Sn0wBreeze Restore

iH8sn0w has released a significant update to his popular jailbreak utility sn0wbreeze tonight, bringing the software to version 2.9.8. The update includes several improvements, as well as support for the new iOS 6.x untethered jailbreak.

As you know, the evad3rs released evasi0n yesterday for both Windows and Mac platforms. And that should handle most of your jailbreaking needs. But for those of you looking to try something different, you might give sn0wbreeze a shot…

Of course, sn0wbreeze has a few caveats. For one, it’s a Windows-only utility. And it only works with older devices. But if you happen to fall into both of those categories, the app is actually pretty powerful. Here are the 2.9.8 release notes:

What is New?

  • Added 5.2/6.0.x/6.1 untethers provided by evad3rs
  • Added iOS 6.1 support for iPhone 3GS, and A4 devices.
  • Fixed Hacktivation issues on 6.0.x.
  • Fixed some iFaith mode bugs.

I should note AppleTV 2 stuff such as XBMC is currently broken. So you may want to hold back on updating until your favorite tweaks are updated and available.


  • Use iFaith mode after selecting/downloading the appropriate IPSW for your device. You will then be prompted to browse for SHSH blobs for the IPSW you have selected.
  • Remember to enter a PWNED DFU state with sn0wbreeze’s iREB button in the top bar of sn0wbreeze prior to (SHIFT + Restoring) the custom signed IPSW!

A5(X)/A6(X) Support?:

As stated many times in the past, sn0wbreeze cannot be updated to work on A5(X)/A6(X) devices until a low level exploit in DFU or iBoot is found and made public.

A5(X)/A6(X) Baseband Preservation/Hacktivation?

For those running A5(X)/A6(X) devices and need to preserve your baseband, there is nothing you can do at the moment. For those wanting to hacktivate, the only advice I can give is to buy the carrier’s SIM (the one its locked to obviously) on ebay. The SIM does not have to be activated with the carrier to activate the phone.

Known Bugs/Issues:

  • Windows 8 users currently need to use this workaround to run sn0wbreeze.
  • First boot on an AppleTV 2 for 5.1/5.2 firmwares has funky glitches. Should be fixed by updates pushed via repos.
  • iPad baseband will fail to flash on iOS 4.0 –> iOS 4.2.1 restores.
  • iPod Touch 2G 4.x.x restores fail (fix coming soon).

It’s also worth noting that iH8sn0w has updated f0recast for both Windows and Mac as well, to support the latest scenarios. The app can tell you if your device is jailbreakable or not, and also shows you your available SHSH blobs stored on Cydia.

As usual, you can find the latest versions of sn0wbreeze and f0recast on our Downloads page. If you’re an expert, feel free to dive right in. Otherwise, if you’re looking for help, I imagine it won’t be too long before Jeff comes around with a how-to video.

  • Wilson

    Do I need to rebuy intelliscreen x ios 6 library cuz I only purchased the iOS 5 one and I do not really want to buy it again

  • steelblued

    In what situation would I use this instead of evasi0n?

  • cydialover

    please help me out!! i tried it and after sn0wbreeze bar finished, normally it was supposed to start agaın but it didnt. it again entered dfu mode. and i wonder if this sn0wbreeze preserve baseband?

    • Yes It Will Preserve Your Baseband Try To Restart And Do It all Again.

      • cydialover

        yeah i tried again. and it worked

  • One of the best things about evasi0n is no DFU mode!

  • cydialover

    i tried it with my 3gs 5.13.4 baseband. and after sn0wbreeze bar got finished, it is supposed to start for welcome screen but it didnt work. and i tried it again. and it worked, went perfect. i am just telling if someone experience this, trying again would fix problem. i am having a good time with my ios 6.1 now

    • piti4ek

      What do you use for unlock? Ultrasn0w fixer for 6.1 is out?

      • cydialover

        ultrasn0w will work on 5.13.4. not necessary to wait fixer for 6.1. but now cydia is so busy. it is hard to install ultrasn0w. i keep trying to install it.

      • piti4ek

        For what do i need fixer?

      • Guest

        if you just install ultasn0w on cydia, there will be no problem.

      • Guest

        even though cydia is so busy, i got succed to install ultrasn0w from insanelyi repo. i have 5.13.4 baseband and i thought ultrasn0w will work it. but it didnt. i am trying to figure out. when i do, i will type here.

      • cydialover

        it works now with ultrasn0w 1.2.8 on cydia

      • piti4ek

        i see only 1.2.7
        Where did you get 1.2.8?

      • cydialover

        ultrsn0w 1.2.8 is available on cydia now. i just installed and it works. it is unlocked. do the same. u will see it will be okay

  • guys how to sync cracked apps to itunes there is no installous

    • buy them

    • There’s a way to work around it. Don’t ask here though, go google or figure.

  • i installed whats app on my iPod and now it is not syncing to itunes

  • Bomirr

    Working perfect. Simple and fast.

    iPhone 3gs Old BB. Unthered Jailbrake 6.1. New Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 work perfect on 6.1.

    • cydialover

      how did u get 1.2.8 ultrasn0w. i cant reach it.

    • cydialover

      which baseband r u using?

      • Bomirr


      • TomND

        That’s the firmware version not the baseband. Look for “Modem Firmware” in SettingsGeneralAbout.

      • Bomirr

        ahh BB 🙂 06,15,00 ofc 🙂

    • Sabby

      Hi.. can you share how you restored Custom 6.1, my iTunes says Firmware file not compatible.

      • cydialover

        do it with sn0wbreeze. when u open up sn0wbreeze, u will see iFaith mode. select this and find your ipsw file. then find shsh blob. go to general and click activate. then build ipsw. there will be a file on desktop on your pc. use this file on itunes. i u search about sn0wbreeze on google, u will have more informastion.

