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A few hours ago we reported that the evasi0n untether package available in Cydia had been updated to version 0.4, fixing some problems a few users experienced during the boot-up of their device.

Just like the companion Cydia package, the desktop version of the evasi0n jailbreak has been updated to improve the boot-up time of some iOS devices jailbroken with the tool…

Updated to version 1.5, evasi0n should now improve the boot-up time of devices that were affected with the issue. This new version also comes with an updated Cydia package list, which is automatically loaded onto your device during the jailbreak process.

The evad3rs have been really quick at updating evasi0n. Earlier this week, they released evasi0n 1.4 which brought support for iOS 6.1.2. Despite all the updates, it appears that a few users are still experiencing issues with the Weather app, which had supposedly been fixed with evasi0n version 1.1.

This being said, if you don’t have any problem with your jailbroken device, there is no reason to do anything special. If however you’re experiencing issues, we suggest restoring your device in iTunes and jailbreak it again with evasi0n 1.5. Note that doing a clean restore (ie. not restoring from backup, but setting up as a new device instead) is always the preferred solution as it can prevent lingering issues such as battery problems and such.

You can download evasi0n 1.5 from our Download section. For those of you not sure about the whole process, we recommend checking out our detailed step by step evasi0n tutorial.

Once your device has been jailbroken, make sure to check out our list of the best jailbreak tweaks for iPhone.

  • I’m on version 1.4 but still get apps closing all the time. Very unstable jaibreak. I regret ditching my 5.1.1 absinthe jb for this one.

    • ExRoot

      I agree. I hate my phone now. Con’t trust what will happen from minute to minute. Constant crashes, apps won’t open, freezes!! I also regret it.

      • Todd Young

        What have you guys installed, in terms of modifications from Cydia? If you’ve installed Auxo, there’s a known memory leak bug that the developers are trying to squash in their next update, that causes apps to forcibly close and the phone to eventually crash.

      • I have a fresh restore. I have followed all instructions. I have auxo tho. Maybe that could be it.

      • Remove auxo and see if it works.

      • ExRoot

        Thanks for the Auxo info. I do have Auxo installed. Will delete.

      • Reset as a new phone then use your itunes backip then re jail break with compatible apps from cydia… Too many people implant old apps and thats whats causing problems! Listen to the Jailbreak Masters!

    • 200% agree with u, 5.1.1’s JB was FARRR more stable then this new update… I HATE it when without any sense my apps shutsdown and they wont open again until i respiring my i or work in the safe mode. It seems like either Cydia apps arent stable on ios6 or evasi0n is not actually stable for those apps.. I wish RedSn0w is listening us..

      • This is what happens when millions of people DEMAND an iOS 6 jailbreak. The developers were pushed to get a working jailbreak done for the public. We should be glad that there is even a jailbreak. I think at one point people just gave up on an iOS 6 jailbreak.

      • I never get apps closing, ever. Besides, if redsn0w is going to implement the iOS 6 jailbreak into the application, it’s going to be the SAME evasi0n jailbreak that’s been out for a few weeks.
        Btw, the creator of redsn0w Musclenerd also participated in the making of evasi0n…

        (iPhone 4 GSM, iOS 6.1)

      • Restore and don’t install appsync.

      • you are an idiot !!! 5.1.1 is a completly different jailbreak.Do you have any idea how many hours went into this jailbreak,btw-Should I dare say FREE JAILBREAK !!!! And it just keeps getin better and better with each update! These guys haven’t stoped workin on it since its release.show some respect and appreciation mister ! thanks guys for your work!

    • Ali

      Nobody forced you to upgrade. You have nobody to blame, except yourself. Should have waited a few days to see if anyone reported any problems.

      It’s funny how people complain when they don’t have something (iOS6 JB), and even when they do have something.

      • Joseph Rizzo

        Dude, stop hatin’ on the guy. He admitted that he did something wrong, and didn’t start a fight with anybody, so lay off. Also, Douglas, if you were jailbroken you can restore using your Cydia blobs and then re-jailbreak with Absinthe.

    • Just restore the device. My phone did this but I just restored and everything was fine.

