evasi0n 92 percent

By now, most of you have probably already heard that Evasi0n will not be arriving today. The evad3rs tweeted this afternoon that the final countdown towards ‘tomorrow’s release’ has begun.

Of course, they didn’t give us any idea of what time to expect it tomorrow. But, as a few folks on Twitter have pointed out, the progress bar on the Evasi0n page is set to expire at noon tomorrow…

Essentially, the progress bar is counting up to 100%—notice how it’s already moved to 92% since our post earlier this afternoon. And if it keeps up at this pace, it will expire at 12:00pm tomorrow EST.

Obviously, this in no way guarantees that we’ll see the jailbreak in the next 18 hours. But given that the next step listed on the Evasi0n website is ‘Release!’ we’re guessing that this isn’t too far off.

Update: A Reddit thread has popped up explaining the algorithm used for the progress bar. And an Event Time Announcer has been setup on timeanddate.com to help you countdown to the release.

  • Ian

    What tweaks are you going to install? I really don’t have a list…

    • John Smith

      zephyr auxo and probably more zephyr

  • Luna Gillian


  • disqus_oicsEoJZO6

    now, 99%

  • is it possible that my JB fails because of all the people that will be downloading it at the same time?

    • No, it is highly unlikely. A few jailbreak websites might be slower (and some VERY slow), but nothing else.

    • Martin

      yup. although this time they’re doing it a bit differently by having the main packages preloaded but I’m sure it’s still going to happen to some.

  • Ian

    Cooommmeee on…….. just one more little stink’n percent… You can do it! 😀

  • Marcos

    98.9326% done, you can know the exact number with “inspect this element” on chrome, so excited!

    • Ian

      I have that too… can’t find it. :/

      Under which tab is it?

      • Marcos

        right click on that bar showing the % click on inspect element or something like that and you should see: max= “100” value=”x” and the X is the % 🙂

      • Ian

        Thanks! 😀

      • Marcos

        no problem 😀

    • Now its 99.0031

      • Ian

        Found it. 🙂 That’s great!

    • Ian

      I’m probably going to wear out my F5 button watching that percentage bar go up..

      • Marcos

        but you need to clear the cache so it reloads and updates the % dont you?

      • Ian

        Nope. Just refresh.

  • Just two hours left, if it is based off of EST.

  • D.

    100% my body is ready

  • Cydia is gonna CRASH!!! when it Hit`s….This is so F*****G biG

  • mr432

    It will turn 100% at 10:05 pacific time.

    • Crushed

      Thats 60 mins more waiting for me lol!! if its true its going to be the longest hr Ive ever had.

  • i hope we don’t get rick rolled

  • Eveline Salt


    lol, shame its just an auto updating script. Move your computer clock forward and it goes past 100%.

    • Eveline Salt

      waiting for 99% donations :))

  • mike
    • Marcos


  • Alex Janko

    11 Est

    • Ian

      Isn’t coding wonderful?

  • B.G

    Hey guys,
    Change ur clock to 12pm EST or after that and see the progress…:)

  • 99%

  • B.G

    I set the clock to 12.30pm est and got 100%..:)

  • B.G

    I’m on 103%..Lol
    I changed my clock on my computer to 7.18pm..:)

  • Marcos

    Only 29 min left! C’mon guys!

  • davred64

    Bang goes my 4.05pm theory ! they changed and now when putting my pc clock forward the bar completes at 5.00pm so 13 mins left !

  • Bogdan

    Somebody should upload the jailbreak application on a filesharing website after it is released and post the link here, because I am shure the servers will be overloaded…

    • Marcos

      I would do it, but I cant post links here, they go to moderation directly…

  • 100%

  • its a 100% whats going on?!?!?!?!?

  • 100%: Final testing and preparation. Come back soon!

  • Jernej360


    • Jakub Špirk

      Still the link is not ready. 🙁 my ip5 is awaiting the link!

    • patrick

      indeed but no download

  • 100% done. But no download button active 🙁

  • 100% now 😀

  • Marcos

    noooo! Can’t download!

  • Ian

    100%!! yes!!

  • Links Readyyyyy

  • Ian


    • patrick

      its down

  • come on.. page limit.. cant download

  • BearManPig

    Yeah mirrors are officially there!!!

  • John Smith


  • Ian

    I did Ctrl+click and it downloaded..

  • nice mirrors !!!

  • Евгений


  • i havent been this excited in awhile!!

  • Ian

    Jailbreak complete!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • too slow idownloadblog. im already jailbroken iphone 5

  • BearManPig

    gooood goooood… my i4s and my it4 are now running ios 6.1 unthethered 😀

  • Guest

    Are there any iphone 5 themes ready in cydia?

    Thanks to Evad3rs team!!!