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Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the only people in the world that doesn’t use biteSMS. Don’t get me wrong, I really like some of the tweak’s features, like quick reply and compose. But in my experience, it’s not very stable and tends to clash with the stock Messages app.

That being said, you can understand my excitement when I saw ‘Messages’ pop up in my Cydia stream today. The new jailbreak tweak, by Ma Jun (the creator of Bulletin), offers up biteSMS-like quick compose and reply features, without all of the extra biteSMS fluff…

messages quick compose

Messages essentially allows you to compose and reply to SMS and iMessages from anywhere in iOS. It blends in perfectly with the stock Messages app, unless you decide to go with the ‘Black Style’ UI option, and can be initiated by both Activator and QuickDo functions.

But before we get into functionality, let’s talk about the tweak itself. Once installed, all of its options can be configured from the Settings app. And those options include setting Activator and QuickDo actions, the ability to disable quick reply and other pertinent toggles.

messages 1

The quick reply feature is by far my favorite, as it enables you to reply to messages from the Lock screen without unlocking your phone. All you have to do is slide the icon to the right on a Messages notification and the conversation will appear with the keyboard up and ready.

And the quick compose feature is just as easy to use. Once you’ve chosen your Activator/QuickDo action, you can open up a New Message in any app or from the Lock screen. Yes, you can technically already do this. But Messages offers some advantages, like adding media.

I’m happy to report that I haven’t had any stability problems with the tweak, and compose/reply windows load quickly. And if you’re not using biteSMS or something similar, I recommend checking it out. It’s $3.99, with a free trial, and you can find it in the BigBoss repo.

(supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but you must be on iOS 6 or higher)

So, what do you think of Messages?

  • Cool tweak

  • i use irealsms and it dont crash

  • I was waiting for a tweak like this. I used BiteSMS before, but I uinstalled it, since I wanted something that was integrating and blending with the native iOS Messages app.

    • If you have Intelliscreen X then you’ve already had it. 😛 You can set activator actions for new texts.

      • RarestName

        That buggy feature wasn’t updated for months and they don’t reply to tweets or emails.

      • jorith

        yeah intelliborn people do SUCK balls… but i never had any problems with messages+

      • They goggle very good I hate everything they stand for

      • I stopped using intelescreen when they wanted $5 more dollars cause o got an iphone 5

      • Bite sms is best cause it has the little indicator bubble in the status bar that u can press

      • I hate that feature! Wish I could disable it.

        It’s nice to see the count though.

      • You can disable the bitesms status bar indicator. It’s in bitesms settings>more stuff. #themoreyouknow

      • That’s why it’s the best?

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      TIP: If you DON’T want to use BiteSMS, ISX, Meassage+ or this latest tweak.

      1. Install Springtomize 2, go to N.Center settings. Change the NC lines from default to 5or 6 lines. Or download some tweak to view whole Messages in N.Center and lock screen.

      2. Install Activator, open it than choose apply anywhere. Scroll down to Status Bar Hold, choose Quick Compose Messages.

      Now you can read your whole message from N.Center or lock screen. Just hold status bar and reply without losing your place. This DOESN’T open Messages App. Instead it just let you quickly compose and once you hit send in disappears. Leaving you right were you left off. This isn’t a true quick reply but it’s works just has good.

      • Not intuitive

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I know it not but its a nice work around. For those not using any of the tweaks I listed.

      • Well this is an interesting concept, but is there any reason why i can not get my “Compose Messages (using modal viewer” to open on lockscreen?

  • paul featherstone

    It’s message+ but better coz its not a beta

  • Dlevi309

    What an original name. :p

  • I regret buying biteSMS it’s such an ugly piece of software and I hate that it doesn’t integrate with the stock messenger app forcing you use there ugly messenger app. I just bought this and couldn’t be happier.

    • Jjjjjpp

      You can hide the native sms app and make bitesms look like it!

      • Lmao really I don’t think so plus it’s much slower. Believe me I tried everything to beautify it but its impossible.

      • Plus, why buy when you can get cracked version for free. Same thing, no ads, no crashes. Search around before u purchase an app, especially on cydia.
        Donating is a whole nother story now. Dont get me wrong.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Don’t pirate.

      • Donating is not same thing as purchasing!!!

      • RarestName

        You’re donating to the developers when you buy their Cydia packages.

      • Donating is not same thing as purchasing!!!

      • RarestName

        You don’t say? I see it as a donation rather than a purchase. Yes, you can pirate them, but you’re not supporting them. If you buy them, you help the developers as well as contribute to the cost for keeping the Cydia store up. That’s why I see it as a donation rather as a purchase.

