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As most of you know already, Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy S III successor last week, the S4. The handset will sell head-to-head against the iPhone 5 until Apple releases its next-gen smartphone, which is expected sometimes this summer.

While the jury is still out on which handset provides the best user experience — easy-of-use, reliability, etc — the S4 is certainly looking better on paper. It has a sharper screen, a bigger battery, and according to new benchmarks, a much, much fast processor…

Primate Labs, the firm behind the Geekbench ranking system, has analyzed Geekbench 2 scores for the Galaxy S4 (via MacRumors), comparing it to a number of other smartphones including the HTC One, LG Nexus 4, BlackBerry Z10 and yes, the iPhone 5.

benchmark s4, htc one, iphone 5

Notice that the processor in the tested Galaxy S4 is of the Snapdragon quad core variety. This is actually the less-powerful chip of the two that will be shipping with the handset, as some countries will be getting an S4 with Samsung’s 8-core Exynos processor.

That being said, higher processor speed doesn’t always equal a better user experience or faster performance. Apple’s vertical integration of hardware and software, for example, allows it to squeeze more power out of its processors, with much greater efficiency.

It’ll be interesting to see how the two handsets — the S4 and the iPhone 5 — compare to each other in real world use. But unfortunately, we probably won’t see those tests for a while. Samsung says the new Galaxy phone won’t start shipping until the end of April.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    I don’t really like benchmarks. They do show overall device speed, but it’s the experience that matters.

    • if the experience is slow then it matters ;p

      • It’s more about how the OS is optimized for the hardware. you can have an android with 16Gb of ram and quad-crore cpu but the iPhone 3GS would run better with its optimized iOS

      • I think no but it shure does better than a 1Ghz + 512 ram android device also i think taht the low res of the 3gs also help :p

      • My 3GS runs amazing!

      • Anon

        iPhone’s processor isn’t that great. But, we aren’t getting a “slow” experience… I’m getting a pretty good experience I must say.

      • I disagree. The Apple A6 SOC has amazing performance considering that the Snapdragon 600 has twice as many cores at 50% higher clock speed with twice as much RAM.

      • Anon

        I said I was getting a “good experience” with the iPhone 5… So you disagree with it being good? I think you misread my comment.

      • Neil Popson

        You said the “iPhone’s processor isn’t that great,” which is obviously what is was refuting. He was saying he thinks it is pretty great, all things considered. 🙂

      • Anon

        We were talking about speeds. He said he disagreed, then started talking about performance. He basically restated what I said with a “disagree” attached. I’ll restate what I said in English. The iPhone processor speed isn’t that great. However I get a great performance experience. Hopefully you understand what I was saying now, and how that guys “I disagree” didn’t match my comment. You can’t say I disagree and repeat what I said in different words.

      • I use an iPod touch a lot and for me its extremely frustrating sometimes because its so laggy hence why i mentioned a slow experience ;p

      • Guest

        What do you have iPod touch 1st gen?

    • ExRoot

      Lol! If iPhone 5 was at the top you’d be going in about how much it matters and how the the others suck. Lol!!!!

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I wouldn’t because I’m not a dishonest prick.

      • BoardDWorld

        I handle many makes/models of Android phones as well iPhones. Putting it simply iPhone 4 out performs the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus has huge lags playing Shadow Gun vs the iPhone 4 with none. And I had to root the Nexus to get the latest 4.1.2 OS simply because it isn’t available in my country, same with the GSII, still not available. Now with iPhone you just get told it’s going to install, across the entire globe… There’s so many things wrong with android that synthetic data like above means nothing…

      • Very True. Fragmentation on Android is always going to be an issue. What’s worse is if a security flaw needs patching on Android, most devices won’t even get an update due to the carrier not giving a SH!T.

      • Security flaw your an idiot you havent even used the platform obviously! i do everything with google wallet and internet banking on my phone, not for 1 sec would i do this if i knew there was all these flaws and lag and slowness, im running android jellybean its a dam lot smoother and fast than my next doors neighbour whos always hiting her iphone which has tons of lag so get it right!

      • You are missing the point! You are running jelly bean, most folk are not. Does every one have iwallet? Does everyone on Android have a smooth jelly bean update? I think not! Read my comments again and get the point..

