my wallpaper! Plus I have no spotlight keyboard also. Very nice looking!

    • RarestName

      LiveWallpaper is free and it works without any noticeable bugs.

  • It feels tight when I only have two screens for over a hundred apps thanks to folder enhancer and dashboard widgets. But it does come handy to debug your phone. I lost all my icons. Turns out my icon state file in springboard got corrupted by a bad install. I wish all tweaks had to be marked by default what iOS they work in. 🙁 3rd bad install due to over excitement in past year. At least now u can fix it manually.

  • Joe Bobbins

    This looks cool.

  • My spotlight has never been laggy and I even have a decent amount of tweaks installed.

  • Laggy? I thought Spotlight was perfect because Apple made it. Heck, you said it yourself.