    • Cliff Here

      agree 100% but I blame apple 6.x not the jailbreak alone
      I have a 4S and I’m on my 3rd install of ios 6 + evasi0n and each update gets a little more stable 6.1 and 6.1.1 were horrible and in the last 24hrs on 6.1.2 i’ve had no issues other than the weather app needed fixing again.

      Big thanks to the team for not leaving us hanging

    • I had the same problem when I updated to 6.1 and JB. When 6.1.1 came out, I updated but restored as a new phone then JB and everything is fine now! Restoring from backup will copy whatever issues you had from your previous jailbreak over.

      • No matter how many times we make clear that you should restore and set up as new phone (not from backup), it still won’t be enough. Restore restore restore and don’t use your old backup!

      • Was there any recommended way to restore-as-new, jailbreak, and then transfer over your old information? SMS, Call History, Application data & settings etc.

      • PKGbackup.

      • I use iDrive to backup all my contacts and AppBackup to backup my application data.

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    • Matthew

      Make that first comment!

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      • Rtethndhnhgn

        What did it say?

    • David Villamizar


  • Update causes iPhone 5 to freeze up when launching apps randomly requiring a hard reboot

  • Does anyone know how to fix auto-brightness problem?

    • I think that’s been a problem ever since iOS 6 first came out.

    • Cliff Here

      hit sleep button 2 times
      I only have this problem with a Auxo respring

    • yader

      Go to a dark room, in settings turn off the auto dimmer switch first, then bring the dimmer slider all the way down to lowest dim position, then turn on the dimmer switch again. then place phone near a light bulb and it should automatically brighten up again. Like a dimmer reset.

  • CptJason

    I have a wifi problem :/
    it is just my ipod cause i can use other device in my house that use wifi and they work perfectly but ios 6.1 seems to have ruined it for me so i hope my problem will be fixed when i update to 6.1.2!

  • with this jailbreak I’m getting size mismatch when installing a tweak. tried a fresh restore for a couple of times already, same problem. Went back, used the 1.4 version and installed the updated cydia package. now works fine

    • I don’t think its a problem with a jailbreak. Cydia does that all the time. Just try to install it later.

      • well a fresh restore and a jailbreak is always better. And I noticed that it messes the battery percentage also. Before jailbreaking my battery percent was 90% after jailbreaking it became 95%, what a boost! haha

      • Didn’t you plug your phone in to jailbreak? This probably charged your phone a bit…

      • True. That’s what I did. Restoring always helps.

    • Download icleaner, Apply it, and refresh sources in cydia

  • Tobias

    I had something problem with safari, it loaded up as usual. But crashes very often. Why is that? I am on iOS 6.1.1 on My iPhone 4 evasi0n 1,2 untheterd and now updated in cydia recently. Hoping this goin away. Or i just have to rejailbreak. tweaks: auxo, winterboard, display recorder, zephyr.

    • Re-Jailbreak. Once you restore and jailbreak the problem should disappear

    • Joe Benning

      get rid of Auxo!

  • So I’m not the only one experiencing app crashes?

    • Joe Benning

      you are having low memory crashes, its either Auxo or Lockinfo

      • Ah. Must be Auxo then. Maybe that’s what’s effecting my app badge for DataMan Pro too.

  • Joe Benning

    If you are having low memory issues, uninstall Auxo!!! I had 30mb on 4S, now I have 275mb.

  • D1M

    Only issues I’m having are constant resprings with Auxo. 🙁 any other good multi task tweaks guys?

    • D1M

      Note: Using SwitcherMod at the moment.

    • RarestName


    • Switchy

  • Mike

    I had to reactivate my iPhone 4 because my brand new iPhone 5 is not working after the jail break. I have done jailbreaks before but never had a problem like this one. Only shows Apple symbol now. Never ever again will I jailbreak. It’s not worth it. So done.

    • Johnson

      And in about a month, maybe two, you will be back to jail breaking again, thus putting you right back where you started lol

  • For the ones blaming the jailbreak it’s self..restore your device and set up as new do not do any kind of restore from backup..Now with a clean iOS 6.1.2 in your device jailbreak it.. When that’s done open cydia and let it do all the stuff it does.. Now turn of the device and reboot.. Now this is the import bit don’t install any thing , run the device for a few days if you have no problems install one tweak and one tweak only. Run the device again for a few days .. See where i’am going with this, test each tweak one by one to see what’s causing the device to crash

    • And don’t install appsync.

