Better Pano Button

Better Pano Button is a jailbreak tweak for those that hate the original grayscale panorama button found within the iPhone’s Camera app. The tweak will allow you to replace the button with a blue button while in panorama mode.

The developer states that having a blue button is for minimalists, which actually doesn’t really make much sense to me. If anything, it’s less minimal than the standard gray button. He also states that it is better, which is, of course, totally debatable. Check inside for a few more tidbits of information.

With that said, I do personally think that having a blue button does look better, but that’s only because it’s my own personal preference. This tweak doesn’t actually change any functionality, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes.

Better Pano Button is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and requires an iPhone 5, or an iPod touch 5th generation in order to work. Be sure to share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

  • why dont the iphone 4 have panorama?!!

    and even tho the CPU is weak, how come my ipad 3 didnt get it either
    ?! ?

    • Walcy Carroll

      i agree, but there are plenty of apps that do the same thing, i personally use the microsoft one, photosynth, it works pretty good, been using it for about a year

      • yeah but the camera app looks so nice 🙁 and my ipad 3 got siri so whats the point?!

    • ram issues

    • Joe Bobbins

      I don’t know but I use a great free app called photosynth to make panoramic pictures, and it can take 360° panoramas.

  • ricky_nguyen

    Why doesn’t this work for the iPhone 4S?

  • Sentry

    When actually taking a panorama photo, the button turns blue with ‘DONE’ text over it (same for the small cancel button on the left). There’s a reason why ‘stop’ inputs are always highlighted where as initiating inputs aren’t (like an edit button vs a clear/cancel/done button, etc).

    So yes it’s personal preference which you may like more, but it’s not personal preference as to why Apple does it the way they do (to fit their UX).

  • Aren’t there any interesting jailbreaks out there to cover?

    • yeah devs are busy making lame stuff like they and they refuse to fix the backgrounding tweak so our apps can run 100% in the background.. so sad.. and im guessing we will see another switcher tweak in 5….4….3….2…

    • workin

      How to get native pano on iPhone 4 or iPad 3 A4 running iOs 6?
      There’s Cydia’s firebreak for ios 5 to enable native pano on A4.

  • This is something I have never really considered before. Seeing the two button types side by side, the original transparent button makes more sense IMO. It may only be fractional, bit it allows you to see more of your photo. If I were replying to this comment myself I’d probably comment on the incremental extra screen real-estate the transparent button allows you to view when taking your photo, but the transparent button does exactly that, and that fact can’t be argued. This tweak fixes a problem that never existed. That point can be argued.

  • I’d really like a tweak that hides the bar on the camera, but not the button, just like here. I know there is already one, but such thing only works for 4″ display devices. I have an iPhone 4 🙁

  • This is dumb haha