      • That’s how people think. you can’t just go against people view.It’s his right and people have different opinion. It’s like your saying “YOU CAN’T THINK LIKE THAT” In other word be Monotonous
        . If you like android,iOs or whatever It’s your choice. We won’t denied it . If he hates benchmark thing than he hates it.

      • Tr1pTr0p is actually a Fandroid.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        You are actually wrong.

      • of course you probably tell me you are neutral and then say “but obviously Android is better”

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I have my complaints with both sides.
        Neutral would imply that I don’t support either side, which is wrong. I fully support further development of Android and iOS, as well as others. I’d be happy with an Android smartphone and an iPod touch on the side for my media, and other iOS goodness.

      • But this is 10000% true!

    • Finally a comment of yours I agree with!

    • iphone4life

      If it comes to experience, then I would have to say ‘boring’ for iOS.. It needs a face lift. The iPhone 5 is a great piece of hardware, but iOS needs an overhaul (or at least the ability for a little customization – we, as users are not clones of each other and some uniqueness with our devices are needed).

    • In the case of the S4 in the real world… Apps will just crash faster. 😛

  • Z3r0ViP

    Now let’s see if that speed stop Android’s scroll lag.

  • I don’t think benchmarks tell the whole story. I think a slower cpu could match a faster cpu if the software is taken into effect on how efficient it is.

    Then again I could be wrong; limited knowledge on the subject.

  • Bob

    But it’s plastic.

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Since when does plastic improve performance?

      • BoardDWorld

        Well considering plastic mould injection is the same process, quantity of plastic, to make a $1 toy you can automatically deduct at least a 1000 points… Maybe that’s what he was suggesting? 🙂

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Deducting points is pointless because plastic does not influence performance. That is what I am suggesting. Plastic has nothing to do with anything but cutting cost, which is completely understandable because all those high quality components (The amazing 1080p amoled display, the processor, battery, and so on.) implemented in the devices do come with a price tag.

      • BoardDWorld

        Yes I understand, but whatever way you want to look at it it is a bit cheap and understates the hardware, even HTC with little sales can come up with something competent. I personally think there is no excuse.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        HTC One! Great point! However, it may understate it but it definitely cannot (simply cannot) influence it. The 3G or the 3GS wouldn’t perform any faster if they were made of metal.

      • BoardDWorld

        Yes, of course not…

      • As a matter of fact, anodized aluminum as used in the construction of the Apple iPhone 5 is a much better material as relates to processor performance as the thermal conductivity is much higher than plastic as used in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Thermal conductivity of the construction materials plays an important role in regulating the temperature of the processor which may result in improved performance characteristics of the processor.

  • Boss

    compare it with some new phone like HTC one or Sony xperia z iPhone 5 is so last year get on that new sh!t

    • Its still not changing the fact that all these models from different maunfacturers all under the google regime are all still targeting a single device, a solo venture into a cell phone from a quiet cupertino company that everyone knew thought just produced desktops and laptops. If apple does add to its cellular variety to have more than 1 model, thats a new competitor for every android operated phone to try targeting again.

  • Gerard Dandan

    doesn’t mean it could play candy crush smoothly

    • hashymlKa

      That’s a game optimisation issue…

      • Gerard Dandan

        exactly my point no matter what specs android gets it doesn’t seem to run smoothly >.<

      • felixtaf

        Yes.. If app not working, then its app optimization issue… Then whats the device optimized for? Phone calls and sms? We dnt need a smartphone to do calls n sms!

      • the appp runs in the OS if the OS sucks the game will suuuuuuck

  • the galaxy is still a year behind the iphone, they just released it after the iphone, so comparing it to last years iphone is useless. compare it to the next iphone and tell me how that goes.

    • Seriously. They were quick to manufacture it for a reason.. To hush the crowd again..

    • they always do that get killed by every ihpone then bring out a news crappy android device and still get killled…lolol

  • But that laggy user experience I don’t wanna feel no more.

    • BoardDWorld

      Ubuntu Touch is coming soon 🙂

  • Benchmark is useless. My droid had a higher one than my iphone 5. But droid reboots, lockup, overall lag. My opinion the 3GS is more stable than any new droid device.

    • Exactly

    • Agreed. They will never understand. Even with the S4’s spec bumps, the i5 will still compete as far as showing how smooth running it is next to something that was built with powerhouse internals. you will never see 1 GB Ram work harder and more efficiently then the i5 at this point

  • lol its screen and higher rez will use up all that power and the crappy android os will ensure tgats its jottery and buggy

    • Tr1pTr0p

      How about you refrain from commenting about Android until you actually use the damn thing?