      • Bomirr


      • sam

        I have the same problem as well. I tried latest version of itunes on win7 and win8, doen’t work.
        Also when I reboot my ip4 most of the time I stock on apple logo

      • Sabby

        Thanks, i was able to jailbreak using sn0wbreeze. But the problem is iTunes does not detect my iPhone 3gs anymore.
        Tried with both iTunes 10 and 11 (windows)
        Any suggestions ?

      • cydialover

        Yeah that is also my problem. i am trying to figure out. i did also same. İf i find out, i will tell and if someone figures out, tell us please.

    • Thanks.. Gonna update my 3GS.. I am on 5.1.1 now, BB 05.13.04 🙂

      • cydialover

        if i were u, i wouldnt try it now. ultrasn0w is not available for now. maybe it will be okay soon. but for now it doesnt work

      • cydialover

        it is available now. you can do it 🙂

      • Thanks for the heads up man 🙂 Haven’t done it yet, waiting for cydia to become more reliable

    • cydialover

      ultrsn0w 1.2.8 is available now. it works perfect

    • is it require to preserve baseband while upgrade to ios 6.1(iphone 3gs).plz reply me…is it unlock carriers using ultrsnow 1.2.8

      • cydialover

        you must preserve baseband with custom firmware by using sn0wbreeze and then install ultrasn0w. thats it.

      • after preserveing baseband and updating to ios6.1,then can i use evasi0n to jailbreak

      • cydialover

        if u get custom firmware from sn0wbreeze, it will automatically jailbreak. installing it on tunes will be enough. it will do everything then.

    • Nebo

      I hope thats Right cause i will make an Experiment Based on these info my friend .. thanks for share 🙂

  • SBSettings broken in 5.1.1 after it was updated for 6.1. Crashes when trying to open. Not sure who to tell besides here in the comments.

    • cydialover

      i use ncsettings and it also crashes. it will prolly work when it releases with new upgrade

      • A new new upgrade. The new broke it. 🙂

      • cydialover

        i meant it will be okay when cydia packages fix themselves

      • Hopefully. Was hoping to wait a while before going to 6.1. Thx.

  • jordi

    my itunes dont recognize my iphone 4

    • cydialover

      do it with sn0wbreeze. when u open up sn0wbreeze, u will see iFaith mode. select this and find your ipsw file. then find shsh blob. go to general and click activate. then build ipsw. there will be a file on desktop on your pc. use this file on itunes. if u search about sn0wbreeze on google, u will have more information.

  • Ge0mancer

    I just noticed that the jailbreak section is not updated for jailbreaking with sn0wbreeze. FYI.

    • cydialover

      it automatically does


    Wow.. i love this tool.. Thanks mate..

  • Guest

    Help! After successfully restoring to 6.1, iTunes doesn’t recognize my 3GS anymore. It recognizes it in DFU Mode, but not in “normal” mode, so I can’t get my backup back on it. Rarely I get an error message which goes like this:

    “iTunes couldn’t connect to your iPhone (0xE8000084)”

    I googled it, but nothing helped me out.

    Additional information:
    – I rely on Hacktivation
    – I was on 5.1.1 previously
    – Baseband 05.13.04

    I also tried to restore without hacktivation and my iPhone gets recognized by iTunes. So I guess its about the hacktivation?

    • Sabby

      Same problem with mine. I am trying to go down to iOS 6.0.1. Will let you know if i find a solution.

      • Guest

        I got it! You just have to install the “evasi0n 6.x Untether Package” from Cydia and reboot.

      • cydialover

        it really worked on my phone. thanks a lot 🙂

      • Indeed it works, thank you so much good sir!

      • jhon

        thank you so much it worked

    • cydialover

      Some of us have same problem. Whoever figures out this problem, please let us know

  • cydialover

    is there anyone who has an ipod app issue? when i open up this app, it suddenly exit. anyone experience that?

  • Mirzad Farhan

    anyone success preserving baseband in iphone 4 using this method?

  • Can I use my Gevey for iPhone 4 after this update + Jailbreak?

    • If you preserve your BB, yes. I’m on ios 6.1 baseband 4.10.01 and gevey ultra and it works

  • Dj Wezzle

    I inderstand the whole get the untether to make iphone connect 2 itunes after jailbreak but what i dnt undersand is as im stuck on connect 2 itunes the only wat 2 get 2 cydia is 2 set it up as a new device, so my main question is how do i back up my old data from 5.1.1 without setting up as a new device! How did u do it? Did u een back up data?i cant get a answer from no1! (how 2 back up old data after jb and not connecting 2 itunes) plz help

  • I got an iphone 3gs 6.1
    I JB and hacktivated with sn0wbreeze 2.9.8
    My BaseBand is 06.15.00 from ipad.
    Im trying to unlock ultras0w 1.2.8 and got “no service”

    I did something wrong?

    • I installed the “evasi0n 6.x Untether Package” from Cydia, reboot and now my Iphone got recognized by the last itunes version.
      but still “no service”

      anyone with the same problem?

  • Alex E.

    I loaded my iOS 6.1 on my iphone 4 with my debs built onto the IPSW and on first boot everything seemed fine. It loaded my settings and everything but it woudn’t open any apps, none of them. Rebooted and the settings app along with springtomize, winterb, the phone and ipod app etc had dissapeared. Rebooted again and nothing came back and now the iphone was not being able to sync with itunes.

    I came back to evasi0n but now I have to manually load the packages and all. It would be nice to make my own IPSW loaded with all the debs I use already.

    Anyone had any problems like that?

  • Lol better use samsung no jailbreak nounlock no losing money for apple