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In iOS 5.1, Apple revamped the Lock screen Camera shortcut so that users could access the app with a single swipe. The icon, commonly referred to as the camera grabber, has been very popular with jailbreak developers.

We’ve seen a lot of tweaks involving the icon over the months, and today, we’re adding another one to the list. Introducing Grabber Enhancer, a recently-released Cydia package that adds functionality to the camera grabber…

The tweak has a couple of features. It can either remove the grabber from the Lock screen altogether (leaving just the Slide to Unlock bar showing), or it can make it capable of unlocking your device with a swipe or a tap.

Once installed, you can configure Grabber Enhancer’s options from the Settings app. There’s a toggle to enable the tweak—which should be standard on all tweaks—a toggle to remove the grabber, and the Mode menu.

Inside the Mode menu are three options, Slide Up, Tap and Camera. Choosing Slide up will allow you to unlock your device by sliding up on the grabber. Tap works the same way. And choosing Camera is like disabling the tweak.

Grabber Enhancer works as advertised, but I just can’t see a reason to keep it—there are other grabber tweaks available, with more features. But hey, you may find it useful. And if you’re interested, it’s in the BigBoss repo for free.

  • What are the other Grabber tweaks?

  • Nah just gonna slow down my phone speed

    • David Villamizar

      Da fuck?

  • bloodshed

    thanks Cody..but i’m sorry, why review this at all? i just think if you dedicated that time & effort to review a more useful tweak, it’s even better for readers.

    • Its okay idb has been quiet today so its okay 1 or 2 no usefull tweak but increase knowledge

    • Tr1pTr0p

      What do you think? There are oceans of unreviewed tweaks out there? When they don’t review a tweak, people complain. When they review something, people complain it’s useless and pointless. Why can’t you people be happy and grateful, at least once?

      • Damian W

        for starters Lockinfo 5 was never reviewed, which I find odd for the IDB. Such a tweak dedicated website and does not even mention Lockinfo 5

      • notewar


      • bloodshed

        well, i’m not against the idea of reviewing every single tweak, no matter how simple it is..i just find it uncomfortable to assign a complete topic for only a simple tweak like this!
        as some readers have pointed out it’s good to increase knowledge, i as an opinion, i think if iDB make a weekly (for example) topic that presents a handful of interesting tweaks..a brief description, repo, price for each would be fine.

    • I agree this tweak is useless, but hey, gotta get dem pageviews!

  • Finally some news

  • Read only the title and found a video review on an other channel. Don’t wanna read about a tweak, wanna see how it really works.

  • Crashed on ipad mini… Would be great if developer could fix the prob… Should ne very useful for the ipad

  • you are a waste of time

  • i dont see the point of this at all… would be cooler to add another grabber to allow other functions besides camera when you slide up … like slide up for face book or slide up fro safari

  • What i need is a working redire under iOS 6.1.2….