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Earlier today, Apple rolled out iOS 6.1.1 to iPhone 4S owners in an effort to fix the widely reported 3G performance problems. Evidently, some kind of bug in the week-old iOS 6.1 firmware was causing service, and consequently battery, issues.

Obviously, the first question on everyones’ minds is “will the new update break the evasi0n jailbreak?” And we’re happy to report, that per planetbeing, it doesn’t. It looks like iPhone users on iOS 6.1.1 will be able to continue jailbreaking

The only snag is, you’ll have to wait for the evad3rs to tweak evasi0n a little bit to work with the new update. We’ve tried jailbreaking our own iPhone 4S on 6.1.1, but it appears that the popular utility doesn’t recognize the firmware. So sit tight.

As usual, we’ll let you know as soon as the new version of evasi0n is available.

Now, for those of you still on iOS 6.1, you’ll want to make sure that you install the update for the ‘evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether’ package in Cydia, as it disables over-the-air updates. You don’t want to accidentally install an OTA update in the future.

You’ll also want to make sure that you save your SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1. Typically, Apple stops signing the current firmware when it releases an update. And while we’re not sure if it will this time since 6.1.1 was 4S-only, it’s better safe than sorry.

Stay tuned.

  • Just about to put a link on a previous post to the tweet..oh well roll on the update and it shouldn’t take long ether ..I think with in 24 hours

  • So .. What should I do now if I have a jailbroken iOS 6.1 on iPhone 4s ??

    • Curious too… Wish there could be an evasi0n update that fixes this for 6.1 jailbroken… I don’t wanna wipe it and start all over again already. 🙁

      • I’d update to 6.1.1 anyway since it’s the latest for 4S, you can just backup your data using iTunes or iCloud and there are tweaks to backup your Cydia packages too. You never know when Apple will fix the Evasi0n exploits!

      • try pgkbackup

    • I’ve just finished downloading Cydia tweaks and arranging my icons on the springboard .. God it will be frustrating if I had to repeat that over again

      • pkgbackup and if you use Mulitiicon mover and use folderenhancer. Once you re-jailbreak and do pkgbackup and folderenhancer is installed it puts all your apps in the folders where they belong. So Awesome.

      • I’m only using springtomize 2 .. I did a backup but this is the first time I use it .. I don’t know if it will work

      • I’ve used Appinfo from cydia to make a list of all downloaded tweaks and sources

        Then I used the backup feature in Springtomize 2 to backup my icon arrangement on springboard

        Did a backup in iTunes

        Then a restore to iOS6.1.1

        —- The trick was to not allow iTunes to sync the apps before you JB and install Springtomize

        So after the restore I stopped the sync then JB using Evasion 1.3

        Then added the Cydia sources and tweaks including Springtomize 2

        Then Synced using iTunes

        And Voila .. I had all my apps nicely arranged in their folders just as before the software update

        Hope this help u guys

    • If you have a jailbroken 4S on 6.1, you should wait for the evasi0n update. At that time, we will give you more information. You’ll likely have to update/restore via iTunes, then run the newer version of evasi0n. But of course, if you’re not experiencing any issue right on 6.1, I don’t see any reason why you’d want to update to 6.1.1.

      • You’re so rocking biteSMS right now, aren’t you Sebastien?

  • Damn this Evasi0n jailbreak must be so tightly-woven. Such impressive work, even though I know really nothing how a jailbreak really works. Made a Pay-Pal account recently so I could donate. Just waiting for it all to be set up!

    • They released the jailbreak a week ago, so they haven’t had much time to patch it.. Even so, why patch only 1 device and give the Evad3rs a headstand on breaking the patch that you’re eventually going to use on all devices?

      • iospixel

        The real reason why they didn’t patch the JB is the importance of this fix. I can imagine the mobile networks are leaning on them hard and releasing a buggy hotfix that tried to do all would of really pissed the guys they do business with off.

        Remember the majority of apple’s handsets are sold to networks.

  • preparing to restore when jailbreak ready !!!

  • n0br41ner

    Damn another update? Oh well i guess we are gonna do it all over again 🙂
    Wish paypal works in my country so i could donate to the evad3ers.

  • missleading headline. can’t find the “but” in the article.

    • not the first time this has happened on idb

    • But evasi0n needs to be updated. See embedded tweet. See paragraph 3

      • But this is a more a “and now” than a “but” since I’d expect some negative facts following the “but”.

      • The negative fact is that you have to wait because evasi0n hasn’t been updated yet

      • that isn’t negative at all since i had to wait more than 8 months for this f***ing jb ;P
        couple of hours don’t make a difference…

    • iphone4sgamer

      The but is that they have to update the Evasion Jailbreak so that its supported for iOS 6.1.1

  • Tricki68

    If you are not having issues, then why update to 6.1.1? I’m using a 4S & am not having the battery or service issue’s.

    • mike hagen

      verizon 4s. i am.

      • Tricki68

        Read my post I said “if you are not having problems”. Obviously you are, so you need to update.

