iPhone 5 promo video (back, black, camera closeup 001)

Part leaks for Apple’s next-generation smartphone, rumored to be the iPhone 5S, have thus far been hard to come by. Back in January a purported speaker assembly for future iPhones popped up, but that’s been pretty much the gist of it.

Until today, that is. A Japanese electronics parts vendor claims to have gotten its hands on a couple of 5S components. The first is a Home button, which looks a bit different from its predecessor. And the second appears to be a vibrator…

5s home button

French blog Nowhereelse.fr points to the photos of the parts, noting that their serial numbers look similar to those on authentic Apple parts. Notice how on the back of the iPhone 5 Home button, the serial number begins with an ‘821.’

So assuming these components are the real deal, what do they tell us about the iPhone 5S? For starters, look at the differences in the Home buttons. The 5S button has a much longer flex cable, which appears to be fit for different internals.

5s vibrator

The second part is said to be a 5S vibrator motor, with a flex cable that looks like it connects to its volume rocker and mute switch. While there’s no image for us to compare it to, MacRumors says the cable is more compact than its predecessor.

Overall, these pieces seem to line up with previous reports that suggest the iPhone 5S will look very much like the 5. The handset is rumored to have an upgraded camera system and a fingerprint scanner, but we’ve yet to see any evidence supporting that.

It’s possible, though, that part leaks will start to pick up in the coming weeks. Most of the chatter we’ve heard points to a summer release for the 5S, meaning that production of the handset should start to ramp up within the next month or so.

  • tells me nothing

    • i actually have to agree lol

    • It’s tells me that Iphone 5S will have home button and will vibrate 😀

      • Uh no actually. These revolutionary features will actually be referred to as the all-new “touch-sensative, interactive home feature, with contours fit perfectly for the thumb in all of us” and the brand-new “oscillating, rippling vibration, acutely and easily detected for those who need to hear their entire fucking kitchen table vibrate while they’re three rooms over, taking a shit in their washroom.” Brilliant, yet simple.

      • Z3r0ViP


    • Manuel Molina

      It tells me that the iPhone 5 will be rereleased, AGAIN.

      Apple is back to selling their iPhones like an iPhone 4 and 4S kind of thing. What a shock, there.

      • Stanley Traub

        Guys the iphone 5S will have …. Siri….2.0!!! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Lol apple fanboys

      • Kurt

        Hey Stanley…My cell provider, the one I have my 4S with, called me today to offer me and my wife FREE iphone 5s….we said, “NO” they have been advertising from iPhone 5s for months but its so bad that they are calling existing customers offering free iphones…they can’t even give it away for free haha cause we said, No ahaha

      • Raul Henriquez

        lol you are so dumb

      • Kurt

        Because I said no? Who really wants an iPhone 5 knowing very well they are going to get a scratched, dented, chipped, bent phone? Surely not I. Give me a sweet plastic 5.5 inch phone

      • Raul Henriquez

        Dude why are you even here if you’re so salty about Apple? This is an iPhone community now move along

      • Kurt

        You’re fat, dont eat me…I have a 4S, iPad and will buy another iPad. I’m here for the iPad, not for the crappy iPhone. Btw, do over weight people crap more than normal size folk?

      • Raul Henriquez

        Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellie

      • Back at it? they haven’t changed…

  • Wow. Camera upgrade. Nobody saw that coming.

  • Maybe, the larger connector of the Home Button means that the iPhone 5S will be wider, with a bigger screen. 🙂

    • Gray

      Unlikely. If it is indeed going to be a 5S, it’s going to be a minor upgrade. Although I think the 5S name is silly. I know it was the 4S and 3GS, but I don’t like these “S” names.

      I’d like for there to be an iPhone 6 with worthwhile upgrades. Fingerprint scanner is nice, NFC chip would be good. Camera upgrade isn’t important. I know it’s a long shot, but a microSD slot would be fantastic, even if it can only be used for storage (i.e. photos, videos, music, but not not apps). Move the headphone jack back to the top. Bump it up to 2 GB of memory. Inductive charging would be nice. Go ahead and bump it up to 4.5″ screen, by increasing width and height both, not just height this time. And this is just physical stuff — not talking about iOS 7 features.

