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Folks that are really into customizing the look and feel of their iOS devices will be happy to hear that a new tweak just hit Cydia this week that will enable them to take things a step further.

Animer, by Hashbang Productions, is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize the animations for a handful of features in iOS including notification banners, and the app switcher…

Once installed, Animer can be accessed through your Settings app. The UI is straightforward, with the menu showing just 3 tabs: Notification Banners, Alerts, and Multitasking Switcher.

Tapping on any one of these tabs takes you to their configurations pane where you can tweak their settings. Options include style, speed and zoom, and you can preview the changes instantly.

Here’s a video of Animer in action:

I’m more of a minimalist kind of guy myself, so I don’t install tweaks that have to do with iOS animations and things of that nature. They’re not necessary, and in my experience, slow things down.

But that’s not to say that you can’t do some cool stuff with tweaks like Animer. And if you’re into that sort of thing, you should definitely check it out. It’s in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for $0.99.

Have you tried Animer yet? What’d you think?

  • its me? or that gray background make my eyes bleed?

  • Raven

    yes but difficulty accelerate 🙁 2 tweaks pulling away with

  • Damian W

    nice tweak, I hope they gonna add more features in next updates. It definitely needs some extras. Kind of similar tweak to Chip.

  • Justin H

    … this type of tutorial/video should not be iDB approved.

    • RarestName

      I remember the days when iDB used to review all of the tweaks that come out and people kept on whining about how much those videos have “wasted their precious time”.

      • Justin H

        It’s not that, its more along the lines of branding for the reader, we come to the blog site to enjoy iDB news, not others news.

      • Kurt

        I don’t get it. None of the news on this site is about iDB. So none of it is “iDB news”. Do you mean, created by iDB? So you don’t like this videos since it was made by the developer and not by Cody?

  • Yay! You guys took my suggestion to review it 🙂

  • Nice font in the video ;P

  • *watches video* Uhhh … what just happened.

  • Mesh

    Does anyone know if a tweak exists that lets you background the new youtube iOS 6 app while keeping the audio playing?

    • yeah Music Controls Pro is pretty badass it lets you do that and a bunch other stuff like control music through swipes when the lockscreen is off..
      i bought it when it was on sale for 4 bucks but i think now it’s more than that

  • alright, did you have fun making that video? now, how about you let Jeff do the videos?

    • That’s not a iDB video , that’s was made by hashbang.. That’s the clip on cydia

    • Guest

      Jeff’s Videos are crap now.

      • micaiah

        Dude. Thats just mean. Jeff’s videos are really good. you just can’t go around dissing on Jeff’s videos without a great reason.

      • Guest

        You are retarded… Jeff’s Video are the shit now, when watching a review I actually wan’t to see a real device and gesture of hands.

      • You’re using “the shit” for the complete opposite meaning. FYI.

      • That wasn’t jeff video

      • Guest

        I wasn’t talking about about this video…

      • Then you need to make it clear that you was not talking about this clip.. Like others on here who were

  • looks lame

  • jeez, speed that video up a bit, why don’t you…

  • El_cano2008

    I prefered Chip!!

    • HELL YAH JEFF COVER CHIP! I spent like 3 weeks looking for an app like CHIP! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Animer is soemthing that has been around for a long time in CHIP and CHIP has more abilities, and then cover it WITH DIET BULLETIN! PLEASE#!!!!

  • I liked the video format. It was quick, showed a lot of the options, and exactly what it did. Too bad my phone is way too slow to handle any more tweaks though 🙁

  • Milo

    More like Animal

  • Kurt

    I liked the multi-tasking animations. But I wouldn’t slow down my phone anymore with this tweak. Thought it’s nice to see a tweak that can do more than one thing.

  • sam445

    how to install ithemesky to my iphone 4 is it good cydia app

  • Fadhli Fahmi

    it would be great if this tweak support emblems

  • Marten

    Let Jeff do the Jailbreak and Video stuff 😉

  • their are whiners and their are people who have suggestions. and its clear that 75% of readers just whine about what they dont like on here with ANY suggestions.. GTFU