      • mike hagen

        just letting people know out there. might just be a carrier problem.

    • Justin Stein

      I’ve been having battery issues with my 4S since 6.0.1. Battery life on my phone is worse than Android, and I am switching anyway in a few months.

      • Tricki68

        Switching to android? ,worst move ever. Good luck with that

      • Brory

        Worst move ever? You spelled Best wrong. A Good android device is not only cheaper than an iDevice but is much more hacker friendly.

      • much more hacker friendly? by doing what? have a more complicated and time consuming way for rooting it, having no way of centralized, unified support for patches, fixes and apps compatible for all devices…hmmm – no – a switch from ios to android makes no sense at all, it’s not going to be cheaper if you have an iphone and must BUY another android device.
        switching like this burns money and has no benefits.

      • Z3r0ViP

        Or it could be just your battery not the firmware…

      • Justin Stein

        Been on the phone with Apple already, twice, each time for 20 minutes, sent them diagnostics, said the battery is reporting that its ok.

  • Tom

    ‘And we’re happy to report, that per planetbeing, it doesn’t.’

    Does, or doesn’t? Does, surely? That’s a typo, right?

    • Does the update break the jailbreak. It doesn’t.

      No typo here

  • Luis Finke

    Someone should make an OTA app for jailbroken phones, that updates the software but not the jailbreak patches

    • That would be great.

    • I doubt that will work, otherwise it would have been attempted. The firmwares are codesigned so something that is modified will not be able to work. I could be mistaken, hopefully. That would be really nice though.

    • Hallsville3

      I doubt that would work as well, because they have to use vulnerabilities in the software, and if apple patches those, the jailbreak would probably be corrupted and unusable.

      Even better, why doesn’t apple just let us jailbreak easily?

  • queen_ir3ne

    Who else is having issues with the following (jailbroken w/ evasi0n 1.2):

    – Springboard going into safe mode when an App Store app is deleted
    – Weather failing to update on iPhone/iPod Touch
    – Siri crashing on iPad when you ask her what the weather’s like

    • uninstall appsync sounds like its a problem with a tweak and or package appsync causes problems uninstall and reboot after the respring

      • queen_ir3ne

        Nah, I don’t steal apps. I don’t even have appsync installed. I literally just found out on Twitter that CyDelete caused the crashing when uninstalling apps

      • nice find and well done

    • This is because you have appsync installed 😉

    • look, i had the same problem when i deleted an app and then iphone reboot is easy to fix this, first of all u need to restore again ur device to 6.1 and set it as new iphone then jailbreak it with the 1.2 evasion and problem solve easy i hope it helps, it helps to me 😉 JustMeJip2 From Venezuela sorry for my bad english

    • rain111

      – Springboard going into safe mode when an App Store app is deleted
      Delete Cydelete… thats whats causing the problem.

      Weather… its weird, mine works fine, but when I open the application is fine, just use the notification center weather to check it for now until they release a fix…?

      Siri part… no idea, I disable it on both ipad and iphone.

      • queen_ir3ne

        Figured out Cydelete was the problem. I did a fresh restore and update. I didn’t even restore from backup. Then I jailbroke with evasi0n 1.2. What’s funny is that previously, I jailbroke with 1.1 and all was well as far as the weather waks concerned. 1.2 messed things up.

  • disqus_XR6yJps0X6

    I have an iPhone 4S jailbroken on 6.0.1 firmware. Should I stay on 6.0.1 or should i update to 6.1.1 and jailbreak again? I’m from germany and with 6.0.1 i do not have an problems with my 3g network.

    • stay where you are if you have no problems no need to redo everything again for all we know 6.1.1 might have some other problems. i would stay at 6.0.1

      • should update to be on latest because you never know when apple will patch the jailbreak

    • backup your jailbreak stuff with openbackup xbackup or aptbackup then backup your device normally wait until new evasi0n version then restore jailbreak download your backup package and hit restore

  • iphone4sgamer

    Do I have to wait for the evaders to release the updated evasion or can I use the current evasion jailbreak for iOS 6.1.1

  • sam

    i have an iPhone 4 gsm with ios5.1.1 can i restor it with ios 6.1 or is it too late to do so? cause it’s stuck in apple logo i don’t know why! please help!

    • update cydia

    • you can still restore to ios 6.1 but do it soon and do you have any siri ports installed and do you have openssh installed?

    • try using tinyumberella and see if you can boot out recovery mode there are fixes for this just google it also if it doesnt work or you cant do it you might aswell restore to the latest firmware for you is 6.1 and jailbreak it 6.1.1 FW is for 4s only

    • update cydia it ill solve it

  • ousstanding

    Anybody unsure of what to do, should wait till the evaders release their updated version of evasion…

  • asdlb4

    6.1.1… The new 5.1.1?

    • sadaN

      I just hope it lasts a long as 5.1.1 did and as a stable as…

  • loli

    when will 6.1.1. be available on other devices?

  • ElmoHus

    Can idownload blog do video of the best tweaks in ipad and iphone please

  • No thanks, I’ll stay jailbroken. Hopefully it will only for for 4s users.

