If you’re a heavy user of Apple’s Reminders app, then you’ll quite possibly have nudged up against one particular issue that some find irritating while others will likely have never even noticed.

The issue in question is Apple’s assumption that people will only want to set reminders in five minute increments, meaning you can’t set a reminder for 09:13, for example, unless you’re creating the reminder with Siri’s help. It might not sound like much, but if you want to manually set a few reminders to alert inside a five minute window, then you’re out of luck.

That is, unless you install a new jailbreak tweak that popped up in Cydia today…

Named “In a Minute,” the tweak is free and available via the BigBoss repository. Once installed, it will simply add one minute increments to the standard time wheel when setting new reminders inside Apple’s Reminders app. That’s it, short and sweet.

The tweak itself was inspired by a similar solution for the Calendar app, called “Every Last Minute,” which just goes to show that the jailbreak community is always looking to itterate, filling gaps as it goes along. It’s one of the reasons we love jailbreaking here at iDownloadBlog, and thanks to the great developers out there, things will only continue to improve.

If you’ve never even noticed the Reminders app’s time-based limitation, then chances are you won’t be rushing to download this particular tweak. If you have, though, then it’s well worth a look.

UPDATE: The developer of the tweak let us know that it actually modifies all standard date pickers system-wide, not just in the Reminders.app.

  • Ah I see you’re using Tap to Remind. Excellent.

    • christodouluke

      That picture is from the cydia description, it’s actually the dev using tap to remind.

  • I’ve never notice. Because most of my reminder are set up by Siri. But it is an insteresting tweak

  • Bob

    I wish I could keep my reminders in my notification center, that should really be a feature in Intelliscreen X.

    If I could add a reminder to my notification center and for it to stay there forever until I dismiss would be a dream come true!

    I know if you set a reminder to a date and time, then set it to remind you daily, it will stay there, but it will start beeping at the time you set, everyday.

    • I’m sure you can set that IntelliScreenX’s settings? it says show reminders from: then you could set it to like the latest one there is? Let me know if this helps you!

      • Bob

        Already tried it, it only shows if there’s a date/time associated with the reminder.

    • I think “Reminders+” and “Lockinfo” should make it. That’s The Way I get reminders in NC.

  • A new Writer? Welcome!

    • Oliver has been involved with iDB for a long time but he recently had a baby, which of course is taking lots of his time. Thankfully he can still find some time here and there to contribute to the site 🙂

      • Mathi_11

        Doesn’t he write for Redmond Pie? Just wondering.

      • Yes he does

  • Mr. E

    You have to remind yourself to be awesome? 😛

  • is there any tweak that sets badges for every reminder you set without having to set a timer. I’d find a tweak like that pretty useful

  • TheAsianDVD

    I stopped using the default reminders app a long time ago. Too basic.

  • I would like to be able to set a particular day of the week. I hav an iPhone 4 so no Siri.

  • Guest

    Hi! Thanks for writing about this tweak, I’m the author of it :-P. It actually modifies all standard datepickers system-wide, not just in the Reminders.app (though that’s what I personally use it for). It should work in any app that uses the standard date picker. Yup, even with the “Tap to Remind” Cydia tweak, which I love.

    • haridsv

      I wonder if you can make the same change for ICal too.

  • anonymous

    Piece of Crap