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Evasi0n, the long-awaited untethered iOS 6 jailbreak was released to the public this morning. And aside from some overloaded web servers and Cydia repos, it’s been a fairly smooth ride for most folks.

But there does seem to be one bug in the utility that is causing problems for [at least some] iPhone users. We’re seeing a lot of folks complain that their stock Weather app crashes after jailbreaking…

Shortly after evasi0n was released this morning, we started getting reports from readers that the Weather app no longer worked on their iPhones. So I checked mine out, and sure enough, it wouldn’t even open.

And a quick search for the term ‘jailbreak weather’ on Twitter confirms that this is more than an isolated incident. It would appear that quite a few people are experiencing Weather app issues after jailbreaking.

We’ve reported the problem to the evad3rs, and they say they’re looking into it. We assume that if this really is a bug, we’ll see some sort of an update or Cydia patch—after these guys get some much-needed rest.

But for now, the only recommendation for a fix we can make is to try restoring and re-jailbreaking. And if that doesn’t work, look at the bright side: it’ll be sunny out and a cool 73 degrees for the next few days.

Have you been experiencing problems with your Weather app since jailbreaking?

Update: pod2g gives us a quick update:

  • My sound went put today like if someone calls me I can hear them unless I turn speaker on and if I play a song on my phone it makes a single pop sound then nothing plays alarms won’t work my phone won’t ring when anyone calls and apps play certain sounds like for ex on “doodle jump” when I’m jumping on the planks you hear the normal sound but if you hit a spring it’s a weird sound and when you unlock my phone it’s normal but Siri just makes a pop sound please help!!!

    • If you have appsync, get rid of that. As well as any sources other than BigBoss, Dev Team, Cydia/Telesphoreo, ModMyi, SiNfuL, or Zod. That worked for me.

  • Lee mosen

    Downloaded evasi0n6.0.2untethered for ipad mini ive installed a summer board setting and resprung device since then apple logo(dark screen) wont dissapear seems like its switching on forever,,, ive hard reset more than 20 times and still nothing.. Im not at home so dont have access to pc to reboot/restore.. Anyone help me here? I need reply asap:/

  • Guest

    Found out how to fix it!!!!!!!

    In cydia/manage/packages, tap “simple” on top right, scroll down to letter U.

    Find uikit and make sure that it’s checked, reboot then bam problem solved for my little brother and I. We both are using iPhone 5’s


    i have an iPod 4G with untether jailbreak Evasion 6.1.2 and when i go to open my weather app it closes automatically after 3 seconds..>.< I wont restore it for sure because its not so easy to back up again and make your iPod looks like it was before this frustrating utility bug..!

  • rick

    how do i get my music app to work it wont play. i have a ipod 5g