  • mike hagen

    ok complete themes say 6.1 compatible but when you try to buy it says not supported. iphone 4s 6.1. any help?

  • Cant you just jailbreak the 6.1.1 tethered using redsn0w and then download evasi0n from cydia to untether it?

  • klawins

    Gevey ultrs S works on iPhone 4s with 6.1.1?

  • klawins

    Gevey Ultra S working on iPhone 4s with 6.1.1? Need to know..

  • Guest

    Gevey Ultra S working on iPhone 4s with 6.1.1???

  • Manalee

    this time my iphone 4s on 6.1 and jailbroken,,,i should update or not? i want to unlock my device which is locked by carrier ??

  • looks like they arent signing anymore…

    • stop talking smack retard. they are signing it just fine.
      dont listen to ignorant trolls people go to trusted sources like iClarified for info….

  • disqus_m5eGald6Mh

    I am currently at tethered jailbreak 6.0. I have read that you just need to download evasi0n 6.0-6.1 in cydia but the problem is, I can’t find it. Cydia’s not showing any results when I search evasi0n 6.0-6.1. Help please. Thank you.

  • disqus_m5eGald6Mh

    I am currently at tethered jailbreak 6.0. I have read that you just need to download evasi0n 6.0-6.1 in cydia but the problem is, I can’t find it. Cydia’s not showing any results when I search evasi0n 6.0-6.1. Help please. Thank you…..

    • If you go to YouTube look up the evasion jb most ppl post the link to download the evasi0n jb tool btw make sure you put the number 0 towards the end ie; evasi”0″n hope this helps easiest jb tool BY FAR

  • ashleytatewill@gmail.com

    So I tried to jailbreak my phone yesterday using this new version. I have a iphone 4s under verison 6.1. But my tmobile sim card is not working. I cannot open the cydia app even if i’m connected to the internet. I tried to see if I can reinstall but it says my phone is jailbroken. please help. 🙁

  • ashleytatewill@gmail.com

    But it did not work on my phone. I have a verizon that I need to unlock to use tmobile. 🙁

  • haile

    hi there i have 3gs iphone with an ios 4.1 , i have been waiting this day i need to change/jailbreak the ios to 6.0.1 using evasion , please provide me detail procedure and how can i unlock after jail breaking

  • bammer

    anybody have their actual phone app crashing on startup? I can only get to it through contacts – 4s 6.1

    • bammer

      resolved – it occurred to me to figure out what post-jailbreak tweaks I used that directly linked to the phone app. it appears that disabling the “voicemail icon blocker” and resetting has brought my phone app back to normal

      • Hi could you tell what exactly you have done ???? I’m having the same problem but i just don’t know what to do ?

      • bammer

        I had installed the “voicemail blocker” from big boss and I decided to try disabling that and it worked. I re-enabled it and ended up with the same problem. I have had to reset my iPhone several times this week so I disabled several tweaks that were newly added after ios 6.1 update in order to cure problems, so there are many. But that was the solution for the phone app lockup I’m sure. Go to a settings-system wide settings – mobile substrate add-ons to disable the toggles. Hope that helps.

  • osmane

    I want to ask question….if I jailbreak my iphone 4s with no sim in it at the moment…will it unlock the iphone? or do I need to pay someone to unlock it first?

  • I’ve just done this new jailbreak for 6.1.1 (don’t know why, my 4S worked perfectly fine on 6.1) and now I have some really strange booting problems. It takes about 3 times longer to boot (apple logo flashing on and off) and sometimes it boots just like a semi tethered jailbroken device does. Any suggestions guys?

  • Please help while jailbreaking iphone 4G using 6.1 all process goes corect but when the time comes to tap the jailbreoken icon there is no any such icon …. I tried jailbreoking several times but there is no icon please help

  • //
    – it occurred to me to figure out what post-jailbreak tweaks I used
    that directly linked to the phone app. it appears that disabling the
    “voicemail icon blocker” and resetting has brought my phone app back to

    Hi could you tell what exactly you have done ???? I’m having the same problem but i just don’t know what to do ?

  • adnan

    i have jailbroken my iphone 4s ios 6.0.1 but my sim wont work

    need help

  • russ

    will it work for 1.5.5 for ipod touch 3g what will happen if I try?

  • is there a link 2 get sb settings so can use my galaxy ace

  • atz

    I have update 6.1.2 software on my ipad I tried to jailbreak using evasi0n , it didnt work, even after unzipping the file I connected to my ipad2 and it didnt even move when downloading, can some one help me, what if I use redsnow?

  • yalmer13

    So my iphone 5 is jailbroken and it crashed and went to the apple logo and i got it back to the homescreen but all my changes went back to normal but the weird thing is theirs no safe mood and its just a normal iphone again? And it has the music apps from cydia amd they still work how do i get my phone back to how it was?

  • Joe Solis

    Check out my blog for help with jailbreaking 🙂 ” fastjailbreak. blogspot. com ” any questions just comment on it