mail enhancer pro

Good news on the jailbreak front this week. The popular Mail Enhancer Pro tweak has received a fairly big update, bringing it to version 2.0. The update includes full support for iOS 6, and a handful of other improvements.

For those unfamiliar with the jailbreak tweak, Mail Enhancer Pro, as its name suggests, enhances the stock iOS Mail app by adding features like multiple signatures, custom notifications and sounds, and much more…

If you want a full rundown of the tweak, we have an older review of its predecessor, ‘Mail Enhancer,’ which included a lot of the same things. Otherwise, there’s a list below of all of Mail Enhancer Pro’s popular features:

  • Multiple Signatures (even HTML capable) for each Mail Account
  • HTML Usage for Mail Composing
  • Rules for incoming emails: Mark read/flagged, notification, move to mailbox, delete
  • Custom notifications (Vibrate x-times, Show/Hide Popup, Sound file or iTunes Rington, Speech)
  • Announce emails using Address book names
  • Use volume buttons to dismiss notifications
  • Mail Highlighting in inbox (using different colors)
  • Inbox filter (Show unread/flagged/all with a single tap)
  • Quick actions (Mark read/unread, flagged/unflagged, delete) using swipe
  • Select/Deselect all mails in inbox

And here’s the change log for 2.0:

  • Added: iOS 6.x support
  • Added: Dropbox Settings-Backup & Restore
  • Added: Option to let rules “watch for changes” of your mails
  • Fixed: Address book Rule Condition
  • Fixed: Swipe action “move message” not showing a cancel button on iPad
  • Changed: Rules can now trigger for incoming messages that are unread
  • Changed: Rule Colorize now supports Body-Conditions

I actually used to be a big fan of Mail Enhancer Pro on my iPhone—mostly for the Quick actions—before I moved to exclusively using Mailbox. But this update looks pretty solid, so I may have to get it going again on my iPad.

Mail Enhancer Pro 2.0 is free for everyone who owned the previous version. Otherwise, it’s available in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $4.99. Oh, and for folks that haven’t updated to iOS 6, there’s also an iOS 5-friendly version.

  • @Mailbox is better.

    • Kurt

      I use Yahoo’s Mail and it’s also better. Why can’t the stock mail app let you add a photo after you start writing an email as you can in Yahoo’s Mail?

      • Itstheappleguy

        It does. Tap to bring up the copy paste pop up, then insert photo or video. On iPhone tap the > then insert photo or video. Hope this helps.

      • Kurt

        Thanks so much! This was implemented in iOS 6. I didn’t know about it. For years I’ve been so frustrated with apple for not giving us this simple feature. Better late than never I guess thanks again for letting me know~

  • wonderboydave

    i still like how mail enhancer pro filters out the unread mail, so I can just do a mass delete afterwards. really good stuff.

  • Hamza Qulatein

    Hey, can anybody help me with this size mismatch problem
    i’m having ever since I jailbroke my phone.

    • problem is in your internet try this steps

      first one try to download tweaks from other sources

      try to make configuration for ur router

      try to download from other net connection

      i made it with my phone 5

    • wonderboydave

      refresh your resources. thats about it.

      • Hamza Qulatein

        Tried to and still..

  • mailbox is good

  • That tweak is pure awesome, well worth the money

  • Havent got my mailbox

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Mailbox made Apple’s Mail irrelevant for me…

  • Milad Khahil

    Mailbox only support Gmail , and I have multiple email so i had to remove it 🙁

    • altheablue

      You could have your other accounts forward to Gmail. Know it’s kind of inconvenient, but could work.

      • Anon

        I have a Google account with my Outlook email. I’m not looking to make a Gmail to have my Outlook mail sent to it just to use Mailbox. I wan’t to know why they would make a mail app that only supports Gmail? and give people a 1 million user line just to use it. I wish they would have waited until their application was ready. This includes servers ready to handle users, and application finished with support for most email clients. I say, they would have been more of a success. I know many who’ve passed it by just because of the email support, and even more just because of the line.

      • Mailbox will be supporting other accounts in the future, and gradual roll outs are always the best way to smooth over bumps along the way.
        There’s a lot of “behind the scenes” that means you can’t just add more email providers – Mailbox has their own servers that actively push/sort/snooze your emails, which I’m sure will look different for each email provider.

  • bloodshed

    i hate how apple monopolizes everything, while their stock apps are, to a point, pieces of crap comparing to other third party alternatives.
    i like Mailbox, but it’s available for gmail only ..i also use sparrow (perfect for all email accounts in my pov) but apple is not allowing “push” feature to be integrated with it, which is the only drawback it has. Apple knows by allowing sparrow to include that feature, nobody will be using their stock

    • Anon

      Are you sure it’s Apple preventing push notifications, or it’s just Sparrow not implementing the feature? Push notifications are an allowed feature, Apple will not deny apps for including push notifications.

  • Pat

    Sparrow is the best option. Still there is no push working although having downloaded sparrow+. ..

  • Jeff should really review AnyReminder. It’s soo damn good!

    • Damian W

      and many other tweaks he missed recently.

  • Damian W

    MailEnhancer is the most complete email tweak out there. Must have for most people.

  • Ian

    Mailbox all the way. 😀

  • how does one get the free upgrade ? (i owned the previous but still get taken to paypal

  • Anon

    Very good tweak. HTML signature with no length limit ready to go. 🙂

  • Still in the Mailbox queue 🙁

  • Does it support push notifications?

  • I was really missing this tweak, very glad it’s back for iOS 6

  • You’re probably right about just adding more accounts, but think about this –

    if they have a million+ waiting list with just gmail, how much more would they have if they supported other email providers? In line with their “slow rollout”, it makes sense to limit how many providers are available at launch.

    also, the way gmail handles labels might be different from other emial providers (who use folders), don’t know if that affects the way Mailbox snooze behaves.

    • Anon

      Or, they could just buy the amount of servers they need. They will eventually have to expand their servers. Why not get that out the way first? Unless, they don’t have the money to do that, and by allowing the free app to gain revenue they can buy more servers. That makes sense. But, they’ve already been bought out. So, money shouldn’t be a problem now. I’m looking forward for Outlook support.

  • Anon

    Looks like there is a way, they just don’t want to do it. Apple isn’t preventing them from using push, they simply aren’t allowing them to use an VOIP API for email. They should just buy the servers, store credentials, and secure them just like companies secure their servers.