      • Lol you will go to hell for pirating blah blah blah lol

      • Dude
        I swear I hate people like you. If I find value in something I pay for it. It’s not costing me much if I’m gonna use it. The problem was that I bought it not realizing I would be forced to use there messenger.

    • Just hide bitesms. Its under setting, other stuff. Use native messages app icon. Its simple. Plus if u dont like it, you dont have to use all of its tweaks. Just use wat u need. Bitesms is great if u need it. If not, i can see how it can get in the way or ppl dislike it. Personally for me, irs great.

      • Sorry gonna have to down vote I went as far as creating GUI elements but the problem is its a mess because when I have to search messages in spotlight it opens biteSMS and this is unacceptable the fact that they force you to use there messenger app.

      • bloodshed

        dude, nobody is forcing you to use biteSms! you purchased it and you chose it for yourself, so stop whining!
        as you bought and installed it, obviously it will take over the stock, expecting that’s what you want! or else why install the app at first place!!..well, i feel sad for your purchase, i almost made the same mistake.
        i gotta say i don’t like biteSms at all, yes i think it’s ugly too..used the free version for a while, thought to get an ad-free copy a couple of times, but it’s just not for me!’s got some great features, no doubt, but not enough to convince me to hit that purchase button, or even continue using the free version.
        seeing all your comments, i can definitely confirm it, no more bitesms for me. Messages+ is doing fine, though it’s still a beta!

      • I’m just responding to people here so I’m sorry you feel that way. I was stating my opinion on biteSMS nothing else. I made a direct comparison of those apps. There aren’t to many choices besides Messages+, biteSMS and Messages. I felt the need to compare them and state my feelings about why I think it’s better for me. If you can’t accept that I’m sorry but I can’t help you. I also stated before that it once had the option to use the default Messages app. I believe this type of blog can benefit from peoples opinions. Maybe it won’t fit you personally but it might help someone else realize my point of view. I’m sure both of us aren’t the only ones who think biteSMS has issues, so let’s express it so things like the App Store can be born. That’s the beauty of the internet, we don’t have to agree on the same thing but if something is heard loud enough we can reap huge rewards from the community. I’m happy how far we have come in the jailbreak community, everything is so grown now.

    • BiteSMS is free, unless you paid that $10 to hide the ad.

      • I paid 8 but yeah the only reason I paid is to beautify the ugly style of QR and QC and I had to pay to use themes

      • Alexander L.

        or use flex & patch it

  • Love It Gonna Buy

  • *Cough* Messages+ *Cough*

    • Cough cough the true superior better looking messages+ works great with compose btw

  • This app works great with compose

    • Dude do you ever stop complaining? If you don’t like BiteSMS, its easy, uninstall it. I’m sure Messages is a great tweak but if other people prefer other tweaks or apps, LET THEM USE THEM. They aren’t affecting your life by using Bite are they? Simple, don’t use it, don’t rip people’s heads off because they share a different opinion than you. That’s the beauty of cydia, different things for different people’s needs.

      • WhiTeLioN_0S7

        Man as im scrolling down the comments i didnt even think somebody would speak up. Everybody has their own opinion plain and simple, and to call somebody an idiot just because they found a solution is a bigger idiot. As frustrating as it is ignorant people will always show up, just gotta find a way to make your life better than the app loving, dev ‘s ass kisser, who thinks he got it all figured out, friendly neighborhood prick.

      • Yeah but the way he said it was the problem.
        He came off as I know more because this is how I do it and you and you shouldn’t spend your money on this. They don’t even give the tweak a try before making there idiotic claims.

      • WhiTeLioN_0S7

        Yea but he felt you was being abusive and/or defensive with people. I get you, messages is a fantastic app and its just people will rely on what has worked for them. Kinda like if it works just stick with it you know. But bashing them makes you no better just realize that…

      • Look I’m not telling anyone to stop using what they are using I’m simply stating my opinion. It’s you who’s taking it personal so don’t come at me like that. Everyone who’s in the know has no respect for the biteSMS developers, so I’m gonna continue bashing them as I feel.
        I think this was a much needed tweak so please go back to whatever it is you do and let me be me.

  • Messages+ does the same exact thing and also looks similar

  • bloodshed

    well, i would happily pay 3.99 to save me a few seconds a day!
    how fkn great!!

  • Mark

    I just noticed that when your phone is locked with a passcode, anybody could still sneak and read & write new message.

    • Really? You just noticed that?

    • RarestName

      I’m pretty sure people will email the developer about this.