      • BoardDWorld

        Why? previews of the S4 show that it still lags during simple traditions like notifications and in the photos app… Even after project butter and that huge powerhouse driving it…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Those devices went through hundreds of hands, appeared in just as many reviews, and probably had just as many applications and services running in the background. To reach any kind of a reasonable conclusion, we should wait for official reviews.

      • BoardDWorld

        That’s just the point, on an iOS device I never have to restart or in severe cases completely reset the device like when orientation becomes very buggy and the photo app takes “ages” load etc with Android. The bugginess is simply a clear indication that despite all it’s horsepower the OS makes it a failure. I’m talking long haul.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That friend of mine I mentioned who owns an S3, uses it on a daily basis and I don’t think he ever had to reset his device because of a random issue he had. He did update the software several times over the air. So, I disagree.

      • BoardDWorld

        If you’re ever in a shopping complex full of phone stores go and see how many S3 are not performing like cheap rubbish. Test orientation, test core apps. 2 out of 3 aren’t doing a very good job of being a display unit where I am… iDevices get 2-3 times more action yet they’re still performing flawlessly.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        That is a great idea! I will definitely do that tomorrow, and I’ll record the results on my iPhone.

      • lol dont try to record it on an S3

      • my dog chewed up a GS3 and didnt seem to mind either..

      • Dan

        I’ll get downvotes for simply pointing out this fact, but on my Note 2 and my wife’s GS3, we’ve NEVER had to reboot due to lag or bugs. I close down all my apps and wipe memory every day, but that’s just because I’m OCD like that, used to do it with iPhone as well.

      • you need to sell those

      • Dan

        Actually we sold our iphones, we were tired of the bland OS. It’s nice actually being to do what you want with your phone.

      • yes exacty right and sad too

      • BoardDWorld

        And remember Android is crapping itself on stock software. You could give sympathy it it had been rooted and crammed full of dodgy apps. It’s failing under normal day to day use. It’s like Windows… :S

      • exactly like Windows…loll which is why ji will never own one..

      • nah i conclude now that its suuucks

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Why am I arguing with you? You’re just an ignorant little child. Grow up, please.

      • Exactly my point.. its really sad that new super powerful android phonos still suck on a basic level.. even the great HTC ONE has the laggy android issue

      • Guest


      • really? you reviewed one I guess?

      • i will never again use a crappy android… but i will always mention that android sucks cause i go to stores and try them out and they suck..

  • Rodney Coleman

    Ummm with a 2 quad cores it better be faster

  • Jimothy

    I need to get an android. I’ve never used one, and I’m very curious.

    • same here dude…. 🙂

      • BoardDWorld

        I would say save yourself the money but you’ll appreciate iOS better in the end.

      • Jimothy

        I’ll just borrow one for like a week. No sense wasting money, right?

      • BoardDWorld

        Yeah, that’s an excellent way, but go a month…

      • Jimothy

        If I can get a friend to let me borrow one that long.

      • I’ll add my experience if it helps. I started with an android a few years back running android eclair. Rooted it eventually. Experimented with rom builds and what not. My opinion in the end: not so user friendly and definite lag. Rooting to update to a recent OS build was a pain and varied from device to device. This is my third iphone since leaving android and despite the same old UI its stable and dependable. I’ll stay for the quality of my product and can stand to wait for some UI cosmetic changes longer

      • Kurt

        Android from a few years ago and now is a very different story. A big plus for Android. iOS from a few year ago and now is very much the same story. A big negative for iOS.

      • Kurt


      • Kurt


      • BoardDWorld

        Core functionality is the same across both platforms, improving the performance of core functionality has vastly improved in Android. The only time Android changed was when iPhone was a huge hit and Google veered away from copying Blackberry to ripping iPhone. It’s still boring…

      • but its still a a sucky story tho

      • Trol alert.