      • Manuel Molina

        This is sad. We shouldn’t have to ask for shit that other phone companies made or thought of first. I remember the days when Apple made something and people played catch up; Siri (though it sucks), the keyboard, the icons, layout, feel… endless things.

        Now it’s like they are so far behind. NFC? Old. Still with a 344 PPI when everyone is at 400 and up. Better battery and software improvements while iOS has yet to change or improve since when? iOS 4? Bigger screen? Just getting LTE but still can’t talk and surf with Verizon or Sprint while other LTE phones can? Apple is behind the curve and just a trend.

        Only things we see change when we get a new iPhone is the frigging background when you get it out the box. And this is what people are waiting in line for? Sheeze.

      • Gray

        The argument about PPI I feel is a little null and void. I don’t notice things like that. Honestly, my phone now has a lower resolution and smaller screen than my old phone, and yet it looks so much better. The colors are so much crisper and more realistic, the text on websites are so much clearer. I think the retina displays honestly make it better to where PPI doesn’t mean that much in the long run. But, that’s just me.

        Also, I don’t understand the whole CDMA issue on iPhone not being able to talk and surf. If it’s only on CDMA networks and not GSM, then you’d presume it’s an issue with CDMA. But if it’s only the iPhone, then you’d presume it’s Apple. I don’t really know what the whole deal is, but GSM is typically better, and is used in a majority of the world. It’s only the US that CDMA reigns supreme. Since I’m an AT&T user, it doesn’t affect me. But I guess it can be an issue for those who are on Sprint or Verizon, so I do think it does need addressing eventually.

        In my opinion, more than anything, it’s that people expect /too much/ from companies. Yes, there are improvements that can be made on iPhone, but it’s unreasonable to expect them to continually innovate every single year. Even a company like Apple, which was able to raise the bar as well as they did, can’t /keep/ raising it. It’s not a walk in the park to create unique innovations that everyone would like. They’re starting to get to where it’s all based on user preference; some people will like the changes, others won’t, and it’s up to the company to decide if it’s worth it.

      • Honestly looking at their patents the past year or so tells me that apple is going to loose out big this year, but I think their planning to bite the bullet here. They’ve got a lot of tricks that they haven’t used yet and I think their going to really kill the competition next year. 5s, nothing yet.

      • With you on this. I own a 5 and its my first iPhone. I know they put a lot of work into their phones and they are the best quality, by software wise they haven’t even.. Ranting done. Flash! There I said it!

      • If you want an Android so badly then go and buy one, nobody is stopping you!

      • Gray

        I had an Android. I never said I wanted an Android again. I stated I wanted some upgrades on the iPhone. I like iPhone, but I do think there could be small tweaks like that — not even all of them, just some of them — that could make it that much better.

      • the 4s compared to the 4 had some worthwhile upgrades, even if the process they use is ridiculous, but everybody keeps saying they are tired of Apple releasing the same phone after phone, yet all of you keep buying them anyway…

      • Gray

        I didn’t say it didn’t. I just find the naming scheme silly.

  • Bob

    I think we’re getting a fingerprint scanner 😀

    I have one for my PC, makes life so much easier. No need to remember website logins, just swipe 🙂

  • pauleebe

    STOP with the “S” cycle.

  • So if apple makes the same shite of sale the same device but with little upgrades fuck i won’t buy it why? Cuz is more important my jailbreak speak events,4 times more icons on the screen so no apple you need move forward and leave the shite of sale the same thing over and over again.

    • Manuel Molina

      If this shit is the same, I’m going to another company. I’m not going to be a puppet to Apple.

      • well your their puppet right now, ‘cuz all you talk about is apple. All you complain about is apple,all you think about is apple, and that’s what they want. And watch you’ll still buy the new iPhone.

      • Manuel Molina

        I got the iPhone 5 and 4S for free – ill live because I never buy the product.

  • Kinda pisses me off. I’m sick of physical buttons. Either make it on screen like Android. Or make it like Droid Razor max where its touch based not push based. The fact that I’m FORCED to jailbreak because my fucking home button works maybe 50% of the time is beyond annoying.

    • nobody forces you to do anything, you choose to void your warranty plus iOS has a feature without jailbreaking that acts as a home button…

  • Erogenix Magdalena