      • set the action for hitting a volume button, then u can only do it with the volume HUD. yes u have to unlock it to compose a new text, but if you want the security its fine since i dont think every1 is sending new texts as often as replying

    • Bry

      Messages+ or this one in the article? Because this happens when messages+ I have emailed intelliborn and they have not even bothered to reply.

  • I like bitesms, but the quick reply is aweful. Using messages+ at the moment, and its much better. Being able to read the conversation easily in full screen is so good. Il try this and see if its any better though

  • Devam

    The price is a reason why people get cracked apps.. $0.99 would be great for this tweak. Not gonna purchase it!

  • JoshuaHulgan

    This is what I’ve been waiting for out of a quick reply tweak. Works perfectly.

  • Cody, I don’t use biteSMS either… Too buggy for me. But I do use messages+. By far one of my favorite tweaks but its not compatible on the iPad. So I’m going to give this one a shot on my iPad.

  • RarestName

    I love how smooth and native this looks. Way better than the feature in IntelliScreenX.

  • xBlackBird

    much better that messages+ and biteSMS. The only thing I don’t like is the payment methods, it’s not with cydia. The cool thing it doesn’t eat memory 🙂 like the others. very light.

    • To make you feel better they use your email and you can activate it on multiple devices : )

  • Siddharth Desai

    I’ll take bitesms over this anyday.

  • Can someone tell me what this app really is besides activator and iMessage put together?
    I mean you still have to go to notification center to reply!
    Try this again and this time mean it!
    I’m tired of these guys take what’s available at no cost and put them together and charging 4-5 dollars for it!

    • Bite is much better

    • Clearly you’re and idiot nobody has taken nothing and no you can not reproduce this the way you described and the reason this is needed is because there was no real alternative to biteSMS QC & QR

  • is it just me or is the quick reply changing iMessage convos to text?

  • Why so much hate towards BiteSMS? I use it and love it with no crashes. I’m sure this new tweak is great, and I’m glad that there are more options for everyone.

    • Bite is great

    • The developers refuse to allow us to use our own messenger app. They don’t understand iOS Astethics and therefore looks out of place with the rest of iOS. The only thing I wanted was QC & QR. They used to have that but removed it do to competition. Nobody likes developers who don’t give you options. It’s the equivalent of Facebook trying to take over my phones GUI with there new Facebook Home or whatever it’s called.

      • I just change the pink icon into the stock messages icon (it’s somewhere in the settings) while hiding the true stock messages app. It does still says “bitesms” under it, but icon wise it looks exactly like the stock messages icon.

      • I think you are missing my point, the app itself is slow and ugly
        changing the biteSMS icons name and color is easy. I also went as far as to changing the links for the apps. So when you hit biteSMS it launches the real messenger app. Things I could not over come are hiding the true messenger app so that I don’t have what look’s like a duplicate app, and this breaks launching the native app in app switcher. So when you use the app switcher it launches the biteSMS app and I don’t want this. The other issue I could not over come, was the fact that searching messages in spotlight launches the biteSMS app instead of the native one. Believe me I have done absolutely everything and went as far as creating my own themes but regardless of that, biteSMS is still slower to open and slower to refresh contact images if you use something like Cyntact. With the native app it doesn’t even hesitate it’s instant to launch and Cyntact pictures are all ready to go. I want to keep the same messenger app I don’t need all those extra little things that get in the way. I found the whole experience slow an counter intuitive.

      • Is it really that slow? I just tested mine (iphone 4) against my friend’s (unjailbroken iphone 5). It took me maybe 1.5s to load my bite sms application compared to my friend’s messages app. Not that big of a deal for me. Bitesms also has an option to display contact pictures, so I don’t understand what you mean about using cyntact for that…

        But to each his own

      • I don’t use Cyntact I use KuaiDial and biteSMS is also slower to refresh. Launching the native messenger vs biteSMS is also much faster. The main thing is I don’t need all the extra things biteSMS provides. I rather stick with the native app.

      • You would need video to understand what I’m talking about : )

      • You can change the display in ifile var>stash>application>bitesms>search info.plist use text viewer and change bitesms display name to messages very simple.

      • Thanks 🙂

      • I don’t think so but let me know if you want to further your experience with bite

    • Seriously, it’s one of the three tweaks I always JB for….

  • Jimmymk12

    This is honestly a rip of and I feel bad for everyone who bought this! You can just make an activator short-cut to reply anywhere. I did this before I bought biteSMS

    • No you can’t and its not the same thing so go do you your homework btw activator Geatures are horrible.

      • Jimmymk12

        I did do my homework smarty pants. To do this, go to activator-anywhere-(any activation method you want)- and scroll down to sharing where you see compose text. Can I get a #gotem ?