      • Kurt, all android has done is add features. The OS itself still isn’t smooth regardless. And i started with my experience with android from its release. I just had a S3 in september and returned it 2 weeks later for the i5. It may have vastly improved compared to before, but not enough to make me leave where i’m comfortable. I’m not one to be moved by kiddie toy features added to a phone. I wanna a smooth, responsive, and stable experience and android has not beat my iphone at it, short and simple. And u can use the same crap others do to try to knock the iPhone, but that same UI has been kicking over 90+ different phones running android’s asses since its creation. If it’s not broken, why fix it? The only company that’s even made a decent android phone is samsung and they just started. Android success over almost the last 2 years has been pretty much solely due to Samsung sales, but even the main 2 Samsung phones have nothing separating them but a stylus (the S3, Note 2). and we know the S4 is the same accept for spec bumps so.. What is different about each to where u can say it sets them totally apart from each other? Have fun with that. there’s about less than 20% of android users even using the current version. Close to just as many running android 2.x.x and the rest are somewhere in between (honeycomb, gingerbread, froyo). So when u want to inform me of Android’s “improvements” pick a version first and start somewhere. android users all say its good but yet you’re all on different versions not even getting the same experience as each other to collectively be able to agree with each other on whats better. Save it for the next guy. again, 90+ models from different manufacturers with differing features and android versions, and yet all are compared to this one teeny tiny apple phone since 07′.. speaks for itself.

    • Change is really hard. It’s bit hard to figure out at first but after a month ,you’ll be able to handle it like a pro. I used it but because of lag. I stopped using it.

    • Dan

      Most people are judging android based on pre-ice cream snadwitch days. If you really want to get a feel for android, try a good device (GS3-4, Note 2) running jellybean. Very smooth and user friendly imo. What I like about it is the customization options. Apple is great, but I don’t like how much control they have on my device.

      • Jimothy

        I was gonna borrow the GS3.

      • Dan

        GS3 is nice, but even then, I noticed a big difference between GS3 and Note 2, much smoother

      • I actually got the pleasure of using a Galaxy S III for a couple days the other day and i have to say i did like a few things(not really) but after having to reboot for the 12th time on the 3rd day of use i had to call it quits, i respect android but i still enjoy the vertical integration and stability of ios

      • im judging it based on the latest BS that is on demo in stores..

      • Dan

        You have a right to prefer apple, but if you’re trying to say that Note 2, nexus 4 and gs3 don’t operate smoothly, you are the one who is full of ‘BS’.

      • not really cuz he’s comparing it to the smoothness of running an iphone

    • Johnathan Jennings

      If you’ve always been on iOS then you won’t be impressed by the quality of the OS. But it works and it has more functionality than iOS.. Overall I like android, but I couldn’t have an android phone as my daily driver.

    • Blendi Krasniqi

      Nexus 4,it’s cheap and you will love it…

      • Jimothy

        My intention wasn’t to start a fight.

    • might as well try crack cocain too ii hear its great

    • dan

      I tried android .. and I almost crashed it ! no phone is better than the iphone if its jailbroken ! u got everythin u need ! android is a lady software ! thats why u see samsung and other companies work too many hard on the cpu speed and ram !

  • Ernie Marin

    WAIT LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT, SO THE MORE CORE A CPU HAS THE FASTER THE DEVICE IS, I THINK MY MIND JUST BLEW AWAY!!!!!!!, yeah for me this is bull, the reason Samsung needs such fast cpu is only to run the graphics on the GUI, which is why the iPhone has a dual core, just enough to run games perfectly, but with a simple GUI, and to be honest my favorite GUI has always been the HTC ones, it’s clear without too many graphics in the way, easy to use and small enough to allow space for customization of icons, but without losing anything.

  • Om Soni

    Well that’s pretty obvious because the Galaxy S IV has a quad-core processor, whereas the iPhone 5 has a dual-core processor.

  • The iPhone 5S and it’s A7 Quad will fix this!

    • BoardDWorld

      In all honesty there is simply nothing to fix, not even with the older iPhone 4S.

  • Benchmark on top, Android still lags….

  • I am intrigued that a smartphone which has a Snapdragon 600 SOC (1.9 GHz quad-core Krait 300 CPU with Adreno 320 GPU) and 2 GB RAM is only “almost twice as fast” as a smartphone which has an Apple A6 SOC (1.3 GHz dual-core Apple A6 custom ARMv7 with PowerVR SGX543MP3) and 1 GB LPDDR2-1066 RAM).

    The performance yield of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is spectacularly low considering twice as many cores at 50% higher clock speed with twice as much RAM. Furthermore, Apple is able to provide near market leading battery performance with a capacity that is nearly only 50% the capacity of the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S4. The question then is, why does anyone make the spurious claim that Apple isn’t innovative.