      • Don’t install any kind of hack software. Pay for your apps

      • why you trolling, you don’t like it go away, like the saying goes STFU and GTFO.

      • Your joking right.. Do you know what trolling means ? How the hell is saying don’t steal apps pay for them trolling..
        Plus as that’s your 3rd comment on here I’ll leave it at that..

      • I’ve just read your 3 comments and it looks like tea leaf ..I think you will find most on here don’t steel and the ones who do don’t tell others they do it..and because you not very bright everyone on here now knows that you steel apps..

    • 1andyman1

      Good point. If your phone is crashing excessively , chances are it’s just one (or possibly two) tweak causing it. In my case, running 6.1 on iphone 5, NCSettings was the cause of my crashing. After removing it, everything ran fine. After noticing this, I will not install any Cydia package unless it specifically states in the details that it’s updated for iOS 6.

  • Does anyone know what’s the problem ..?! I have no signal to my wi-fi on my iPhone,and my iPad is full signal..what’s this?:(

  • Tom

    Ios 6 is faster on iphone 4 than ios 5 everything loads faster

  • woojoo666

    Anybody else have a 30 second respring time? I tried disabling all tweaks with sbsettings to no avail…

  • Ricky

    I’m getting a package list error on cydia is there anyway to fix it on ios 6.1.2?

  • sharique

    On my ipod after jailbreak ios update is not comming

  • sharique

    On my ipod after jailbreak ios update is not comming

  • How do install AppCake without appsync, it automatically installs it when you install appcake?

  • whenicamearound

    Just a question, Am I the only one who’s having problem with weather app (crashing) after the update was installed?

    • no you were not the only one… 🙁

  • Yopop

    After updating to evasion 1.5 my iPhone 5 got stuck in DFU loop. I need help please. I’ve tried TinyUmbrella and that Terminal thing but no luck. Thanks for helping.

    • im restoring mine right now, i guess thats the only solution… 🙁

  • Advice needed, I have jailbroken my 4S iOS 6.1.2 using evasi0n 1.4 and now evasi0n 1.5 is here pls advice how shd I go about doing so? I have read some wonderful comment below on how to restore and set up as new phone is the best options … If restore and set up as new phone how to get old information i.e. SMS, Call History, Application data & settings etc.

  • Najib

    hi, is anyone facing a problem slow with iphone boot time? i have a iphone 4s, after i jailbreak evasion 1.5, the boot time take around 45second. Is that normal?

  • This post has 69 comments. It would be a shame if…. someone RUINED it….

  • JAG

    I usually wait a few weeks before I jump at the new jailbreak, but this time I jumped in after just a couple of days. Initially, I had lots of crashes and hiccups. I discovered all my favorite apps were not immediately compatible. Even those apps that were posted as 6.1 compatible were not consistently working for me. I think my mistake was re-installing many apps from my “previously purchased” list, rather than doing a new Cydia search and fresh install. Over the last couple of weeks, more apps have been updated and my 4S is much more stable. I’m on 6.1.1 now.

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  • nick

    it dosnt let me jailbreak because i didnt jailbreak full redsnow i restarted it and triend evasi0n and i dosnt work it says get a untether package whats that

  • John

    Doesn’t seem to be working on iPad 4..
    It doesn’t recognize the device, so the “jailbreak” button doesn’t appear.

    Any ideas?

  • Alejandro Level

    I just applied the evasi0n 1.5 to an iPhone 4S but don’t know how to activate my AT&T phone, I’m abroad. Any ideas?

  • khaled

    Jailbreak Icon doesn’t appear during Evasi0n?

    • John

      I have the same problem…

  • hi friends i have iphone 4s and i got it updated to 6.1.3 throgh wifi from iphone 4s after update i found that there is no cydia installed on my phone and i forget to save shsh blobs and now i m downgrading my phone or jailbreking my phone through sonwbreze and redsnow but they are not accepting firmware 6.1.2 or 6.1.3 so now how can i get my phone on previous firmware which is 6.1.2 so plz help me on this i m so angry on thats kind of msgs from redsonw and sonwbreze coz they are not accepting those firmwares plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me plz help me