      • Ok you already proved to be an idiot once why repeat what you just said and make yourself look like and idiot again. I’m gonna repeat myself just read it slower. This is not the same thing as what you have described. Yes you can use activator and set a gesture to bring up a QC sheet but I don’t use it this way. Instead I installed compose from Cydia so that I can compose with a reliable button instead of the horrible implementation of gestures activator offers. If Activator was so great at this I wouldn’t have a need for Zephyr another amazing tweak that people think you can replicate with activator gestures but you can’t. It’s about finesse. The main thing this app offers is the ability to QR in a fashion that’s so intuitive and iOS like. I mean I don’t even have to think about it it just click on banner or slide to reply. Instead of taking you out of the app you are in it just brings up the messages sheet and its done. So yes I am a smarty pants I guess because I like to find the best solutions not crippled ones as you suggest.

      • 1andyman1

        You are a douchebag on so many levels.

      • lol you think

      • 1andyman1

        It’s the condescending tone you use to get your point across that makes you look like a prick, even if you’re not in real life. We deal with ‘ignorant’ people every day, and if that’s how you usually talk to convey your opinion, then what do you think that makes you? That said, these messaging apps are all essentially the same to me. I’ve used BiteSMS, but also noticed crashing, so I now use Messages+. Since it comes with IntelliscreenX, why the heck would I pay another $4 to do essentially the same thing, with trivial differences? I have no problem Composing an SMS from my lockscreen, using an Activator command for Messages+.

      • It’s there condescending tone they use to get there point across that makes me want to be just of an ass so you should get it lol

        Example below

        “This is honestly a rip of and I feel bad for everyone who bought this! You can just make an activator short-cut to reply anywhere. I did this before I bought biteSMS”

  • Boss

    Free way to integrate these features plus quick reply for all apps ie. whatsapp etc.:

    1. Download AppSlide for free from cydia
    2. Use activator to create a menu with your apps or actions for opening apps and also for modules such as “compose text” in Activor
    3. Use the activator action to bring up apps or modules while you’re in an app to compose or reply or anything in the app. Press home button to return to where you were.
    4. This integrates greatly with notification center, when you get a text or whatsapp or any notification, simply open NC, tap the app, reply or attend to it, press Home to return to where you are.

    Been doing this since forever, simple, light on the OS, and no extra tweaks or hacks req’d.

    • I got Compose which adds quick compose widgets for Messages and Mail in the Notification Center just like the Facebook and Twitter ones so no need for the Activator menus if you just need those four things. Didn’t know about appslide though that makes things way faster and simpler than having to leave apps and go back to others. All these things for free while these chumps are paying $3.99 for just one simple feature.

    • Was following along with this, but couldn’t figure out how to get AppSlide to work where I could quick reply a new text message. Can you mention/walk through that portion of things a little clearer?

  • Oka im tired of this shit now we need rules in the jb dev community…. We have 100 tweaks that do the same thing for most tweaks then no devs want to work on important tweaks like backgrounder …. IDB needs to tell the devs this and stop reviewing these tweak clones that are clearly folks copying code…

    • The reason is nobody cares about backgrounder because of its history and the way Apple manages memory in iOS 5 & 6

  • I can appreciate the minimalism of this app.

    • Hari

      bite sms loads like 600 files to database, where as this one is 50 files only 🙂

  • I think quick reply is more confortable.

  • just opened a picture message from lockscreen and it doesnt show the pic when you select it..have to exit QR and go into messages to see..

  • Works with Whatsapp?

  • Love it, but iphone goes into safeMode ?

  • it makes my iphone go into safe mode. Dammit!!!!

  • When installed, my home button dont work

  • What’s the name off tweak???

  • Robert Goldberg

    He’s also the author of Dock and QuickDo, my favorite go-to tweaks on all my iOS devices! But for this I use iRealSMS.

  • disqus_NdATMpeA05

    If I have a opinion to raise, I think that one of the feature that messages should add in the next update is the possibility to switch between imessage and text on the fly .. the tweak is already well integrated with iOS and on a deeper level than messages+ if I have to compare cause both of them are alike. This option could straighten his versatility and power. For a 1.0, the tweak is solid and stable.

  • MK


  • sneshewat

    why is tapping the notification banner opening the stock messages app for me?

  • sneshewat

    this tweak is very buggy. There are issues with my bluetoooth keyboard where it will stop responding to typing. It is alsos not compatible with Emblem

  • Greg Aspenson

    Not sure if this app is the culprit, but my iPhone 5 keeps respringing every so often. Anybody else having this issue?