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Are you a fan of the BiteSMS jailbreak tweak, but prefer using services other than iMessage or SMS to send texts to your friends? Back in June, Delicious Inc. released Quick Reply for WhatsApp; which essentially brought BiteSMS’s quick reply pane to WhatsApp’s notifications. Today, on the heels of the release of the evasi0n jailbreak, the developers behind BiteSMS bring a similar tweak to Viber in iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Viber is another cross platform messaging app that allows users to make free calls, as well as send texts and photos. The original app works between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada. It’s a free alternative platform that is compatible with every major smartphone on the market. Viber is growing in popularity, so it’s ripe for a jailbreak tweak of its own…

Jeff reviews BiteSMS, the tweak Quick Reply for Viber is based on.

While Quick Reply for Viber will seem familiar if you use BiteSMS, like Quick Reply for WhatsApp, it doesn’t currently include all of BiteSMS’ features. Currently it only features the core Quick Reply pop-up pane, accessible from any Viber notification.

According to Delicious Inc.’s FAQ page, landscape mode, quick compose, multimedia, and configurable buttons are planned for future implementation. These features are also planned for Quick Reply for WhatsApp, but half a year later these features still haven’t been included, so don’t hold your breath.

Quick Reply for Viber includes a free 7-day trial, though the tweak requires a yearly subscription of $1.99 to use. Since Apple releases new versions of iOS which break compatibility, this yearly fee enables Delicious Inc to pay for ongoing development costs.

Were you waiting for Quick Reply for Viber? Share your thoughts on the tweak in the comments section.

  • what I really want to see is quick reply for facebook messenger.

    • Agreed. That would be a tweak well worth making.

      • Mathi_11

        What about ‘Quick Reply for Messenger’? Isn’t that a tweak on Cydia?

      • Quick reply for messenger in cydia 🙂

      • Thanks Eren and Mathi. I had no idea this existed! Once it’s upgraded, I’ll be purchasing for sure!

      • Nitsud

        I know they need to upgrade ASAP I used to use that all the time and loved it!

  • DO NOT USE PkgBackup

    • Mathi_11

      Why not?
      I did and most parts went fine.

      • Cydia and PkgBackup will crash. The programmer is creating a fix to release on cydia shortly.

      • Mathi_11

        Hmm than I had luck I guess. Thank you for the info though.

    • This is not the forum for this…

    • jorith

      Yeah i hear you, took me alot of tries to figure this out, lovely, those devs releasing shit without testing (this case the dev of pkgbackup!) Seriously, bought this to save time, never ever worked properly when i needed it. WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

      p.s. it does work if all you do is install the debs, but i can do that about as fast by hand…

  • Would love this for Line (by naver) would definitely pay for that. Don’t know anyone using viber!

    • I would like to get quick reply for line from cydia too …. could you tell me if you know that, thanks.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Cydia.pp opens up in iPhone size mode and is unusable…any one experiencing this? This is the second time it happens, I dont want to re-jailbreak again..I’m using the iPad mini 6.1…

    • Nitsud

      You need to ssh into your iPad mini and put it into safe mode and delete whatever you installed last. Google your problem and you can find exactly what to type and how to do it. I had same issue

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Thanks, I fixed it by programming Activator function to my device in Safe Mode. It turned out to be RetinaPad that was causing the problem. But thanks for your advice!

  • Most tweaks have gotten updates to support iOS6 for free
    Such as PhotoAlbums+

    • sambuzzlight

      im enjoying photoalbums+ on 6.1, i finally think my money didnt go waste

  • jorith

    Yay…. if its just as glitchy as the one for whatsapp, dont bother! Constant crashes and resetting of the app, byebye all active conversations and history…. USELESS

  • Darren

    how about quick reply for kik…would be wayyy better…js

  • how about quick reply for email?in Japan commonly using email instead sms…

  • disqus_WUGFu1gXZ7

    I still think it funny that people actually “pay” for jailbroken apps. Jailbroken IOS devices are so unstable and slow, you end up going back to stock IOS so any purchases of jailbroken apps are not even used. All Jailbreaking apps should be free period.

  • i want the same tweak but for sms theres one???

  • Igor

    Where is it? I can’t find it, what is the repo it is located?

  • Quick reply for Kik