    Beyond that, the Geekbench benchmark actually offers little value. Geekbench is measuring overall processing and memory performance rather than task-oriented computational power specific to a modern multi-touch user interface.

    Much more interesting benchmarks are available:
    GLBenchmark (Mtexels/s, Mtriangles/s and FPS)
    RIABench focus tests
    Mozilla Kraken
    Google V8
    Google Octane
    SunSpider JavaScript

  • It is faster but still the device will lag because the OS sucks

  • It’s just my personal opinion that benchmarks and system specs really don’t matter to me; end user experience does.

    IMHO, the 4S was fast enough, the 5 is just excessively fast.

    How much more processing power do you need to play games, browse the Internet, watch videos and share pictures on facebook?

    I think you’re going to see the market get to the point where specs are awesome, but really make very little difference in the end user experience anymore. For what most people use their phones to do, the amount of power is just excessive really. That doesn’t mean I won’t continue to buy new phones, however I think you’re going to see that the software and overall user experience is going to become the issue people decide their mobile purchases over.

    The features that the S4 has been shown to have are cool, but IMHO, I don’t think I would actually USE any of them on a routine basis; just like I really don’t use Siri for anything very often, other than maybe as voice to texts when I am driving.

    Again, this is just my opinion. I don’t think Samsung is doing anything wrong, I just think the smartphone market in general is going to reach a certain point where increases in specs don’t really matter as much as it did back when we were all using 500 mhz processors and 128mb of ram.

    FWIW, I like android, and I don’t think it is a BAD OS at all. I own a couple android tablets (namely the Asus Transformer and the Nexus 10) and I LOVE them. My fiancée has an S3 and being the tech geek that I am, occasionally I ask her to swap phones with me. I like it, but I just prefer iOs’s buttery smooth and reliable performance, even despite it’s age. I consider my jailbroken iPhone 5 to be the PERFECT platform for me. I like other android phones, but the overall experience just doesn’t do it for me, and also my preference is for a slightly smaller screen. I can’t comfortably fit the S3 and other larger android phones in my pocket, whereas the iPhone fits perfectly. Again, these are really just PREFERENCES. I don’t know why everything always has to devolve into some senseless fanboy war.

    • BoardDWorld

      Not entirely true, that comment is based on what is current, as tech advances so does the need for processing power. For example recording in 4K or air playing games with upscaled textures to match the TV screen. Also you have to consider what someone like Apple has under the hood but isn’t released based on tech not being ready or profitably viable. It could however dither sales to some degree while tech requiring the power isn’t available. But only for those who purchase for a reason and not because a company brings out something new, this is a very small minority though.

      • I see what you’re saying, but 4k resolutions on a screen the size of your hand?

        Just seems excessive. The 1080p resolutions of today are about as your eyes can make out now as it is.

        I guess if hardware changes occur in the future that allow for radically new features to come about, and require exponentially more processing power, then it makes sense.

        I just don’t really see how many more functions you can pack into a smartphone, or at least functions that people will actually use.

    • Truth! +1

  • barjwoods

    Guys, Android isn’t that laggy any more….

  • batongxue

    Highly Doubtful!
    S3 even higher than iPhone5???

  • batongxue

    BTW and FYI, the so called 8-core is not the real 8-core.

  • Of course it’s faster. It’s a full generation ahead of the iPhone 5. *facepalm*
    I’m sure the A7 chip (whatever it will be called) inside the next iPhone will be right on par with the benchmarks coming from the HTC One, SG4, etc..

  • Its a cellphone at the end of the day, not a PC. Real world usage is most important.

    • BoardDWorld

      Ubuntu Touch 🙂

  • AMB_07

    This should come as no surprise, I would be quite disappointed in Samsung if the GS4 didn’t far outclass both the iPhone 5 and GS3

  • Michael Stair

    Passmark shows iphone 5 higher than all these phones except the s4 of course its not there. So these benches really are garbage and prove nothing. Obviously s4 will be higher but 2 benches completely contradict one another.

  • ive had a iphon 3gs 4 4s and 5 i had a SG3 and although i choose my 5 over it, it was one awesome phone only the scrolling and sensitivity (slight lag) made me not keep it. i will be getting the SG4 (realy an SG3s) but hopefully samsung has stepped up and beat my iphone5 if so hopefully the iphone5s/6 beats that one and so on. let samsung and apple fight we will just choose the winner and in my eyes samsung are getting closer to holding the belt!

