iPhone 5S (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

According to one analyst, Apple’s suppliers are getting ready for iPhone 5S manufacturing, which should commence in March with a likely summer introduction in mind.

With the next-gen iPhone just a few months away, Apple is apparently winding down some iPhone 5 manufacturing as sales of the handset are “decelerating faster than expected”.

Per the rumor-mill, the iPhone 5S will be a mid-cycle specs upgrade sporting a faster CPU/GPU (likely a new A7 chip). Rumors are also suggesting a higher-resolution camera (possibly a 13-megapixel sensor). Some think Apple will for the first time offer the iPhone in a range of colors, though the handset is expected to retain the current two-tone industrial design…

BusinessInsider relays a note by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek where he claims that Apple has cut its build orders to thirty million iPhones, down from forty million units. The analyst warns that “suppliers seem to be prepping for iPhone 5S builds to start in March.”

iPhone sales are typically on the rise in the first two quarters of availability before dropping off significantly in the next two quarters ahead of a new model launch.

In addition to the iPhone 5S, a set of conflicting rumors previously mentioned a larger 4.8-inch iPhone, though it’s not clear whether Apple will launch that device this year or in 2013

  • Gus Me

    “Apple will launch that device this year or in 2013…”

    It is 2013…

    • Gray

      The ironic part is that the link is about a jumbo sized iPhone supposedly being released in 2014.

  • decelerating sales? its hard to sell iphones when pretty much everyone has one, its pretty hard to gain market share in a duopoly

  • CollegiateLad

    You lost me at analyst…

  • KyawZinHein

    Hope Iphone 5s

  • I WILL BE SKIPPING THE 5S… the iPhone peaked at the 5… im ready for something new

  • Well if the iPhone will come in more colors I think it would kill it. Black and White is what makes the iPhone an iPhone. Please don’t try to be like Nokia or others that think that by adding color will make the product better well it doesn’t.. You can get a case the original i the best

  • Adriano Matos

    So much f****** analysts!

  • I believe sure the demand might be lower but it could be because some of those folks got the iPhone last quarter. And it’s very common for demand to drop outside of the launch quarter. Plus how much lower is it and who is judging the ‘decelerating faster’. Is it Apple or this analyst who is basing it on who knows what information? It could be that no it isn’t at all overall but that fewer folks are going to the outside resellers and that’s the information this judgment is being based on — that the carriers etc are seeing fewer sales in their stores so that must mean that no one wants the iPhone from any source.

  • bebot

    why is it that any iphone cant download drectly mp3 frm any browser nor cn it share and receive files via bluetooth to and from any computer? lame. waste of precious time using all those cords.