  • Kurt

    If you’re an iPhone user then benchmarks/specs don’t matter. We have no choice. Android users have choice of different phones so they care about specs. Why no one really understands this point is beyond me.

  • Hyr3m

    No shit.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Yet.. S4 still has lower frame rate than iOS… not as smooth scrolling as iPhone, hence not as good experience,,

  • Adil Hussain

    I recommended you do the Samsung S4 vs iPhone 5 😀

    …feel like a sir!

  • Scott

    Well, with a 1.9 GHz quad core processor over the iP5’s 1.3 Dual core processor I would hope that it is twice as fast. Otherwise if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be using that as on of my main selling points for the phone.

    I like the looks and the thought of the SGS4 but am pretty sure I am sticking with apple since I have so much invested with them. Mac mini, iP5, ATV3, iPads. All my stuff works awesome together. The iPhone and ipad do what I need on a daily basis without issues. That is what I need. I am looking forward to seeing what is up apple’s sleeve for the next ipad mini and iPhone.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    I am really tired of this idiotic comparison and Samsung’s aggressive marketing. You can’t force to me to buy a phone less than a year later, just cause it has more RAM or faster CPU – doesn’t work like that. My money doesn’t grow on a tree, there’s no mammy or daddy to purchase a new one for me, either bring some real innovation or just write down another quarter losses.

  • Sukhy

    I think the iphone is better, it fits in my bond perfectly

  • bcrew5

    At this point no need to headline the iPhone anymore – put up the next closest competition!

  • regkilla

    The iPhone 5 got a great benchmark score for being dual core.

  • and battery life?

  • You need all that extra processing power when the OS isn’t optimized to handle the hardware. It’s sad when it has almost twice the processing power but still lags on basic functions. My iPhone 4S 64GB is still running like a champ, never a single slowdown.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Mention Samsung anything and exclusive iDevice users get so emotionally attached to their iPhones lol. “I love my iPhone? I squeeze it really tight and tuck it in at night” lol. Damn its just a phone. I dont love any device. I love my family and friends. I just like my galaxy 3 over iPhones. Ive had iPhones for over 4 years..thats more than enough to just base my opinion. Only reason im not getting a Galaxy S4 is that my contract will be up in January. So by then a new iteration should be on the rise in a couple months. I never bought iPhones back to back either always skipped a generation.

  • When i did the throw benchmark, iphone 4 seemed to go a bit further than the S3. The premium finish iphone 4 has better bounce factor while the s3 will break apart thus losing the momentum.

    On 3 occasions, the iphone 4 went further by 88.8 meters combined.

  • felixtaf

    “LG accuses Samsung Galaxy S4 of violating its eye-tracking patent”

  • Sweet! Now apps open that much faster!

  • I’ve tried Android phones. I’ve tried Windows phones. Maybe I’m spoiled by my iFōn’s immediately responsive UI and better finger tracking but in spite of those super fast benchmarks, I find getting around my iFō to be much snappier.

    *Disclamer* this is an OPINION and MY EXPERIENCE. Some of you flamers don’t seem to understand this concept.

  • AnthonyJCRM

    Benchmarks is really irrelevant especially when you’re comparing anything to an iPhone. The iPhone is clocked at 1.3ghz daul core with 1gb of ram and over takes android’s overrated specs. Why is that? Easy ios is 100% much more soild os. Why is that they have quad/octa cores with 2-3gb rams and yet still lags. I can never understand that. Even the 1st iPhone performs well to an GS3. Honestly the iphone don’t even need an quadcore but mostly likely will. What is does need is more RAM! That’s the only downside. I bet apple can still beat the GS4’s benchmark with an over-clocked daul core processor. How pathetic.

  • They have 5 inches of Room to put hardware in. It better kick the iPhone 5’s ass in Benchmarks. Anywho, nothing beats a jailbroken iPhone!

  • lol I am sure once you put jelly bean 4.2.2 on the htc one, these scores will be even closer.

  • Now lets take off the widgets running and all the intalled stuff that makes android so much better to use just like a computer! and use the same engine with no extras like the iphone! LIFTOFF! Now bog down a iphone 5 with widgets and installed data like android, im guessing the iphone wouldnt even last the distance on that little processor!

  • what wallpaper is on the iPhone?

  • where is xperia Z!